VIP AUDIO 9/3 – Radican’s Wrestling Community Audio (w/Brian Leahy) – Radican’s ROH DBD PPV thoughts, Leahy on “Stardom 5 Star” Grand Prix, plus Scott Adkins interview on “Hard Target 2,” more! (76 min)

EPISODE SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist Sean Radican is first joined by Torch specialist Brian Leahy for another blockbuster edition of Radican’s Wrestling Community Audio. The show opens with Radican giving his thoughts on ROH’s “Death Before Dishonor 14” PPV. Leahy then gives his thoughts on Stardom’s 5 Star Grand Prix. Radican and Leahy then discuss the Highspots Wrestling Network. The show closes with Radican interviewing Scott Adkins, who plays MMA fighter Scott “The Jailor” Baylor in “Hard Target 2.”

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