EXCLUSIVE: Clark Connors discusses working Best of the Super Junior 29, wrestling bucket list, more


Clark Connors talks Best of the Super Junior 29 tournament
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Clark Connors says he’s honored to be working in the Best of the Super Junior 29 tournament for New Japan Pro Wrestling, even if the action and schedule are rigorous.

Connors revealed to PWTorch Assistant Editor, Zack Heydorn, just how much the tournament means to him and what he does from a health maintenance perspective to stay ahead of the rigorous grind.

“It’s an honor to be apart of BOSJ 29,” said Connors. “With all the foreigners coming in, and the amount of first time match ups in the tournament, it really feels like the first time NJPW is back over here at least (in Japan). I’m disappointed I am not in any big matches in the sense of my spot on the card, but this is a big opportunity for me to show my value to the company. So overall, rigorous, but very worthwhile.

“Not drinking and smoking as often definitely helps,” Connors said regarding maintaining his health during the tournament. “But, you got to do what you got to do when you are out here. Shinjuku on a Thursday is always a good time. But also finding time to stretch and get treatment when you can is vital. For example, I went to a bathhouse the other day and got some electroshock therapy next to three naked 90 year old Japanese men. You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Connors also discussed the major differences of working in the United States compared to Japan.

“It has to be the lack of the voice from the crowd,” Connors said of the key difference between the U.S. and Japan. “I came back and the Japanese fans are dying to show me (and everyone really) how much they want to support them. I can see it in their eyes. But all they can do is clap and it it makes me a little bit sad. I say f**k it, let’s get wild. Use your voice. What are they going to do, arrest all of you? Either way, the Japanese fans are some of the most loyal in the world and treat me phenomenally, so I would not trade that for anything.”

In terms of his run during this year’s BOSJ tournament, Connors called Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion, Ace Austin, as his favorite opponent thus far.

“I have only wrestled three matches, so it is a limited pool,” Connors said. “But, I liked wrestling Ace Austin. It was my first match back and it was really cool to hear the Japanese fans reaction to the wrestler I have transformed into. Also, Ace is a really good wrestler and I would love to beat him in an Impact ring.”

Clark Connors has a vast bucket list for his wrestling career, which includes working for Vince McMahon and Tony Khan.

“Winning this tournament and then the Junior Title,” Connors said about what’s on his wrestling bucket list. Connors added many other bucket list items for his career as well. “Actually, getting a chance to show the world how good I am on a big stage,” Connors said. “Beating Chris Jericho on his cruise. Working for Tony. Working for Vince. Working for myself. Creating World Wide Rhino Wrestling. Winning the WWRW Title. WWRW closing. Working for Sugabayashi again and wrestling Flip Gordon.”

Clark Connors made his pro wrestling debut in 2017 and his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut in 2019. Currently, he has 2 points in the Best of the Super Junior 29 tournament.

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