1/20 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: ROH World Championship match, Steelz vs. Green, The Influence vs. Decay, more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Mickie James, Kaleb with a K, Brian Myers, Ian Riccaboni, Karl Anderson, Chris Sabin

-Recap video of last week’s show.

-Weekly show opening.

-Tom Hannifan welcomed us to the show. Mickie James walked to the ring; she was wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt since they were in Dallas (this was taped before Dallas’ yearly playoff exit). Mickie joined Hannifan on commentary. Hannifan said that D’Lo Brown was recovering at home.

(1) TASHA STEELZ (w/Savannah Evans) vs. CHELSEA GREEN

Chelsea dropkicked Tasha right at the bell. Tasha recovered and they exchanged punches on the apron; Chelsea got the best of it. Tasha got a codebreaker on Chelsea for a two count. Tasha kicked Chelsea and took control of the match. They traded the advantage. Tasha got a cutter on Chelsea. Tasha punched Chelsea in the corner.

Chelsea caught Tasha with a cross body block, but Tasha rolled through. Chelsea did a flapjack to Tasha for a two count. Tasha kicked Chelsea and followed up with a crucifix bomb for the pin.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A strong, clean win for Tasha as she heads for a championship match with Mickie.)

-Tasha took the mic after the match and gloated. She called out Mickie. She said that she was glad that Mickie is done playing with the Barbie dolls. She said she is the one that Mickie’s mom warned her about. Tasha said they would get dirty and nasty. Mickie agreed at the commentary table. Tasha said she was giving a spoiler– she is going to send Mickie back to Virginia, to her husband Nick, and to her son as a failure.

Mickie got in the ring and faced off with Tasha. They exchanged punches. When Mickie got the upper hand, Savannah ran in and booted Mickie. Tasha and Savannah double-teamed Mickie until Chelsea made the save. Mickie and Chelsea cleared the ring and raised each other’s hands.

-Hannifan referenced the BTI show earlier. The ending was shown of Jordynne Grace beating Lady Frost, then being challenged by Matt Cardona for the Digital Media Title.

-Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona. Cardona said he came to Impact to be the World Champion, but there are other champions in Impact. He said he created the Digital Media championship. He said to consider it a challenge to Grace. [c]

-Clips of Charlie Haas in Ring of Honor.

-Hannifan was shown on camera. He talked about Haas, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Impact, and ran down the matches for tonight.

(2) THE INFLUENCE (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne w/Kaleb) vs. DECAY (Rosemary & Havok)

The Influence attacked Decay before the bell and threw Rosemary into the ringpost. Rosemary held her shoulder as the referee called for help. The Influence took pictures and smiled in the ring. As Rosemary went to the back, Havok got in the ring and decided to wrestle alone. [c]

Havok took control at the bell and threw Madison around. Kaleb joined Hannifan on commentary. The Influence quickly got the upper hand and tagged in and out to keep Havok down. Havok made a comeback and got a series of moves on Madison. Tenille did a cross body block on Havok and Madison. Havok continued to fight both wrestlers. Madison got a cutter on Havok. Tenille followed with a Spotlight Kick. They hit their double team finisher on Havok and Tenille got the pin.

WINNERS: The Influence in 4:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Underhanded win by The Influence as they approach their Tag Team Title match against The IInspiration.)

-The IInspiration taped promo. They mockingly congratulated The Influence on their victory. They said their star power was too much for The Influence and the Influence couldn’t trust each other. They said the Influence was trying to copy them.

-Josh Matthews appeared in-studio and pitched to a clip of the movie The King’s Daughter. [c]

-A brief vignette told us that The Quintessential Diva is coming.

-Ace Austin and Madman Fulton approached “Speedball” Mike Bailey in his dressing room. Ace said they got off on the wrong foot and he wanted to explain who he was. Ace said there were a lot of unsavory types around here. John E. Bravo barged in looking for someone, then left. Ace gave Bailey his card and said he could reach out to him.


Brian Myers joined Hannifan on commentary. Myers said that VSK & Dice have been watching films of giants to prepare for this match. Morrissey clotheslined VSK & Dice at the bell. Morrissey booted Dice. VSK got a few moves on Morrissey. Morrissey splashed both wrestlers in the corner. Morrissey chokes lammed Dice, then power bombed VSK. Morrissey pinned both for the win.

WINNER: W. Morrissey in 1:00.

-Morrissey took the mic and said he warned Moose he wouldn’t stop until he gets a title match. He said he would go find Moose.

Morrissey went backstage but Scott D’Amore stopped him. Scott said that Moose wasn’t there tonight. Scott said Morrissey would get a title shot at No Surrender. Someone approached Scott and said there was an urgent issue. Scott ran off. [c]

-The ROH faction was trying to get in the building and said they had tickets. Scott D’Amore approached. Matt Taven said they were there to see the ROH Title match tonight. Scott checked their tickets. He tore up the tickets and said he had an upgrade for them. He said he was putting them in a box, far away from the ring. Security showed up to show them to their seats. Scott said they could support Jonathan Gresham tonight, then leave. The group walked to their seats.

(4) JONATHAN GRESHAM vs. STEVE MACLIN- Ring of Honor World Title Match

Ian Riccaboni joined Hannifan on commentary. Ian said he did not condone the actions of the ROH faction and said they didn’t represent what ROH was all about. The match was contested under Pure rules. Maclin wouldn’t shake hands. Maclin immediately got a rope break. The “ROH 5” was shown in their section overlooking the ring.

Gresham got a rope break. Maclin got a rope break shortly after. The referee issued a warning to Maclin after he used a closed fist. Maclin went on offense and got a backbreaker on Gresham. They wrestled on the mat and Gresham made it to the ropes for a break. Maclin threw Gresham into the corner and gave him an Olympic slam for a two count.

Maclin put Gresham in a Boston Crab. Gresham used his third rope break to get out of it. Maclin stomped Gresham, then put him in a camel clutch. Gresham made the ropes, but there was no break since he had used all three breaks. Gresham powered out and threw forearms at Maclin. Maclin slammed Gresham.

Gresham made a comeback on Maclin. Fans chanted “Octopus”. Gresham dropkicked Maclin from the second rope. Gresham rolled up Maclin for a two count. Maclin trapped Gresham in the corner and charged him. Maclin got a two count. Maclin slammed Gresham. Gresham wrenched Maclin’s knee. Maclin got to the ropes for his third rope break.

Gresham landed forearms. Maclin clotheslined Gresham. Gresham put Maclin in a figure-four leglock. They exchanged hard slaps. Maclin rolled to the ropes but he had used all of his breaks. Gresham held onto the ropes for leverage and the referee counted Maclin’s shoulders down. The ROH 5 walked off. Hannifan noted that Maclin has lost two weeks in a row. Maclin didn’t shake hands after the match and walked off.

WINNER: Jonathan Gresham in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Really good match. Gresham was excellent as always and this will only help Maclin’s stock to rise. The ROH title matches add a fresh element to these shows.)

-Impact Flashback Moment of the Week: Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky from No Surrender 2009. [c]

-Hannifan plugged the upcoming Road To Rebellion TV live shows.

-The ROH 5 were shown walking out of the building as security looked on.

(5) HEATH & RHINO vs. DOC GALLOWS & JOE DOERING (w/Karl Anderson & Eric Young & Deaner)

Karl Anderson joined Hannifan on commentary. Rhino and Doc started the match. Rhino got the early advantage. Rhino elbowed Doc to the floor. Doc and Doering regrouped on the floor. [c]

Heath worked on Doc’s arm. Rhino tagged in. Doc beat on Rhino in the corner. Rhino knocked Deaner off the apron, but turned around into a boot from Doc. Doering and Doc double teamed Rhino. Doering choked Rhino. Doc kicked Rhino. Fans chanted for Rhino. The fans shouted at Eric Young. Rhino and Doc knocked each other down. Doc was bleeding from the head.

Heath punched Doering and clotheslined him over the top rope. Doering got in the ring and booted Heath. Eric Young hit Heath with the flagpole. Doc and Doering double choke slammed Heath for the win.

WINNERS: Doc Gallows & Joe Doering in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag team match, but the crowd was into the participants. This feud will continue.)

-Hannifan plugged the return of New Japan Pro Wrestling to AXS TV and a video package played. New episodes start March 3rd right after Impact. [c]

-Hannifan plugged Moose vs. W. Morrissey at No Surrender and said that Mickie James will address the Impact Zone next week, two days before she enters the Royal Rumble. Chris Sabin joined Hannifan on commentary.


Alexander took Haas to the mat early. Haas rolled up Alexander for a two count. Alexander kicked Haas, who rolled to the floor. [c]

Haas and Alexander traded the advantage. Haas worked on Alexander’s knee. Haas threw Alexander’s leg into the post. Back in the ring, Haas kicked Alexander’s knee and stomped it. Haas put Alexander in a leg lock. They traded strikes while in the hold. Alexander broke the hold. Alexander gave Haas a rolling senton.

Haas went back to working on the knee. Alexander gave Haas two German suplexes. Haas gave Alexander two German suplexes. Alexander gave Haas another one. Alexander bridged Haas for a two count. Haas made a comeback and gave Alexander an overhead belly to belly suplex. Haas put Alexander in a single leg Boston Crab. Alexander turned it into an ankle lock.

Haas tried to get out but Alexander held onto an ankle lock. The referee called for the bell.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 12:00.

Haas and Alexander shook hands after the match. The ROH 5 showed up and attacked both wrestlers. Sabin jumped in to help but he got overwhelmed by the ROH team. Rich Swann and Willie Mack ran down for the save, but they got beaten up too. Heath and Rhino ran down. Eddie Edwards ran down with a kendo stick to clear the ring of the ROH team. Fans chanted “Impact Wrestling”.

The ROH team appeared in the balcony. Maria Kanellis said they used to believe in playing by the rules and that they used to believe in honor, but change is upon us. She said this is honor no more.

(D.L.’s Take: A good match and Haas did really well considering he had a lengthy time away from the ring. It was reported that he was injured after this match, but there were no signs of it on TV.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Although nothing major happened, the show was packed and moved along fast. The slow build to No Surrender is starting. The challengers for future title matches picked up wins (Tasha Steelz, W. Morrissey, and The Influence). The in-ring highlight was Jonathan Gresham vs. Steve Maclin. The ROH matches/angles continue to add a spark to the show.

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