HEYDORN’S NXT 2.0 RECEIPT 5/24: Bron Breakker storyline neutralizes key part of his character


Bron Breakker makes big challenge on NXT


This week’s episode of NXT 2.0 has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness

Tony D’Angelo and company have to strike a more consistent tone with their act. They say things that are dangerous in nature, but their mannerisms, music, and overall presentation comes across as comedic.

-Wes Lee is on the “let’s get sympathy on this guy” losing streak in NXT right now and it just might work for him. Lee eventually beating Von Wagner after getting the audience behind him with the losses will help position him as singles act out of MSK. WWE can’t do this story regularly, but in this instance, it’s the smartest way to go given the circumstances around Lee.

-Sanga essentially turning babyface and siding with Wes Lee was a surprise. Not a terrible reaction from the crowd or anything, but it seemed like both were on separate paths. This smells like an odd couple tag team story and that isn’t exciting with so much of that present on WWE television.

-Alba Fyre has a helluva gimmick. That thing is main event level and not just in the NXT 2.0 environment.

-Roxanne Perez winning the Women’s Breakout Tournament is essential at this point. She’s got a bright future and showed why again this week.

-I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Katana Chance and Kayden Carter were good this week. I don’t say that often, but they showed fire and appeared to gel working with Toxic Attraction. Should be a good tag match at In Your House between both teams.

-Did Mandy Rose sell for a bunch of beach balls? Like, did that really happen? The NXT Women’s Champion?

-Von Wagner continues to be a head scratcher for me. The guy has not gotten better at a single thing since debuting on television. He’ll get every opportunity due to his size, but it’s just not clicking. Plus, it’s SO not clicking that his height may not be able to save him in the end.

-Cameron Grimes and Carmelo Hayes understand the game they’re playing. They know they’ll have a great match with each other in the ring, but WWE values the ability to successfully perform in content gobbling segments like The Barber Shop. Both guys delivered there this week.

-Bron Breakker had a nice night in the ring. He connected on some cool looking moves and some traditional wrestling holds that popped the audience. He didn’t sell well “losing his cool” opposite Gacy. Bottom line, Breakker trying to control his aggressiveness isn’t a story people want to watch. That’s his character? This story takes away a big part of the Breakker act that’s connecting right now.

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