3/5 IMPACT WRESTLING SACRIFICE 2022 PPV REPORT: Moose vs. Heath for the Impact World Championship, PCO vs. Jonah, more


PHOTO CREDIT: Impact Wrestling


MARCH 5, 2022

Commentators: Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt

-Video package focusing on the stars of Impact Wrestling.

(1) TREY MIGUEL (c) vs. JAKE SOMETHING – Impact Wrestling X Division Title Match

Jake took Trey to the mat early. Trey fired back, but eventually got clotheslined. After battling on the apron, Trey landed a kick and worked on Jake’s arm. Jake powerbombed Trey for a two count. Trey went for a Lethal Injection, but Jake charged and knocked him to the mat. Jake threw Trey into the corner and knocked him down with a punch.

Trey came back with a series of punches and an elbow, but was floored with a forearm from Jake. Jake speared Trey in the corner and got a two count. Trey gave Jake a Play of the Day. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. Trey charged Jake with forearms. Trey whiffed on two kicks but caught Jake with a back kick for a two count. Trey chopped Jake repeatedly.

Jake threw Trey to the mat and gave him a backbreaker for a two count. Another “This Is Awesome” chant broke out. Jake clotheslined Trey twice. Trey kicked Jake in the head and Jake rolled to the outside. Trey flew outside to give Jake a Canadian Destroyer. Trey picked Jake up and rolled him into the ring. Trey got a two count, then put on an armbar. Jake threw Trey into the turnbuckle and powerbombed him for a two count.

Trey gave Jake a meteora for a two count. Jake punched Trey on the top rope. Trey gave Jake a 619 in the corner then landed the meteora for the pin.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 11:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Excellent way to start the show. This match was all-action and the fans were really into it. Both wrestlers were elevated from the match. Lots of innovative moves and these two worked well together.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared at the ringside table and talked about the alternate commentary on the Grown Ass Women podcast. They hyped the rest of the card.

-Gia Miller interviewed Tasha Steelz with Savannah Evans. Tasha said they would sing the same song tonight but it would be a different verse. She said it would be the night she wins the title and sends Mickie back to her family.

(2) RHINO (w/Rich Swann & Willie Mack & Chris Sabin) vs. EDDIE EDWARDS (w/Honor No More)

Eddie charged Rhino at the bell, but Rhino avoided him and came back with punches and chops. Eddie regrouped on the floor with Honor No More. Back in the ring, Rhino punched Eddie and chopped him. Eddie came back with chops. Fans chanted “Let’s go Rhino”. Rhino threw Eddie to the floor. Eddie squared off with Team Impact. Willie Mack threw him back in the ring.

Eddie caught Rhino with a boot. The referee took the kendo stick away from Maria and threw her out of the ringside area. Rhino came back with punches. Eddie landed a series of elbows but Rhino punched him. Matt Taven tripped Rhino. Eddie punched Rhino. Eddie choked Rhino, then Taven choked Rhino as well. Eddie chopped Rhino. Eddie poked Rhino in the eyes.

Eddie put Rhino in a chin lock. The crowd started a loud chant for Rhino. Eddie punched Rhino in the corner and caught him with a running forearm. Rhino charged into Eddie and made a comeback. Fans chanted “Gore”. Sabin knocked out Kenny King at ringside. Team Impact fought Honor No More on the outside. Rich Swann got in the ring and did a dive to the outside on the pile over the referee.

Willie Mack came off the top rope onto the pile on the outside. The fans chanted “Holy Shit”. Steve Maclin ran in the ring and took Eddie down. Maclin took the kendo stick and hit Rhino with it. The fans booed. Maclin argued with Team Impact. Fans chanted “F*** you, Maclin”. Eddie hit Rhino with the Boston Knee Party and got the pin.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A good brawl with lots of action. The fans were super into this match. A good win for Eddie, to further solidify his heel turn.)

-Video package on the IInspiration vs. The Influence feud and Kaleb’s involvement.

-Backstage, Kaleb asked The Influence if they were ready for tonight. Madison said they would get photos after the match after they win the titles.

(3) THE IINSPIRATION (c)(Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) vs. THE INFLUENCE (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Fans chanted for The IInspiration. Jessie took Tenille to the mat early, charged her in the corner, and suplexed her. The IInspiration double teamed Madison. Cassie and Madison traded the advantage. Cassie put Madison in an armlock. All four wrestlers were in the ring and The Influence got the best of it. The Influence mocked The IInspiration’s pose. The IInspiration threw The Influence out of the ring.

On the outside Tenille sent Cassie face-first into the apron. Madison threw Jessie into the post. The action returned to the ring. Madison punched Jessie and kicked her in the corner. Tenille stomped Jessie in the corner. The Influence double teamed Jessie in the corner. Tenille splashed Jessie in the corner for a two count. Cassie was still fallen at ringside.

Jessie made a comeback. Cassie made the hot tag and cleaned house. The fans cheered loudly. Jessie gave Tenille a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. Fans chanted for The IInspiration. The IInspiration double teamed Tenille. Tenille caught Cassie with a Spotlight Kick. Kaleb came out to ringside. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Kaleb threw the belts in the ring. Tenille hit Cassie with the belt and got the pin.

WINNERS: The Influence in 11:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Take: A decent match and the fans were really into the match all the way through. Hannifan questioned if Kaleb meant to throw the belts to The Influence.)

-An angry Rhino talked with Heath backstage. They talked about Heath’s upcoming title match. Anthony Carelli walked up and talked about Heath being an underdog and being ready for the title shot. Heath addressed Moose and said to get ready for a Wake Up Call. Heath screamed into the camera.

-Brian Myers joined the announcers at ringside. He plugged his new action figure. W. Morrissey came to ringside and confronted Myers. Security tried to stop Morrissey. Morrissey threw Myers into the table and went to powerbomb him, but Myers escaped. Morrissey powerbombed one of the security guys through the table.

(4) JONAH vs. PCO

They traded punches to start the match. Jonah gave PCO a neckbreaker. PCO made a comeback and sent Jonah out of the ring. They traded punches on the outside. A dual chant broke out. PCO threw Jonah into the post. Jonah gave PCO a Russian Leg Sweep on the ramp. Back in the ring, Jonah chopped PCO to the mat, but PCO got right back up. Jonah chopped him more, then PCO fired back with chops.

PCO threw Jonah over the top rope, then connected with a dive to the floor. Fans chanted “Holy Shit”. PCO put Jonah on the apron with his head sticking over. PCO came off the top rope onto Jonah with a senton. Fans chanted for PCO. Jonah suplexed PCO off the top rope. Another “Holy Shit” chant broke out. Jonah and PCO traded punches. PCO gave Jonah a German Suplex, then Jonah gave him one.

Jonah clotheslined PCO. Jonah DDT’d PCO, but PCO popped right back up. Jonah suplexed PCO. PCO sat up, but Jonah super kicked him back down. Jonah climbed to the top rope. PCO gave Jonah a Frankensteiner off the top rope. A light “Fight Forever” chant broke out. PCO gave Jonah a moonsault from the top rope and went for the pin, but Jonah kicked out at two. The fans chanted “This Is Awesome”.

Jonah threw PCO into the steps. Jonah gave PCO a tombstone piledriver on the steps. The fans chanted “Holy Shit” yet again, along with “Check His Pulse”. Jonah powerbombed PCO off the steps to the floor. Jonah climbed to the top and splashed PCO on his head and got the pin.

WINNER: Jonah in 12:00.

Officials came down to check on PCO after the match, but he pushed them away. Fans chanted for PCO.

(D.L.’s Take: This was really something. It was a hard hitting match and the fans ate it up. Both wrestlers came out of this looking impressive.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Jay White. Jay said he knew this day would come where he would have to cross paths with Alex Shelley. Jay said that Alex doesn’t know the man he has become, but he would show him.


Fans chanted for both wrestlers. They exchanged standing switches early. Shelley took Jay to the mat with a drop toe hold and worked on his arm. Jay came back with a back elbow to the ear. They traded punches and chops in the corner. Shelley gave Jay a back elbow and a knee to the arm. Shelley knocked Jay down and sent him out of the ring. Shelley gave Jay an elbow to the throat and rolled back in the ring.

Shelley gave Jay a knee to the head on the apron. Shelley snapped Jay’s neck over the top rope. Shelley went for a splash but Jay got his knees up. Jay gave Shelley a backbreaker. Jay dropped Shelley’s neck over the top rope. Jay drove Shelley into the apron. Jay chopped Shelley on the outside. Back in the ring, Jay chopped Shelley and choked him with his boot.

Jay caught Shelley with a back elbow, followed by a backbreaker. They traded the advantage. Shelley dropped Jay with a running forearm. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. Shelley landed a series of kicks. Jay DDT’d Shelley. Jay gave Shelley a twisting suplex and got a two count. Shelley sent Jay into the middle turnbuckle. Jay put a thumb in Shelley’s eye.

Jay chopped Shelley to the mat. Jay continued to chop Shelley. Alex came back with chops. Jay suplexed Shelley and went for the pin, but Shelley got his foot on the rope. Shelley gave Jay a Sliced Bread for a two count. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. Shelley super kicked Jay to the mat. Shelley kicked Jay in the back for a two count. Shelley put Jay in the Motor City Stretch.

They had an exchange and Shelley got the stretch again. Jay made it the ropes to break the hold. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. Shelley worked on Jay’s arm. Shelley kicked Jay in the back of the head and Jay rolled to the outside. Jay gave Shelley a Blade Runner into the apron. Fans chanted “Holy Shit”. Jay rolled Shelley back in the ring. Shelley gave Jay a Blade Runner for a two count then put him in the stretch again. Jay got up and gave Shelley the Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White in 19:00.

The fans and the announce team gave a standing ovation after the match. Shelley offered a handshake afterwards but Jay left. The fans booed. Jay mocked Shelley on the ramp.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match that lived up to expectations. They went almost 20 minutes and kept the fans engaged for all of it. Hopefully this is the start of another stint in Impact for Shelley.)

-Violent By Design promo. Eric Young said that the business arrangement with the Good Brothers is done. He said their reward comes tonight. He said the Good Brothers made a mistake by looking past them. He asked if it was a mistake or if it was all by design.

(6) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) vs. CHELSEA GREEN — Ring of Honor Women’s Title Match

Chelsea was the surprise challenger for the “Champ Champ Challenge”. She choose for Deonna to defend the ROH title. Fans chanted for Chelsea. They traded the advantage early. Green caught Deonna with an arm drag and a dive from the ring to the floor. Fans chanted “Holy Shit”. Back in the ring, Deonna clotheslined Chelsea to the mat. Deonna choked Chelsea over the rope.

Deonna had the advantage and clotheslined Chelsea to the mat. Deonna gave Chelsea a knee lift, Russian Leg Sweep, and an armbar. Fans chanted for both wrestlers. Chelsea made a comeback. They traded the advantage and Deonna put Chelsea in an armbar. Chelsea escaped and they booted each other to the mat. Chelsea connected with a dropkick and a clothesline.

Chelsea sent Deonna into the turnbuckle and got a two count. Chelsea sent Deonna face-first to the mat. Deonna suplexed Chelsea. Deonna put Chelsea in an armbar. Chelsea put Deonna in an armbar, but Deonna got to the rope to break the hold. Deonna kicked Chelsea in the wrist. The referee checked on Chelsea. Chelsea pushed off Deonna. Deonna put on a wrist lock and the referee immediately called for the bell.

Deonna kept the hold on until Mickie James ran out to make the save. Mickie and officials checked on Chelsea.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 9:00.

(D.L.’s Take: It was tough to follow the previous match, but this was a really good match and picked up towards the end. The fans were really into it.)

-Tasha Steelz walked to the ring as Mickie and the officials got Chelsea out of the ring.

(7) MICKIE JAMES (c) vs. TASHA STEELZ (w/Savannah Evans) – Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title Match

Dave Penzer did the ring introductions. Tasha attacked Mickie before the bell. Mickie made a comeback. Mickie stomped Chelsea in the corner. Officials continued to help Chelsea to the back. Mickie choked Tasha with her boot. Mickie put Tasha in a Boston Crab. Savannah Evans knocked Chelsea Green down and stalker her. Mickie ran down and fought Evans.

Tasha dove on Mickie on the ramp. Tasha threw Mickie into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Tasha punched Mickie. Tasha choked Mickie over the middle rope. Mickie made a comeback with chops. Tasha choked Mickie with her boot. Fans chanted for Mickie. Tasha gave Mickie a flurry of offense and got a two count. Tasha put Mickie in a Camel Clutch.

Mickie got out and made a comeback. Mickie punched Tasha in the head in the corner. Fans chanted “Hardcore Country”. They fought on the top rope. They fell in unison from the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, they traded punches. Mickie gave Tasha a Thesz Press and punches. Mickie gave Tasha a neckbreaker and got a two count. Another Hardcore Country chant broke out.

Mickie gave Tasha the DDT, but Evans got in the ring. Mickie booted Evans from the ring. Tasha gave Mickie the Blackout for a two count. They traded punches. Mickie took Tasha to the mat. Tasha threw Mickie into the turnbuckle. Mickie got out of a move and gave Tasha a flapjack. Evans tried to grab Mickie’s leg on the top rope, but Mickie kicked her off. Tasha caught Mickie with a cutter and got the pin.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 15:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title.

(D.L.’s Take: This match had the Chelsea angle at the start, which was kind of distracting, but built into a really good match. I was surprised by Tasha winning the title. It appears the Chelsea angle will lead to a feud with Mickie.)

-Video package on the Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design feud.

(8) THE GOOD BROTHERS (c) (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson w/Chris Bey) vs. VIOLENT BY DESIGN (Eric Young & Joe Doering w/Deaner)

Fans chanted for the Bullet Club at the start. Young and Anderson started the match. Anderson put Young in an armlock after an arm drag. Young put Anderson in an armlock. Doering and Doc got in the ring and brawled. Doc dropped Doering with a big boot. Doc gave Doering a series of elbows and put him in a chin lock. Doering and Doc ran into each other and fell to the mat.

Young and Anderson tagged back in. Anderson got the better of the exchange. Anderson gave Young a fisherman’s buster for a two count. Doering steamrolled Anderson. Young gave Anderson an elbow drop for a two count. Anderson backdropped Young. Doc made the hot tag. Doc splashed Young in the corner. Anderson gave Young a neckbreaker for a two count.

Doc slammed Young to the mat for a two count. Young escaped the Magic Killer and sent Doc to the outside. Doering slammed and clotheslined Anderson. Young suplexed Anderson and Doering scored a two count. Doc prevented Young from jumping off the top rope. Doering threw The Good Brothers and Young off the top rope. Anderson punched Doering and gave him a spinebuster.

Doering clotheslined Anderson. Young gave Doc a piledriver on the stage. Fans chanted “Holy Shit”. Doering powerbombed Anderson as Young gave him a cutter. Doering pinned Anderson for the win.

WINNERS: Violent By Design in 12:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Take: This started off as a basic tag team match but got good at the end. I was surprised again by this title change.)

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and plugged that tickets would be on sale for Rebellion.

-Video package on the Moose vs. Heath feud.

(9) MOOSE (c) vs. HEATH – Impact Wrestling World Title Match

Anthony Carelli joined the commentary team. He didn’t use his Santino Marella voice and used his normal speaking voice. Dave Penzer did the ring introductions. Heath and Moose traded punches at the start. Moose drove Heath into the corner and tossed him around the ring. Moose choked Heath in the corner. Moose tossed Heath across the ring again.

Moose ripped Heath’s shirt off and chopped him. Heath fired back with a flurry of moves. The action spilled to the outside. Moose booted Heath and threw him into the ring post. Moose stretched Heath’s arms around the ring post. Fans chanted “He’s Got Kids”. Moose threw Heath into the ring steps. The action returned to the ring and Moose stomped Heath. The fans chanted “Let’s Go Heath”.

Moose stomped Heath’s ankle. Moose kicked Heath in the head and choked him over the middle rope. Moose gave Heath a series of elbows to the ribs. Heath bit Moose’s hand. On the outside, Moose drove Heath into the ring apron twice. In the ring, Moose stood on Heath and got a two count. Moose slapped Heath and talked trash. Heath fired back with punches.

Heath sent Moose over the top rope. Heath leaped over the top rope onto Moose. Fans chanted “This Is Awesome”. In the ring, Heath rolled up Moose for a two count. Heath got the Wake Up Call, but Moose kicked out at two. Moose gave Heath a Rock Bottom, followed by a spear for the pin.

WINNER: Moose in 12:00.

-As Moose was celebrating. Josh Alexander appeared in the ring and gave him the C-4 Spike. Alexander threw off this ring jacket. The fans cheered enthusiastically. Alexander took the mic. He talked about being sent home by Scott D’Amore. He said Scott was right to send him home because he spent time with his family and recharged. He said being him allowed him to be a mile away from Anthem headquarters.

Alexander held up a signed multi-year contract for Impact Wrestling. Fans chanted “Welcome Back”. He pulled out a second contract giving him a title match against Moose at Rebellion. He said we were looking at the next Impact World Champion.

(D.L.’s Take: I didn’t have high expectations for the match, but the match got really good at the end for Heath’s comeback. The return of Josh Alexander was a cool touch.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: An excellent show from top to bottom. The crowd was enthusiastic and engaged all the way through. There was a little of everything on this from brawling to high flying to technical wrestling. The three title changes and the return of Josh Alexander made it newsworthy as well. The standout match of the night was Jay White vs. Alex Shelley. A show well worth checking out.

CATCH-UP: Former champion in WWE signs with Impact Wrestling as producer

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