VIP AUDIO 2/9 – 10 YRS AGO Caldwell Audio Show (12-24-05): Michaels book review in-depth, Spike TV’s influence on TNA , Joe miscast (66 min)


SUMMARY: Torch columnist James Caldwell discusses Shawn Michaels’s book from the major angles including how it compares to Bret Hart’s DVD, how Michaels and Hart see each other, where Michaels makes ammends for past trouble, where Michaels reinforces the negative image of his past, how Michaels tries to excuse his behavior even after apologizing, how Michaels and Hart could have changed the business, why Vince McMahon never allowed Michaels and Hart to work together, how Michaels set a precedence for John Cena, the ethics over WWE delivering for its customers vs. keeping the health of its wrestlers in mind. In other topics, Caldwell discusses Spike TV’s influence over TNA decisions, how TNA brought Sting into the company, the grumblings in the TNA locker room, backstage politics in TNA, the importance of wrestlers getting their heat back after a loss, why Samoa Joe is being forced down fans’s throats as a heel, why Joe as a heel won’t work, top five draft picks, and more.

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