GCW accused of faking COVID-19 test results for talent, Lauderdale advised not to speak on the accusations

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)

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GCW has been accused of faking COVID-19 test results for their talent.

Mike Gordon aka “Dirty” Ron McDonald posted in a facebook group on Wednesday that he helped company founder Brett Lauderdale fake COVID-19 test results. Images of his claims appeared on Twitter under the handle @DoxxxyStocksy

The images can be seen below:

Gordon took GCW to task for several issues in addition to faking the COVID-19 tests. Gordon discussed Lauderdale is paying GCW talent and his friendship with Nick Gage. In addition, Gordon took credit for several shows the company ran in California that he allegedly covered costs for. He also asked why Atticus Cogar and Mike Gevorgian don’t work for GCW as proof for some of his allegations against Lauderdale and GCW.

Fightful reached out to Lauderdale about the allegations and he said his lawyer advised him not to respond. “I’ve referred this matter to my lawyer and as much as I’d like to comment, I’ve been advised not to,” said Lauderdale on the allegations.

Gordon also targeted Joey Janela. “Who did Brett ever make famous?.” wrote Gordon. “Joey I’m a (expletive)’ Janela? Joey got famous for being tossed off a building and got a contract. Once AEW realized he had no talent, they benched and eventually didn’t resign him. Why? Because he’s a (expletive) unsafe (expletive) who can’t light a limb on fire.”

Janela responded on Twitter writing in a tweet, “My wrestlemania weekend money has gone to a new rack of teeth Lmfao In which will be placed on my mouth on 6/8 If you believe any of that you’re believing a legit crack head, and a well documented steroid abusing headcase..”

GCW regular Tony Deppen responded to the accusations from Gordon on Twitter and defended GCW. “Before every show we had a group chat where we’d talk about her recautions and the deadlines for our covid tests,” wrote Deppen. “I also had to sit out two shows cause my tests didn’t come back in time – and that was at the request of Brett.”

Janela also responded to one of Deppen’s Tweets showing COVID-19 related group chats for GCW talent reiterating that GCW talent had been told to stay home as a results of a positive COVID-19 test.

You can see Janela’s response below:

GCW talent Jordan Oliver also defended GCW on Twitter saying he believed the COVID-19 protocols to be real and that he had been compensated well by the company. Oliver wrote, “GCW made me send my test results to head referees. Brett made it clear to me many times if you test positive or don’t get a test you cant compete, I believe he took it very serious. On top of that GCW pays ME very good. And that has been since DAY1. Of course these are MY experiences.”

GCW is set to return to PPV this Saturday with a PPV in Las Vegas.

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