Video – Titus O’Neil talks WWE suspension & U.S. Title match in weekly sit-down interview

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Titus O’Neil joined Michael Cole for this week’s sit-down interview on WWE’s website promoting the Money in the Bank PPV.

Cole officially announced O’Neil challenging Rusev for the U.S. Title at the Money in the Bank PPV on Father’s Day, June 19.

Cole then asked Titus a vague question about being suspended earlier this year. Cole was produced to not specify why Titus was suspended, nor did Titus address details of his suspension in the official WWE setting. WWE’s avoidance of the details indirectly turned into a sales pitch for an off-season or talent rotation system.

“I turned a negative that I feel like I’ve turned into a positive,” Titus said. “I’ve done that by having more time to be a father, son, brother, and seeing things outside of WWE and being able to expand on things I do within WWE, like community service efforts, and things I do with sports. And, bettering the relationships with all those I love around me – family and friends. I have had time to do that. As you know with this job, time is very spare in some situations.”

Cole and Titus then discussed his title shot against Rusev at Money in the Bank. Titus positioned himself as the latest defender of American values up against the foreign menace holding the U.S. Title.

“As champion, anyone who wants to come against me, that fights against those three facets of my life (faith, family, and community) and the lives of others, I feel like I’ll be defending,” Titus said.

O’Neil noted that his children will be in Las Vegas for the MITB PPV on Father’s day. Titus said it will be the biggest opportunity of his career and a chance for him to prove that he belongs in the singles ranks after coming to WWE from a team sports background.

O’Neil closed with a message to the current U.S. champion. “Rusev, real champions stand up for what they believe in. So, at Money in the Bank, you’re going to find exactly what I believe in when I walk out as the NEEEEEW United States champion.”

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