VIP AUDIO 5/30 – 10 YRS AGO Wade Keller Hotline – The News (4-18-06): Latest on Sabu’s status for Sunday’s PPV, Orton’s suspension, Austin-Hogan prospects, TNA’s parent company, Ross, Flair, Triple H and Steph (33 min)


SUMMARY: In this update, PWTorch editor Wade Keller discusses: Behind the scenes details on the very latest on Sabu’s status for Sunday’s PPV, an injury that could drastically change a scheduled match, the latest on the replacement for Jushin Liger against Christopher Daniels… The latest on Randy Orton’s suspension, what led up to it, how things changed over the past couple of years, how his actions affected the careers of his friends, and more on that situation… More on the Steve Austin-Hulk Hogan prospects, which side of this battle Vince McMahon is on and why, and more… The latest on TNA’s parent company’s attitude toward the wrestling venture and what is says about TNA’s timeline. Also, why is TNA not going all-out in some respects at this point to make more of an impact on Spike… News on Jim Ross, the ECW PPV, Ric Flair, Shelton’s Mama, Harry Smith, Vince McMahon’s public image, Triple H and Steph, and more…

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