10/11 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: OGK vs. Bandido & Rey Horus, women’s division triple threat, more



OCTOBER 11, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. Graphics are shown of today’s show with voice overs by Ian Riccaboni. The main event is the OGK vs Bandido and Rey Horus. Other matches include a women’s championship contender’s match between Angelina Love, Willow, and Miranda Alize and a tag match between S.O.S. and Dalton Castle vs Dak Draper.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Looks like the new opening is here to stay.)


Ian welcomes everyone to the show. The Briscoes are on commentary. A pre-match interview with S.O.S says they are not busy and they are ready for Castle and Draper. Kaun says he is a wrestler and Moses says shooter is going to shoot. Castle and Draper make their entrance alongside Castle’s baby chickens. In a pre-match interview, they say they are exhausted but they are prepared. Draper says they have a lot going on and they are going to make it snappy but they are going to make it exciting. Castle talks to the camera saying the viewers are in for a treat. Castle and Draper circle the ring.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Straight forward promos showing that both teams want to win.)

Code of honor adhered to. Castle and Kaun start the match. Castle takes down Kaun and they got locked into the ropes. They get up and Kaun takes down Castle. Castle reverses and they stand up. Kaun takes Castle down with a shoulder charge. Castle blocks a body slam by going behind Kaun and suplexes him. Draper takes in. Draper rams Kaun’s shoulder. Kaun rolls up Draper for a two count. Draper arm drags Kaun but Kaun rolls over and maintains control. Moses tags in. S.O.S. suplexes Draper. Castle runs in and Moses throws him out. Kaun tags in throws a charging Castle out of the ring. Kaun chops Drpaer and Irish whips him into the corner. Castle pulls Draper out of the way of charging Kaun allowing Draper to climb the ropes and hit an elbow. Castle tags in and hits a knee drop for a one count. (c)

Draper misses a knee drop on Kaun. Draper grabs Kaun in a gut wrench and tags Castle. Castle grabs Kaun and duplexes him. Draper tags in and grabs a front face lock. Castle is running around the ring with the baby chickens following him. Kaun blocks a neck breaker and back slides Draper for a two count. Kaun kicks Draper but Draper gut wrenches Kaun again and throws him to the ground. Kaun fights out another gut wrench and hits a jawbreaker. Kaun ends up in Castle’s corner and elbows Castle. Kaun jumps over Draper and tags Moses. Moses clotheslines Castle to the outside. Moses punches Draper and splashes him in the corner. Moses lifts Draper but Castle pulls Draper down. Castle elbows Moses but ends up getting back body dropped to the outside. Moses hits Draper with a cross body off the top rope. Kaun tags in and hits a clothesline for a two count. Moses goes to the outside and screams at the baby chickens who go running. Moses throws Castle over the barricade. Moses goes back inside and SOS hits Draper with the an assisted DDT for the win. (c)

WINNER: S.O.S. at 9:16

-After the match, Kenny King and Dragon Lee run out and attack S.O.S. LFI hit S.O.S. with their tag team titles. King and Lee pose over a Kaun and take a picture. LFI leaves and poses for another picture in the aisle. Moses gets up and says LFI tried but they are back up. S.O.S. challenges them for the tag team titles. Moses says that STP has a saying, when one dies a thousand rise, but in the case of LFI they are bringing two body bags. Kenny King says he will call his lawyer. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Good showcase for S.O.S. Just like last week, it is another opportunity to showcase an established team beating a newly formed team. LFI attacking S.O.S. shows continuity from Death Before Dishonor and sets up a title match down the line.)


Chelsea Green is on commentary. Willow comes out first. In a pre-match interview, Willow says this feels like Christmas morning. She didn’t know what her future was but this match fell in her lap. She is going to rip open this present and make the most of it. Miranda Alize comes out next. In a pre-match interview, Alize says she has to go up against Angelina Love and someone who she doesn’t even know. Alize questioned why she had to be in this match and that Rok-C has her property and she will do whatever she has to get her hands on Rok-C. Angelina Love comes out next accompanied by Mandy Leon. (c)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: Simple but effective pre-match promos. Not sure why one was not shown for Love.)

Willow attempts the code of honor but Alize and Love refuse to shake her hand. The bell rings and Alize and Love attack Willow. They put her in the corner. Love Irish whips Alize into Willow but Willow back body drops Alize to the outside. Love charges Willow and misses. Willow cartwheels out of the corner and hits a thrust kick. Alize hits a hurricanrana on Willow for a two count. Willow hits Alize with a short arm clothesline followed with two rolling suplexes. On the third attempt, Love goes behind Willow and hits a reverse DDT for a one count. Love kicks Willow in the corner and chokes Willow with her boot. Love holds Willow while Alize punches her. They repeatedly throw Willow into the corner. Alize and Love hit Willow with a forearm and a splash respectively. Love snap mares Willow and Alize hits Willow with a drop kick. (c)

Alize and Love attempt to suplex Willow but Willow counters into a double DDT. All three competitors are on the mat. Willow blocks forearms from Alize and Love and hits forearms of her own. She Irish whips Alize into Love and dropkicks Alize off the rope. Love shoved Alize into Willow’s path. Love breaks up Willow’s pinning attempt. Love throws Willow out of the ring and covers Alize for a two count. Love and Alize argue and trade forearms. Alize gains the advantage and Irish whips Love. Love hits a back elbow and applies a head scissors. Willow breaks up the hold and throws Love and Alize to the outside. Willow hits a double dropkick to the outside. Willow throws Alize back into the ring and got a two count. Alize rakes the eyes and bites Willow’s fingers. Alize throws Willow to the outside and dives on Willow and Love. Alize rolls Love back into the ring for a two count. Love hits a jaw breaker and throws Alize to the outside. Love hits a splash on Willow and Alize to the outside. Love rolls Willow back in the ring for a two count. Alize attempts to get back in the ring but Leon grabs her leg. Love hits Alize with the Botox Injection. Willow rolls up Love for the win. (c)

WINNER: Willow at 8:32

(Maitland’s Thoughts: The match was alright. I was surprised by the finish. It was good to see the babyface triumph in this scenario since that rarely happens. Willow has been an intriguing competitor in ROH so I am glad she will continue to be involved in the promotion. This match provides storyline opportunities for Love and Alize and I am intrigued to see where that will go.)


OGK comes out first. In a pre-match interview, Bennett says he is excited as a fan for this match but as a wrestler he is excited for the opportunity to move up the rankings. Taven says he respects Bandido and Rey Horus and they got back together to climb the tag team rankings. Bandido and Rey Horus come out next. In a pre-match interview, Horus says he knows OGK are very good friend but he and Bandido are too and they will show them are they the baddest team. Bandido says he and Horus come for everything.

Code of honor adhered to. Bennett and Horus start. Horus and Bennett lock up. Bennett grabs wrist control. Horus spins off and gains control. Bennett breaks out and takes Horus to the ground. Horus reverses. Bennett Irish whips Horus into the corner. Horus kicks Bennett off and hits a Lucha arm drag for a two count. Bennett reverses for a two count. Bennett misses a kick but rolls up Horus for a two count. The stand up and shake hands in a sign of respect. Bandido and Taven tag in. Taven charges Bandido and hits a springboard arm drag. Bandido blocks a punch and hits a hurricanrana. Taven and Bandido block moves until Taven hits a drop kick. (c)

Taven drags Bandido the corner and tags Bennett. Bandido fights out of the corner with forearms and slaps. Bandido runs the rope and Bennett leap frogs him. Taven hits Bandido with a thrust kick and Bennett follows with a spear. Bennett hits Bandido with a bran buster and knocks Horus off the apron. Bennett pins Bandido for a two count. Bennett hits three ankle twists and tags Taven. Taven continues to work over Bandido’s knee and tags in Bennett. Bennett hits Bandido with an elbow to the knee followed by a knee submission. Taven tags in and OGK double team Bandido. Taven hits a missile drop kick for a two count. Bandido blocks an Irish whip attempt. Taven rolls out hits an enziguri and a Purple Thunder for a two count. Taven grabs a head lock and tags in. Taven Irish whips Bandido into a Bennett spine buster. Taven misses a moonsault. Bennett grabs Bandido from behind but Bandido kicks Taven and hits Bennett with a DDT. Bandido tags Horus. Horus ducks a Taven punch and hits Horus with an enziguri and a leg drop for a two count. Bennett breaks up the pin. Bennett throws Horus into the corner but misses a charge and hits the turnbuckle. Horus kicks Bennett and ducks a clothesline. He shoves Bennett and hits a Spanish Fly. Bandido tags in. Taven dives towards Horus, misses and gets kicked in the face by Bandido. Horus dives onto Bennett on the outside. Bandido hits a splash onto Taven for a two count. (c)

Bandido is limping as he and Horus chop Taven. They Irish whip Taven and hit him with a series of kicks. Bandido hits Horus with the X-Factor on top of Taven and follows with a running Shooting Star Press for a two count. Bandido Irish whips Taven who rolls through a sunset flip attempt and kicks Bandido. Taven tags Bandidio. OGK hits Bandido with a spike piledriver. Horus pushes Taven on top of Bennett to break up the pin. Horus and Bandido stand up and trade fore arms. Horus gets the advantage through a back elbow but Taven hits him with a heel kick. Bandido hits Taven with a thrust kick and Bennett hits Bandido with an elbow. All of the competitors are down. Bandido and Bennett stay in the ring. Bandido charges Bennett but gets met with a kick. Bennett charges Bandido but gets sent to the outside. Bandido runs the ropes, gets a blind tag from Horus, and hits the Fosbury Flop to Bennett on the outside. Taven hits a Flight of the Conqueror onto Bandido. Bennett gos behind Horus but Hrous reverses into a submission. Bennett backs Horus into the corner to break the hold. Bennett charges in but Horus kicks him. Horus misses a 450 splash but Bennett charges in, grabs Horus on his sholudler and stuns Horus while Taven kicks him. Bennett pins Horus for the three count.

WINNER: OGK at 12:07

-OGK celebrate and the competitors shake hands. A graphic for the next week shows the matches will be the Foundation vs Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, Joe Keys, and World Famous CB, SOS vs Dragon Lee and Kenny King for the ROH World Tag Team titles.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: This match was enjoyable but it was down a notch for me do to the lack of following tag team rules. ROH usually does a good job of mentioning when matches have different rules but I don’t recall hearing that before this match. I assume OGK will wrestle the winners of next week’s tag team at Final Battle. ROH should do more with Rey Horus than just having him as Bandido’s tag team partner to take the fall. A good show overall.)

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