Cody vs. Dustin announced for Double or Nothing, Dustin explains his motivations for match and tension between him and Cody

Dustin Runnels

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Cody vs. Dustin announced for Double or Nothing, Dustin explains his motivations for match and tension between him and Cody

AEW announced their “Double Or Nothing” event will include Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes in a brother vs. brother match. In episode 13 of “AEW – The Road to Double or Nothing,” Dustin talks about his scheduled match against Cody and delves into the strained relationship between the two of them over the years.

The video opened with Dustin Rhodes saying, “This is not a new beginning for me in my career. I have done it all, literally, thirty years in the business. My legacy is in tact, I am Dustin Rhodes.”

He said while he’s getting older, Cody is getting younger and faster. He said fans chant at him, everywhere he goes, “You still got it!” He said if this is billed as “One last right,” that’s fine, but it also sounds like he’s trying to put him out to pasture. Dustin said he’s done everything there is to do, whereas Cody is has a long way to go and is coming into his own shoes.

He said he wanted to fill his dads shoes, but he wasn’t old enough to realize he couldn’t. He said Cody’s not old enough to know better. He said Dusty was very charismatic, and so is Cody. He said now he’s at the head of his new company ready to take off.

He said Cody was raised a lot differently than he was. He said Cody was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and there’s a rift between them, and he’s not sure what it is. He said it’s probably something to do with his upbringing. He said he’s 16 years younger. He said Cody sometimes blames him for not being there, but he was there for his two State Championships in wrestling and he was there when he needed to be. He said he was there for his little brother, but often Cody didn’t ask him to help him with his Stardust character. He said he did a great job with the character. He said he won’t send him down a path that will hurt him. He said he loves him with all of his heart and it hurts when Cody says that.

He said when people say they share nothing in common he disagrees because they both left the nest and went out on their own. He said he left the Dustin Rhodes name to do something that was “way before its time and shocked the world.” He said he pulled it off and did a great with it. He said 30 years later, Cody is doing the same thing. “I know everything there is to know about my little brother Cody, and he is one egotistical son of a bitch.” He said he tells him how he loves him and how proud their dad would be. “Not one time has he said, ‘Thanks, man, I value your opinion’ or ‘You’re wonderful and I love you to death.”

He explained his facepaint. He said the red stands for life. The black stands for death and the past that he’s had that was dark. “I came out and survived.” He said he thinks Cody is making a mistake facing him. He said Cody’s day of reckoning is coming. “This is a fight that needs to end, that should have ended years ago.”

He closed with: “One last ride, or is it?”

Watch the video below…

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