12/17 MIZ & MRS. REVIEW (Season 2, Ep. 14): Miz aspires to each Monroe to swim in a week with help from Ryan Lochte, Miz races Ryan in swim race, George makes the Roomba angry, Miz gives Maryse a foot massage

By Sarah K., PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 10, 2020

Maryse is partnering with a cosmetic company called Volition. She has Marjo try out a face mask. It’s comically freaky. They’ve decided that Monroe needs to know how to swim. Miz insists that he can teach the child to swim in a week. If Miz wins, then Maryse has to detail his golf cart. If Maryse wins, the Miz has to give Marjo a foot massage. Miz dresses up like a life guard… It reminds me of the episode of Supernatural where Dean played a gym teacher and he was full on into it down to the tight shorts and sweat bands. Maryse comes out to distract him. Maryse is working on her pitch for a product for Volition. Miz goes into pitch mode. It’s weird, but charming. Maryse has gone off to pitch meetings, so Miz has Ryan Lochte over to teach Monroe to swim. Barb and Marjo are both going to enjoy the show Ryan is about to put on. For whatever reason Miz has to swim race Ryan Lochte. He does not win. Commercial.

Maryse is trying to have a Zoom meeting and somewhere in the house Mike is yelling. Miz is yelling at a video game. Cesaro points out that Miz is getting yelled at. Maryse moves elsewhere in the house and George is outside doing tai chi. Maryse comes back into the house and scolds Mike in front of the entire cast of “Up Up Down Down.” Miz and George then vow to clean the house. George makes the Roomba angry. That alone is worth watching. Miz and George then watch a movie… and eat chips with Maryse’s face cream as dip. At some point George made a circle of pillows to trap the Roomba. Ah, I love George Mizanin. Yes, they learn they were eating face cream as chip dip.

Miz is back outside with Monroe and this swim lesson thing. The girl does, in fact, swim like three feet. Maryse congratulates Mike. Then Mike pulls her into the water. Supposedly the chlorine in the pool made her hair turn green. I would have killed him for that. Maryse begins to detail the car. Then Ryann Lochte shows up to get his watch that he left behind. Ryan spills the beans. Maryse is then very angry at Miz, as she should be. Miz now has to massage Marjo’s feet.

Back from commercial, Maryse and Marjo are lounging on patio. And Miz does, in fact, massage Marjo’s feet, which by my estimation are normal human feet. FFS, her toe nails were painted. So, it’s not like she has hobbit feet or something. She tells Miz to get in there with the small finger. Ah, Marjo.

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