IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES 1/27: Thumbs up to Bullet Club appearance, Honor No More continues hot run, more


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HIT – Chris Bey vs Jake Something: Superb match to start the show. Of course, two very contrasting styles of wrestler here, but they came together nicely. Something probably needed the win after losing a couple of weeks ago to Speedball, and Bey doesn’t lose much momentum in losing. He is still valuable and gets something back after the match with the beatdown.

Exciting to see Guerrillas of Destiny and Jay White coming in after the match. G.O.D. calling out Good Brothers gives a fresh matchup for the tag champs and hopefully they put them over as having Tonga and Loa on the show long term provides so many possibilities for future feuds.

Only slight negative here is Jay White being used as part of a bigger group, when we all know how incredible it would be to see him used in something more high profile.

HIT – W. Morrissey vs Learning Tree: Last week it was two members of Learning Tree destroyed and his week it was nine (temporary) members of Learning Tree. Next week to make it fair, he should be forced to go up against actual trees: “W. Morrissey vs The Ents from Lord of the Rings” – book that right away.

He looks great and so focused, and the build to the title match continues at a great pace. Moose needed to attack him from behind, but also looked dominant in doing so. Top class stuff here.

It is a shame it is not currently the main event of the show with the Honor No More invasion being booked as the most important part of the show.

HIT – Honor No More: The announcement of a five-on-five match was inevitable, but nonetheless well done. Currently only five male members of Honor No More against what appears to be five members of Team Impact (Alexander, Swann, Rhino, Slater, and Edwards), suggests HNM are about to bring in someone, or perhaps an injury angle, which takes out a member of Impact, to make four on four. I hope it’s either of those scenarios as nobody wants to see Rhino “gore” Maria Kanellis/Bennett.

Would also be good in the future to get a little more information on why these five are together. Obviously, Taven and the Bennett’s make sense together, but why PCO, and why Vincent, this could help make the story they are telling be on an even higher level.

HIT – PCO vs Chris Sabin: Similar to the opening bout in that you had two vastly different performers, but who came together to produce an exceptionally fine match.

Their buddies being on the outside did not distract from the quality of the match, indeed it added to the buzz, and good to see the obvious throwing out of the heels being reversed into the babyfaces being thrown out for interference.

PCO winning clean was essential as he is not necessarily known to this audience and Sabin is Impact royalty and loses nothing in defeat here.

What a career renaissance for the Canadian, has anyone ever made such a comeback in this business?

PARTIAL HIT – Bullet Club appearances: As said before, Bullet Club appearing is good and fresh and no complaints there. We are potentially looking at a bit of repetition with what is going on with HNM invading and attacking Impact wrestlers after matches. Bullet Club also appear to have two feuds at the moment, primarily they are calling out the Good Brothers, but then you also have Speedball, Jake Something, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton, looking for a piece of the action as well.

Speedball continues to look an intriguing performer, such a unique style and look, and even though we only seen a little glimpse in the post-match tussle, he again looked the part.

PARTIAL HIT – Digital Media Title picture: Really not a fan of intergender matches, so not looking forward to watching the eventual match between Cardona and Grace. However, I am happy to be proved incorrect, as it is being done well and if the idea is for Grace to beat Cardona, then that is going to be fantastic for her trajectory.

I enjoyed her jibes referencing Myspace and Live Journal also.

PARTIAL HIT – Mickie James addressing the Knockouts division: It went on a bit long, with some expected and obvious interruptions. Don’t see much having been achieved here, as we knew Steelz was going to be her next contender, we know that to get there we are having the tag match where she teams up with Chelsea Green. Enjoyed Purrazzo no selling the whole thing, which is very much in character, as this kind of nonsense should be beneath here status and position in company.

Nice to see the acknowledgement of her entering Royal Rumble.

PARTIAL HIT – Jonah vs Johnny Swinger: Hard to give anything other than a partial hit for a 2-minute squash match. Jonah is going to be a huge star, and happy to watch him squash people for a little while before he hopefully enters a title program.

MISS – Iinspiration vs Madison Rayne & Kaleb: The only real dampener on the show. Iinspiration are cool and clearly loving their time here, but nobody is wanting to see Kaleb in the ring at this point, and certainly not in a twelve-minute match. Hopefully, Dashwood is back soon, and we can get the match that we should have had here.

Overall Show Thoughts: Impact continues its strong start to 2022 with another good show, with great in ring action and story development. The commentary team found a little groove together, which bodes well for the future and the set-up for next week by plugging the matches already booked leaves you looking forward to the show.

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