VIP AUDIO 3/23 – RETRO RADIO – PWSpotlight #172 (09/26/1992): Terry Funk before the Monday Night War predicting a resurgence – “The masses want something and it will be found” (48 min)


SHOW SUMMARY: This features the September 26, 1992 episode of Pro Wrestling This Week, John Arezzi’s new radio show as part of the Pro Wrestling Spotlight radio family. In this episode, he interviews former NWA World Champion and legendary and highly respected veteran Terry Funk about his career and the state of the industry including the possibilities of territories opening again. Plus, the show covers the latest happenings in pro wrestling and takes some phone calls about the Samoans, WWE on MSG, Bob Backlund, and more.

KEY QUOTE: Without forecasting the Monday Night War specifically, he forecast something along those lines with this quote about 23 minutes into the show: “The pendulum swings and the fans dictate. Vince McMahon and WCW might think they can dictate to the people what they want, but that is wrong. The people will come back in numbers whenever the product is appealing to them. A lot of times, it takes some time to figure out because of the nature of the beast exactly what they want. Sometimes it’s just through a process of elimination that takes place, and I think we’re going through that now before we can appeal to the masses. The masses want something and it will be found… and it will become appealing to the masses again. Wrestling will always be and it will have its high points and it’ll have its valleys.”

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