5/19 MLW FUSION TV REPORT: 5150 vs. The Von Erichs, MLW Tag Team Championship match, more


Full results and analysis of this week's MLW Fusion


MAY 19, 2022 (RECORDED)

MLW Fusion Commentators: Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski

-Joe and Rich went over this week’s MLW Fusion card and highlighted moments from last week’s show.


nZo didn’t allow Budd to enter the ring, charging into Heavy and landing with a dropkick. nZo tossed Heavy into the ring post from the ramp, entered the ring, and called for a mic. nZo insulted Budd and demanded a higher class of opponent. ACH answered the challenge.

Both men locked up and neither would give an inch, moving around the ring until ACH reached a corner and the ref broke the tie-up. After another lock up, nZo gained an advantage, taking ACH to the mat with a snapmare. nZo tried to slow things down with a side-headlock but ACH turned it into a hammerlock. nZo did manage to shoot ACH into the ropes. ACH caught nZo with a shoulder tackle and dropkick and went for an early cover, getting a two-count.

After a quick break, nZo sent ACH back into the ropes again and once again, got hit by a big dropkick from ACH. nZo rolled out of the ring this time and tried to catch his breath. This didn’t last long as ACH immediately connected with a suicide dive. This was followed up with a slingshot crossbody from ACH. As ACH tried to roll nZo back into the ring, nZo log-rolled to the other side and back to the floor. ACH tried to connect with a baseball slide dropkick but nZo wrapped up ACH with the ring apron and rained down some clubbing blows. ACH broke free and they brawled around the outside. Eventually, nZo regained momentum after nZo dropped ACH onto the barricade. nZo picked up ACH and drove him into the ring post with a Razor’s Edge.

ACH did beat the count but was immediately cut off by nZo. nZo placed ACH onto the the top turnbuckle and rocked ACH with a super backstabber, getting a two count. nZo climbed to the top rope but was met by ACH. ACH tried for a superplex but nZo was able to block it. ACH regained his grip and drove nZo down with a gut wrench superplex. ACH tried for the superplex again but nZo blocked the attempt, sending ACH down with a headbutt. nZo jumped from the top rope and ACH caught him with a dropkick in mid-air. ACH made the cover, getting a near fall. ACH climbed to the top and signaled for his finish. nZo kicked the ref into the ropes, sending ACH down. nZo caught ACH with the Done-Zo, getting the win

WINNER: nZo in 6:30

(Analysis: I really enjoyed the fake-out here. ACH is a great opponent for nZo due to their clash in styles. Once again, sacrificing Budd Heavy to get some heel heat seems to work well. nZo trying to take out ACH with the same move that put KC Navarro on the shelf was a nice touch. Speaking of KC, I’m sure that his eventual rematch with nZo should be pretty good.)

-After the match, KC Navarro tried to attack nZo but was held back by the MLW referee corps.

(2) HUSTLE & POWER vs. BOMAYE FIGHT CLUB – MLW Tag Team Championship

Before the match, Alex Kane grabbed a mic and ran down the champs, saying that Hustle & Power was all hype.

Tankman and Nduka took the fight to the challengers immediately. EJ sent Mr. Thomas to the outside and helped Calvin to double-team Kane. Calvin body slammed Kane and followed up with a splash/leg-drop combination with EJ. Kane rolled to the outside as the champs played to the crowd.

Mr. Thomas entered the ring and traded shots with Nduka. The Judge got Mr. Thomas up for a stampede but Kane was able to hold on to his partner. Kane caught Nduka in a bear hug. Mr. Thomas used this as an opportunity to spray EJ in the face with something, giving the challengers a newfound momentum. Mr. Thomas raked the eyes of Ndjuka before making the tag to Kane. EJ swung wildly as Kane easily avoided the strikes. Kane did try to suplex EJ but Nduka was able to block the attempt by boxing Kane’s ears. EJ made the tag and Calvin laid out Kane with a series of clotheslines. Calvin did miss a corner splash, which allowed Mr. Thomas to double team Tankman. Calvin did manage to kick out of a pinning attempt after Mr. Thomas connected with a swinging ura nage. Calvin tried to make a tag but didn’t realize that EJ was on the outside, trying to rinse his eyes. Tankman and Kane exchanged escalating blows as Mr. Thomas made the blind tag. Tankman and Mr. Thomas exchanged shots as well until Mr. Thomas took out Tankman with a big boot to the face. Thomas tagged in Kane and Alex brought a beating down onto Calvin. Kane connected with the big boot as well but it did not have the same effect. Tankman laughed it off and blasted Kane with a clothesline.

Tankman managed to finally tag into Nduka, who took out Mr. Thomas with a series of clotheslines and dropped him with the Verdict. Nduka picked up Mr. Thomas and tagged in Tankman. The champs hit Kane with their team finisher and picked up the win.

WINNER: Hustle & Power in 7:30

(Analysis: I loved that this started so quickly. It made the match feel more personal, which keeps me emotionally invested in the match. I thought for a brief moment that Bomaye Fight Club might pull off a win here. Hustle & Power continues to impress me and has become one of my favorite tag teams in MLW.)

-David Marquez was backstage with the Von Erichs. Marshall Von Erich said that the talking and games will all come to an end tonight. Ross said that he couldn’t wait and Marshall brought out a bull rope.

– It was announced that Lince Dorado, Alex Kane, Calvin Tankman, Killer Kross, and Marshall Von Erich will be competing in this year’s Battle Riot.

-Cesar Duran was shown in his office, holding an ice pack to his face. He said that there will be consequences for Hammerstone’s actions from last week on MLW Fusion. Duran challenged Hammerstone to a fight and a title match was officially announced.

(3) 5150 vs. THE VON ERICHS

5150 was out first and Rivera grabbed a mic and ran down the crowd. Rivera talked about how he was able to bring Hernandez into the group and insulted the Von Erichs more.

The Von Erichs ran down the ramp and jumped right into the match. Ross and Marshall tossed Rivera into the ring. Rivera slid out and tried to regroup with Hernandez. Hernandez tried to get into the ring but was cut off by Ross. Rivera got in the ring but was immediately double-teamed by the Von Erichs. Ross hit a PK kick on Rivera and Marshall followed up with a standing moonsault, getting a one count. Hernandez grabbed Marshall’s foot and drug him to the floor

Back in the ring, Rivera got the edge over Ross after a forearm exchange. Hernandez charged at Ross in the corner but Ross was able to keep Hernandez at bay. Ross went for a diving crossbody but was caught by Hernandez. Hernandez planted Ross with a sit-out-powerbomb. Hernandez began to choke Ross as Marshall and Rivera brawled on the outside. Marshall began to set up a ring board on the barricade and placed Rivera on it. Marshall launched himself into Rivera but Rivera avoided the attack.

In the ring, Hernandez grabbed a rake and literally raked Ross Von Erich’s back. 5150 double-teamed Ross, hitting him with a version of the Street Sweeper. Rivera got a two-count after some more tandem offense. Rivera set up a hay bale on the outside and tried to suplex Marshall onto it. Marshall blocked it and countered with a front suplex. Hernandez started to choke out Ross with the bull rope. Hernandez set up Ross for a doomsday device but Marshall blasted Rivera with a piece of the ring board. Ross fought off Hernandez and hit him with an enziguri. Marshall brought Rivera down with a second rope superplex. Hernandez broke up a pin attempt after Marshall brought down Rivera with a powerslam.

Ross set up a table in the corner. Ross tried to hit a running dropkick but missed and crashed into the table. Rivera tossed in some chairs and Hernandez set them up near the table pieces. Marshall took out Hernandez with a spinning clothesline and sent Rivera into the the table with a death valley driver. Hernandez set up Marshall for the Border Toss but Ross hit Hernandez with a shovel, breaking it in the process. Marshall caught Hernandez with the Claw. Ross came in and the Von Erichs hit Iron Eagle for the win.

WINNER: Von Erichs in 10:00

(Analysis: Much like the prior match, this felt like a fight. This 5150/Von Erichs program has been very entertaining but it does feel like it’s been going on forever. Hopefully, this is a new start for both teams. It was good to see the Von Erichs get a big win. I do wonder when they will have a standard wrestling match though. It seems like every match they’ve had in MLW has been a Bunkhouse Brawl or Tornado Tag. While this is a good way to hide any limitations they may have, at some point, they will need to prove they can work without the gimmicks.)

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