1/27 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Chris Sabin vs. PCO, Chris Bey vs. Jake Something, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt

-Recap video of last week’s show.

-Weekly show opening video.


Tom Hannifan welcomed us to Fort Lauderdale and introduced Matthew Rehwoldt as his new broadcast partner, taking over for the injured D’Lo Brown. Bey met Jake with a dropkick right at the bell. Bey punched Jake, but Jake made a comeback and threw Bey around. Jake leveled Bey with a clothesline. Bey bailed outside the ring.

Jake dropped Bey face first on the apron, but Bey threw Jake into the ring post. Bey hit a dive from the top rope to the floor on Jake. Back in the ring, Bey hit Jake with a flurry of offense. Jake made a comeback with forearm blocks and a neckbreaker. Bey battled back. Jake splashed Bey in the corner. Bey came back with a superkick for a two count.

Bey squeezed Jake’s head with his legs, then applied a chin lock. Jake tried to fight out, but Bey held on to the hold. Jake back suplexed Bey. Jake fired back with punches. Bey hit Jake with a Superman forearm. Jake got a powerbomb on Bey for a two count. Bey caught Jake with a knee and a double stomp. After an exchange, Bey hit Jake with a spin kick and a reverse rana for a two count.

Bey landed kicks on Jake. Jake fired up and stomped Bey. Jake caught Bey mid-air and got a Bossman slam for the win.

WINNER: Jake Something in 10:00.

-The Guerillas of Destiny attacked Jake from behind after the match. “Speedball” Mike Bailey ran in for the save, but Jay White came up from behind and gave him a German suplex. The G.O.D. said this is their house now and they are taking the Impact Tag Team Titles. The Bullet Club celebrated afterwards.

(D.L.’s Take: A fast paced back and forth match that was an excellent way to start the show. It was a big victory for Jake Something and I hope they capitalize on it going further. Unfortunately, the impact of the win was diminished a bit by the immediate post-match angle. With that said, it was cool to see Jay White and the G.O.D. in Impact.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and talked about what just happened. Hannifan said they are celebrating 20 years of Impact Wrestling and plugged No Surrender coming to Impact Plus on February 19th. They ran down the matches for tonight. They cut to a shot of Honor No More coming through the audience. [c]

-When the action returned, Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, Rhino, Chris Sabin, and Josh Alexander were in the ring yelling at Honor No More in the front row. Rhino urged security to let HNM through. Scott D’Amore walked down the ramp. He said everyone wants to see Impact’s best against ROH’s best. He said HNM doesn’t represent ROH’s best and they don’t work there anymore.

Scott said people like Cary Silkin and Jonathan Gresham represent ROH. He called HNM pieces of s*** carnies. Maria asked why they should play by their rules. Maria said they just want an opportunity. Scott said they didn’t deserve one. Rhino said they deserve to get their asses kicked. Scott said at No Surrender there would be a match and if HNM wins, they can stay but if they lose, they have to go.

Sabin said no one wants to wait until No Surrender. Scott challenged HNM to send someone tonight for a match. Scott declared the main event for tonight would be PCO vs. Sabin. Sabin vowed to kick PCO’s ass tonight and the group’s at No Surrender.

-Backstage, Kaleb and Madison Rayne warmed up for their match (Hannifan noted that Tenille Dashwood wouldn’t be there tonight). They said their match tonight was non-title. Madison said their mission tonight was to scout the IInspiration in preparation for the title match. [c]

-Scott led Honor No More into their private dressing room, which was a backstage area with a stack of tables and chairs. He said it was for their own safety that he put them there. Cary Silkin showed up and hugged Scott. HNM asked Silkin where was the honor in what happened to them. Silkin ran down all the great things that happened in ROH. Matt Taven said he was glad honor was dead. Scott walked off with Silkin and said he’d introduce him to people that would appreciate him.

(2) THE IINSPIRATION (Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee) vs. MADISON RAYNE & KALEB

Lee and Madison started the match. Lee took Madison down with an arm drag. Lee took Madison down. Kaleb tagged in. Kaleb worked on Lee’s arm but she got out of it. Lee arm dragged Kaleb. Kaleb knocked Lee to the mat. Jessie got a sunset flip on Kaleb. The IInspiration double teamed Kaleb and took him down.

Cassie threw Madison out of the ring but turned around into a superkick from Kaleb. [c]

Madison had Lee on the mat. Madison stomped Lee. Madison choked Lee in the corner with her boot. Kaleb tagged in and did the same. Lee caught Kaleb with a jawbreaker but couldn’t make the tag. Madison gave Lee a back elbow and put her in a chin lock. Kaleb scratched Lee’s back. Kaleb jumped off the ropes, but Lee caught him with a low punch.

Jessie made the hot tag and ran wild on Madison. Jessie suplexed Madison. Jessie kicked Madison into DDT’ing Kaleb. Jessie and Madison took each other to the mat. Jessie slapped Kaleb. Kaleb tossed Jessie down. Kaleb took pictures of Jessie, but she escaped and tagged Lee. Lee and Kaleb exchanged rollups. Lee got a sunset flip on Kaleb for the pin.

WINNERS: The IInspiration in 12:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It was mostly played for comedy but it was entertaining.)

-Backstage, Jake Something thanked Mike Bailey for helping him. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton approached. Ace talked about how people think he is being insincere. Jake questioned Ace and asked wasn’t he the same guy that went after Eddie Edwards’ wife. Ace said it was a misunderstanding. Bailey asked if Ace and Fulton could help against the Bullet Club.

Ace said they were busy next week and made excuses. Gail Kim showed up and said she was making the match for next week: Jake, Bailey, Ace, and Fulton vs. the Bullet Club. Ace insincerely said he was happy. [c]

-Vignette for “The Quintessential Diva” Gisele Shaw. Clips were shown of her doing a photo shoot and in the ring.

-The Good Brothers approached Violent By Design. The Good Brothers asked for their help against The Bullet Club. Eric Young said their business arrangement could continue.

-All of the wrestlers in the Knockouts division surrounded the ring. Gail Kim stood in the ring and introduced Mickie James. Mickie’s music played and she entered the ring. Hannifan and Rehwoldt talked about Mickie appearing at the WWE Royal Rumble this weekend. Mickie thanked Gail Kim and complimented her.

Mickie talked up the division and shouted out the IInspiration, Jordynne Grace, the participants in the Ultimate X match, and Deonna Purrazzo. Mickie said that even though Deonna was one of the worst humans she ever faced, she was one of the best. She thanked everyone for killing it. Deonna took a mic and said this was a waste of everyone’s time.

Deonna said she was the greatest and she left. Mickie told her “don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya”. Mickie said for the first time a world champion from another league would be at the Royal Rumble and she was proud. She vowed to win the match and walk into WrestleMania to be in a champion vs. champion match.

Chelsea Green took a mic and got in the ring. Chelsea ran down Mickie’s resume. Chelsea said when Mickie wins the title, she wants the first shot. Tasha Steelz took a mic and obnoxiously booed. She said no one cares what Chelsea wants. Tasha and Savannah Evans got in the ring. Tasha said she beat Chelsea twice and called her a non-factor.

Tasha ran down her own accomplishments. Tasha said Chelsea wouldn’t get a title shot, because Tasha was getting it. Tasha attacked Mickie with the giant X. Savannah and Tasha attacked Chelsea. Mickie made a comeback on Tasha. Chelsea took Evans down. Mickie and Chelsea cleared the ring.

-Gia Miller interviewed Steve Maclin backstage. She said it was Maclin’s second loss in Impact. Maclin said the match was for the ROH title, so the loss didn’t count. Maclin got mad and ran off Gia. Jonathan Gresham showed up and challenged Maclin to another match. He said it wouldn’t be for the ROH Title and it wouldn’t be under Pure rules. Maclin agreed. [c]

-Clip of Jordynne Grace defeating Kiera Hogan at the Terminus Wrestling show.

-Gia Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace. Gia talked about Grace’s recent title defenses and asked about Matt Cardona’s challenge. Grace said Cardona was a pioneer in the digital media space. She said unfortunately that was back in the days of My Space. She accepted the match and asked that Cardona not cry on Live Journal when he loses.


Backstage footage from “earlier today” showed Brian Myers recruiting a bunch of new members for The Learning Tree. All nine members were in the ring. It was a nine-on-one match. Zicky Dice started, but Morrissey quickly threw him down. The wrestlers attacked Morrissey with little success. Morrissey choke slammed a masked wrestler outside and booted another one off the apron.

Morrissey choke slammed a wrestler in the ring. Morrissey dumped VSK over the top rope. Myers called the last wrestler left “Greg Valentine Jr.” Morrissey power bombed the wrestler on Dice and pinned Dice for the win.

WINNER: W. Morrissey in 3:00.

After the match, Myers got in the ring and attacked Morrissey. Morrissey went to chokeslam Myers, but Moose attacked him from behind. They brawled, then Myers attacked Morrissey from behind with the title belt. All of the Learning Tree members attacked Morrissey but he threw them off. Moose speared Morrissey, then stood over him and raised the title belt in the air.

(D.L’s Take: A good way to continue to build up Morrissey for the title match and extend the feud with Moose. Myers was funny on commentary.)

-PCO was shown making faces to prepare for tonight’s match. [c]

-Raj Singh said he has been down on his luck since Shera was injured and Rohit Raju left. He said his luck would change next week because his friend Bhupinder Gujjar was arriving. John Skyler approached and accepted a match for next week.


A clip was shown from earlier today of Jonah attacking Johnny Swinger backstage and Decay checking on Swinger. Swinger failed to take Jonah off his feet. Swinger raked Jonah’s eyes. Dan Lambert was shown in the audience. Hannifan called him an AEW legend in his own mind. Jonah slammed Swinger and gave him two sentons. Jonah hit the splash off the top rope for the win. Lambert was shown looking impressed.

WINNER: Jonah in 2:00.

Jonah threw Swinger out of the ring after the match. Decay’s music played and they walked down the ramp and checked on Swinger. Jonah stared at them as he walked by.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown on camera and talked about the matches for next week:

  • Digital Media Title Match: Matt Cardona vs. Jordynne Grace
  • Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin
  • Jake Something, Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton vs. Jay White, Chris Bey, and the Guerillas of Destiny

They also plugged matches for No Surrender and the New Japan Pro Wrestling episode following the show. [c]

(5) CHRIS SABIN (w/Eddie Edwards & Rich Swann & Josh Alexander & Rhino) vs. PCO (w/Matt Taven & Vincent & Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis)

Sabin and PCO exchanged punches. Sabin chopped PCO. PCO punched Sabin and worked on his arm. Sabin dropkicked PCO in the knees and gave him a running shoulder block. Honor No More tripped Sabin to turn the tide of the match. PCO chopped Sabin. Eddie Edwards tripped PCO. The referee saw it and kicked out the Impact wrestles. [c]

Sabin had the upper hand when the action resumed. PCO threw Sabin over the top rope and hit a dive through the ropes to the floor. PCO threw Sabin into the post and set him up with his head hanging over the apron. PCO landed a flip from the top rope onto Sabin on the apron. Back in the ring, PCO DDT’d Sabin. PCO missed a moonsault from the top rope.

Sabin dropkicked PCO from the second rope and gave him a boot. Sabin dropkicked PCO from the top rope. Sabin dove on PCO on the outside. Sabin caught PCO with a cross body block from the top rope for a two count. Sabin got a two count from a crucifix. PCO knocked Sabin to the mat. PCO went for a Vader Bomb but Sabin got his knees up.

Sabin made a comeback. Sabin knocked Taven off the apron. Sabin kicked Bennett and Taven and did a flip from the apron on Vincent. Maria got on the apron and distracted the referee. Bennett knocked Sabin off the top rope. PCO got a full nelson bomb on Sabin for the pin.

WINNER: PCO in 17:00.

-Honor No More attacked Sabin after the match, but the Impact team came out for the save. Impact ran HNM out of the ring, but Vincent was trapped. Josh Alexander put Vincent in an ankle lock, but HNM pulled out Vincent and fled up the ramp.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A solid, action-packed show. Things got off to a really good start with the Jake Something vs. Chris Bey match. The ROH angle continues to add freshness to the show. W. Morrissey is looking like a strong challenger for the next Impact Plus special. It was cool to see Jay White and Guerillas of Destiny and we will see more of them next week. This show featured references or appearances from WWE, AEW, NJPW, Terminus, and ROH.

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