10/18 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Dragon Lee & Kenny King vs. S.O.S for the ROH World Tag Team Championship, eight-man tag main event, more



OCTOBER 18, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Quinn McKay welcomes everyone to this week’s show. There are two main event matches. The Foundation vs Taylor Rust, World Famous CB, Eli Isom, and Joe Keys. Up first will be a match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship with Kenny King and Dragon Lee of LFI defending their titles against S.O.S. of Shane Taylor Promotions.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Disregard my previous comments about the opening of the television show changing.)

(1) DRAGON LEE & KENNY KING vs S.O.S. – ROH World Tag Team Championship

Ian welcomes everyone to the show. S.O.S. come to the ring first. Dragon Lee and Kenny King come out next. In a pre match promo, Dragon Lee says the best champions have come back and they will always be the best tag team champions in the world. Kenny King says they should call him Geppetto since he plays STP like puppets on a string. He says this is a trap for LFI and the shoulders will get slaughtered.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Straight forward promo from LFI, but no promo from S.O.S. Not sure if that is a good or a bad sign for them.)

Code of honor not adhered to. S.O.S. charge LFI at the opening bell. S.O.S. Irish whip LFI into the ropes. King and Lee hold on and go to the outside. King and Lee claim that S.O.S. grabbed Lee’s mask. Lee and Moses go shoulder to shoulder in the ring. Moses shoves Lee. Moses misses a punch and Lee escapes. Moses charges Lee but Lee sends Moses to the outside. Lee looks to dive the outside but Kaun elbows him. King enters the ring and hits Kaun with an elbow. Lee and King run the ropes and do the LFI pose. S.O.S. gets back into the ring and a brawl ensues. Moses sends Lee to the outside. S.O.S. double suplex. Moses pins King for a one count. Moses stomps on King in the corner. Moses Irish whips King into the corner. Moses and Kaun trade splashing King. Kaun tags in. Moses kicks King and Kaun follows with a dive for a two count. (c)

During the break, the action was back and forth but S.O.S. is in control as they work over Lee. Moses gets a two count. Moses hits and stomps Lee. Kaun tags in and continues to stomp Lee. Kaun sends Lee onto the apron and attempts to suplex him. King holds onto Kaun blocking the suplex attempt and allowing Lee to fall on top of Kaun. Referee Todd Sinclair refuses to count. King attacks Kaun on the outside. Lee and King throw Kaun into the barricade. King throws Kaun inside and tags in. King rakes Kaun’s back and hits a suplex. King punches Kaun and pins him for a two count. King puts Kaun into Lee’s boot and Lee tags in. Lee and King splash Kaun in the corner and hit him with a dropkick to the spine. Lee taunts Moses and puts Kaun in a half crab while stomping on Kaun’s head. Kaun reaches the ropes and Lee tags King. King and Lee attempt to double team Kaun but Kaun Irish whips King to the corner. LFI gain the advantage with Lee and King repeatedly kicking Kaun and mocking S.O.S. with a home run taunt. King and Lee choke Kaun. King puts Lee in a sing leg crab and Kaun reaches the ropes. King grabs a wrist lock. Kaun fights out and chops King. King gauges the eyes and hits Kaun with a shoulder charge. Kaun runs at King who flips over Kaun and puts Kaun in a single crab again. Kaun goes for the ropes and Lee pulls it away. Kaun finally reaches the ropes. Lee kicks Kaun. (c)

Lee charges Kaun but gets hit with an elbow. Kaun hits a springboard back suplex. Kaun finally tags Moses as King tags Lee. Moses destroys Lee with a clothesline and Samoan drops King. Moses hits Lee with a powerbomb and King breaks up the pinning attempt. King kicks Moses. Kaun charges King but gets sent to the outside. Moses counters an Irish whip and hits King with a forearm with King on the top rope. Moses geos to suplex King but Lee breaks it up. Kaun goes to save King but gets clotheslined. Lee stomps on Moses and dives on Kaun. King hits a Blue Thunder for a two count. Bestia comes down to ringside. King gets Moses on his shoulders but Moses fights out and tags Kaun. Kaun stomps on King. Lee enters and they trade forearms. Lee hits a knee. Kaun counters with a headbutt and a big boot. Moses and Kaun send Lee to the outside. S.O.S. hit their assisted DDT on King. Moses pins King but Bestia is distracting the referee. Shane Taylor drags Bestia off the ring apron and they argue. Kaun goes for his jackhammer but King thumbs him in the eyes and hits the Royal Flush. Lee hits the Incinerator on Kaun for the victory. (c)

WINNER: LFI. at 12:53

-Bestia and Taylor fight. Todd Sinclair stops them. LFI leave the ring and King tells Taylor he will hurt everyone around him. STP stagger to their feet. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Match was fine and the finish was fine. I have no idea why Moses just laid down while Bestia distracted Sinclair. This match furthers the feud between King and Taylor, which looks to be an important match heading into Final Battle. That seemed to be the point of this contest.)

-A preview for next week’s Violence vs Pure match is shown.


World Famous CB comes out first followed by Joe Keys, Taylor Rust, and Eli Isom. In a pre-match promo, Eli Isom says if you saw Death Before Dishonor you saw Jay Lethal say it is time to unite pure wrestlers and that is what he has done. Isom says they are going to prove that pure wrestling is Ring of Honor. The Foundation come out together. In a pre-match promo, Jay Lethal says that win, lose or draw it will be a matchup that all eight men will be proud of. The match has eight pure wrestlers who are going to prove that pure wrestling is the way to go. Tracy Williams says it is a pleasure knowing they will have a pure contest but they have more to prove. They will prove that they are the measuring stick in Ring of Honor when it comes to pure wrestling. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Good pre-match promo setting up what should be a friendly contest. Isom cutting the promo for his team shows that he is the highest on the pecking order. Surprised not to hear from Jonathan Gresham for The Foundation.)

Code of honor adhered to by all of the competitors. Rust and Williams start. They lock up. Rust backs up Williams in the corner. Williams reverses and there is a clean break. Rust grabs a wrist lock but Williams takes him down. They trade takedowns and reverses and eventually stand up. Williams takes Rust down with a wrist lock. Rust rolls out but Williams grabs a hammer lock. Williams gets Rust into the Foundation’s corner and Titus tags in. Williams and Titus hit Rust with a double butterfly suplex for a one count. Titus Irish whups Rust. Rust escapes and takes Titus down with an arm drag. Rust gets Titus in his corner and tags World Famous CB. CB grabs an arm lock. Titus reverses and takes him down with a head scissors. Titus gets advantage in a test of strength and grabs a head lock. Titus is bleeding. CB spins out and grabs a headlock. Titus is able to send CB to the ropes. CB cartwheels and takes Titus down with a drop toe hold followed by a kick to the head and an Fuji splash for a one count. CB grabs a wrist lock and tags Isom. Titus fights out of a double team attempt but Isom grabs Titus’ leg and CB takes Titus down with a bulldog. Isom grabs a front headlock. Isom struggles for control as Titus fights him off. Titus counters a half nelson into an inside cradle for a one count. Titus tags Lethal. Lethal and Isom shake hands. Isom and Lethal trade arm locks until Lethal grabs a head lock. Isom sends Lethal into the ropes and they collide. Isom sends Lethal to the ropes again. Lethal blocks a hip toss and hits one of his own. Lethal tries to do a cartwheel but Isom grabs Lethal’s arm and hits a series of chops. Lethal and Isom trade leap frogs until Isom hits a drop kick. Isom hits a Mexican arm drag. After a series of reversals, Isom hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. (c)

Lethal is on the outside of the ring. Lethal comes in and they have a stare down. Lethal tags Gresham. Keys yells at Isom that he wants to go against old guy Gresham. Isom tags Keys in. Keys takes down Gresham but Gresham reverses. Gresham grabs a wrist lock but Keys goes behind. They fight for control until Gresham gets a side head lock. Keys send Gresham into the ropes and Gresham knocks Keys down and hits a series of kicks. Keys gets up and shoves Gresham. Gresham responds with forearms. Gresham does a headlock takeover. Keys reverses with a head scissors. Gresham grabs a headlock but Keys lifts him, throws him into a rope and hits a back suplex. Keys kicks Gresham. Keys charges Gresham in the corner and gets back body dropped onto the apron. Gresham kicks Keys off the apron. Isom goes to check on Keys. Keys crawls in and Gresham kicks him. Gresham grabs a wrist lock and Williams tags in. Williams stomps on Keys’ arm and grabs a wrist lock. Lethal tags in. Lethal hits Keys with several forearms. Lethal hits a body slam for a one count. Titus tagged in. Titus suplexed Keys for a two count. Titus grabs a cobra clutch. Keys powers out. Titus grabs a side headlock and takes Keys down. Keys gets out and is able to German suplex Titus. Keys tags Rust and Titus tags Lethal. Rust hits a series of running forearms. Lethal hits a dropkick sending Rust to the outside. Lethal attempts a drop kick from the top rope but misses. Lethal and Rust fight on the ring apron. Rust kicks Lethal and hits an arm lock sending Lethal outside. The rest of the Foundation try to shield Lethal but Rust moves Lethal away. Lethal rolls back into the ring and Rust grabs an arm lock and hits Lethal in the arm. Rust tags CB. CB hits a double axe handle on Lethal and tags Keys. Keys stomps Lethal and slams Lethal’s arm to the mat. (c)

Isom continues to work on Lethal’s arm and gets a two count. Isom grabs a front face lock. Isom goes for a suplex but Lethal gets out. Lethal counters a suplex into a sunset flip for a two count. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination. Lethal is able to tag Williams while Isom tags CB. Williams blocks the Shotei and hits CB with a series of knees to the midsection followed by a gut wrench powerbomb for a two count. Titus tags in and hits a boot. Titus hits a belly to belly suplex and Rust breaks up the pinning attempt. CB hits a jawbreaker and tags Rust. CB and Rust kick Titus and pins him for a two count. Rust and Titus fight for control and trade strikes until Rust hits a kick and the Perfect Circle. Williams broke up the pinning attempt. Titus and Williams trade strikes again. They knock each other down with kicks. Isom and Lethal tag in. They trade strikes. Isom gets control through a series of kicks. Lethal counters the Promise with a kick. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection but is unable to do the move due to his injured arm. Lethal escapes a suplex attempt and hits a cutter. Williams and Keys tag in. They trade strikes. Keys takes control through a series of upper cuts and kicks Gresham off the apron. Williams hits Keys with a lariat. Gresham asks to be tagged in and Williams obliges. Gresham and Keys trade slaps and forearms. Gresham pops up after a forearm, flips off Keys, and hits an enziguri followed by a snap German suplex. Keys pops up and hits a clothesline. Keys hits another clothesline and Lethal breaks it up. Keys sends Lethal to the outside and kicks Williams off the apron. Gresham tries the chop block but Keys blocks it. Gresham hyperextends Keys’ knee. Gresham hits a drop toe hold and puts on a submission. The Foundation hold off Keys’ teammates. Keys submits.

WINNER: The Foundation at 17:50

-The competitors shake hands after the match. A graphic for next week’s show of Violence vs Pure show. The matches are Rhett Titus vs Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson & Brody King vs Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams and Homicide vs Jay Lethal. A promo for Vincent and the d. Vincent says nothing gets more pure than him. The Righteous is like a new born baby. Vincent says he is on top of the world and every drop of blood he has shed has purified his soul. He says pain is necessary for purification.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: I enjoyed this match as those of you who read this already know. There were no cracks in The Foundation, so we will have to wait on that. This match was a good showcase for next week’s Violence vs Pure episode. Rust looked good so hopefully he will continue to be featured in Ring of Honor. It looks the Righteous are heading into a new direction after the feud with OGK and that is for the best. A good show this week that looks to be setting up some momentum for Final Battle.)

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