Sami Zayn highlights what he enjoys about the Elimination Chamber, talks Roman Reigns


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Sami Zayn has mixed feelings on the Elimination Chamber.

In an interview with Sportskeeda’s Rick Ucchino, Zayn spoke on what pluses of that match are, what drives his excitement, and the potential dangerous challenges that come with a match like that. He also dished on Roman Reigns returning to Smackdown.

“I always kind of get excited for these big multi-man matches, like the Money in the Bank or WrestleMania ladder matches, or something like that,” Zayn said of Sunday’s Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. “I always really, really enjoy when there’s all these exciting elements to a match that’s guaranteed to be great. That part I’m looking forward to.” In the interview, Zayn said he wasn’t looking forward to painful nature of the Chamber.

Zayn also spoke about the special nuances of the Elimination Chamber matches. “One of the interesting variables about the Elimination Chamber is also the countdown,” Zayn said. “You have that kind of, almost, Royal Rumble sort of element going on in addition to the fact that there’s storylines between the six different performers. I think its very unique and its unique to those characters at that point in time. That’s what’s going to make the match interesting.

He also talked about returning and lifting the Smackdown show to new heights with Roman Reigns and about the new Reigns character as a whole. “Without tooting my own horn, I do think that both of us coming back really added to Smackdown because both of us, we’re just adding some very cool character stuff and we’re both very good performers as well in the ring, ” Zayn said of his and Roman’s return to WWE. “He (Reigns) is truly, truly hitting a new level, which is saying something for him because he’s been operating at that top level for years now.”

Sami Zayn will wrestle against Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, King Corbin, Jey Uso, and Cesaro inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday. The winner of that match will face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship on the same show.

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