Raw Rating: Key metrics regarding last night’s USA Network broadcast the day after Survivor Series, including hourly and year-to-date (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Raw Crowd (Photo credit Ben Tucker © PWTorch)

Last night’s episode of Raw drew a 2.14 rating on USA Network among live and same-night-DVR viewership, the same as last week. That is above the ten-week rolling average headed into this week of 1.98 and above the 2017 average so far of 2.09.

The hourly numbers were similar to last week, also, with a first hour viewership of 3.244 million, and a big drop to 2.785 in the third hour. The dropoff between first hour and third hour viewership was 459,000, down slightly from last week’s 493,000 dropoff. The average dropoff in 2017 from the first to the third hour is 245,000, so Raw is losing more viewers lately as the show progresses.

One year ago Raw drew a 2.14 rating, also, the second time in the last three weeks Raw’s rating matched

Keller’s Analysis: Coming the day after Survivor Series, this is a bit of a wash in terms of whether they should be happy with the rating. You’d think the viewership would go up compared to last week, since this week’s show came the day after the Survivor Series PPV event, yet last week’s number was the best of the season and well above the average so far this year, so it’s still a solid rating. The key is what happens next week now that Roman Reigns and The Shield are not only a centerpiece of the show, but they’re feuding with Raw heels rather than taking part in the Raw vs. Smackdown “Under Siege” storyline.

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