5/24 NXT 2.0 REPORT: Hazelwood’s live report on Breakker vs. Hudson, Rose vs. Hartwell, Lee vs. Sanga, two tag matches, more




MAY 24, 2022

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): McKenzie Mitchell

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-The show began with Tony D’Angelo, Troy Donovan, and Channing Lorenzo. D’Angelo called out Santos Escobar, saying he only got him with brass knuckles. He said they better be paying close attention as Stacks and Two Dimes take it to Idris Enofe and Malik Blade. They showed Escobar appearing behind them as they left.


I’m not really sure who is who, but Vic Joseph said Lorenzo began the match, then tagged in Donovan as they took it Enofe. Donovan hit a big bodyslam for a one-count. Donovan (Two Dimes) tagged back in, but ate a big dropkick after a unique leapfrog and duck under by Enofe. Blade tagged in and hit a doubl axe handle to the left arm, followed by a double belly-to-back suplex for a two-count on Donovan, who Joseph said was Stacks (is he confused now?). Blade hit his own dropkick and I’m not sure who is who on the other team after Joseph’s miscue.

Enofe tagged in and they hit some good double team offense, but D’Angelo DISTRACTED Enofe, even swiping at his legs in front of the ref. Joseph said Donovan is now legal, so I’ll go with that from here. Donovan hit a hard Irish whip on Enofe into their corner, then tagged in Lorenzo. Stacks cinched in a modified sitting arm lock as they showed Legado del Fantasma in the back. Escobar appeared, then said it’s time to go to the ring.

Stacks slapped Enofe, who slapped him back, then they traded punches. Enofe was able to get the better of Stacks with a leaping knee, then tagged in Blade, who slipped on a springboard yet was still able to make some contact. He clotheslined Two Dimes over to the outside, then climbed the top rope for a crossbody on Stacks for a two-count (Joseph is calling them by their nicknames and not their ring names). Blade hit a backslide and then a big leaping sunset flip for a two-count before hitting a leg lariat.Two Dimes took out Enofe at ringside, shoving him into the post. Stacks hit a big clothesline to take out Blade, but both men were down. LDF appeared at ringside as Two Dimes tagged in and they hit a double punch and double running kick for the victory.

WINNER: Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo at 6:10 (running double kick)

-D’Angelo took a mic and yelled for LDF to get in the ring and do this. They obliged as the men paired off with each other. Literally all of the NXT referees and some office people came out to separate the two groups.

-Wes Lee was in the back with McKenzie Mitchell who said she can’t believe he’s still standing here after what happened last week. She asked about challenging Sanga, and he said he was running off adrenaline, and even after that wore off, he doesn’t think he made a mistake and he took it as disrespect. Mitchell said she doesn’t think Sanga meant any disrespect and Lee said maybe not to you, and even though he and her are friends, she just doesn’t understand what it’s like. [c]

-Lee was making his entrance as they returned; Sanga made his before the break.

(2) SANGA vs. WES LEE – Singles match

Lee tried using his speed into a headlock and sunset flip, but Sanga just tossed him, then gave Lee maybe the biggest biel I’ve ever seen (Lee’s ribs are taped). Sanga then gave headbutts to the back of Lee’s head, then worked the midsection. He stepped over the rope and drove his boot into Lee’s chest (unique). Sanga went outside and draped Lee on the bottom rope, hitting a big uppercut and then a 12-6 elbow. Sanga reentered the ring, brushed off Lee’s attacks, and hit a knee to the ribs. He applied a hold to the midsection, but Lee hit some back elbows to break the hold. He kicked the knee, then punched and kicked the leg. He hit a rolling capoeira kick to send Sanga outside, then hit some kicks through the ropes, including a slingshot double stomp to the back. He then hit a shotgun dropkick to Sanga, forcing him into the steps.

However, Sanga dropped him with one big slap across the chest, then reentered the ring. Lee hit some kicks and an enziguri from the corner, then climbed to the top. Sanga dodged and hit a massive clothesline that flipped Lee. Sanga then hit a chokeslam that folded Lee up like Spike Dudley for the victory.

WINNER: Sanga at 3:51 (chokeslam)

-After the match, Xyon Quinn, in his vampire-chic leather getup and shades, entered the ring. He approached Lee, but Sanga came in and tossed Quinn away. Quinn tried a sneak attack, but backed off as Sanga had his arm around Lee.

-In the locker room, Cora Jade hyped up Rozanne Perez about her semi-final match with Lash Legend. They brought up Perez’s match with Jenna Waters (I guess?) and how she took it to Waters; Jade apparently hit Waters with her skateboard, too. They cut to break hyping Elektra Lopez vs. Alba Fyre. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I still can’t tell the difference between Donovan and Lorenzo, but I’m guessing it’ll come with time. Remember when the crowd chanted, “Which one’s Dash? Which one’s Dawson?” That’s me right now with those two. I wasn’t overly impressed with them, but it’s still early – and I’m a huge fan of Enofe, and his selling was great in the match. I’ve said multiple times I would have Lee keep losing singles matches that he doesn’t shy away from until he finds that thing that separates singles wrestling from tag team wrestling and they were on the right track; I just hope they don’t put him in a team with Sanga and Sanga is just there to support him against Quinn.)

-They returned with Guru Raj and someone I don’t recognize telling Bron Breakker that they saw Joe Gacy’s guys in his locker room (it was from earlier today). Breakker barged into the locker room breathing heavily, then saw a polaroid on the lockers of his family from 20 years ago.

-Lopez was already in the ring as they cut back to the ring. Fyre made her entrance next and since I missed last week, I’m not sure if her hair and makeup and gear are new or were there last week. She blew out the fire on her bat as she walked to the ring.

(3) ELEKTRA LOPEZ vs. ALBA FYRE – Singles match

They showed Jade sitting front row hard camera side as the two locked up and went outside against the announce table. Lopez used her strength to throw Fyre into the apron and then back inside. Fyre responded with a dropkick and kick for a one-count. Wade Barrett said Jade could watch in the back on a monitor like everyone else. Lopez responded by attacking the arm, hitting a big arm wringer that sent Fyre into the mat, then rammed her shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. She pointed out Jade before going after Fyre. Fyre dodged attacks and hit some slaps to the chest, then a superkick. She went for her finisher, but couldn’t lift her with the damage to the left arm. Lopez hit a running knee into the corner, but Fyre then rolled her up for a two-count, hit a superkick, a Glasgow Kiss, and climbed for the swanton. Fyre hit for the victory.

WINNER: Alba Fyre at 2:53 (swanton)

-Fyre quickly made her way up the ramp. Lopez exited the ring and knocked the popcorn from Jade’s hand and berated her. Jade played it off like whatever.

-They showed Damon Kemp in the back on the phone with someone. The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile appeared and Kemp said management told him the match is off because Roderick Strong rolled his ankle. Julius said it doesn’t matter how hurt you are; you tape it up and compete (a recipe for disaster, really). Kemp said he’s not here to get in the middle of anything and just here to follow orders. Brutus said Pretty Deadly always gets lucky, but Julius said their luck will run out at the next PLE (which the name of is escaping me right now). They cut to break. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Another short match, but what it should be with Lopez still being so green. She was better here, but you could still see those spots where Fyre had to coach her into doing sequences. Fyre’s presentation is great, but I think she should change her finisher as she doesn’t really land the swanton well.)

-The PLE is In Your House (thanks to Kelly for the quick tip). They came back with an announcement for Crown Jewel.

-Mitchell was in the back with Fallon Henley as Mitchell said Nikkita Lyons had to withdraw from the tournament with an injury, giving Fallon Henley a bye. Joshua Briggs and Brooks Jensen were there as well. Tiffany Stratton approached and berated Henley for taking the easy way out and said Henley didn’t earn her spot. Henley said she earned her spot in everything she’s done and said, “Yeehaw bitch,” and told her to make the match official with management.

-Perez made her entrance first, getting a full entrance. Legend was in the ring already (damn).

(4) LASH LEGEND vs. ROXANNE PEREZ – Semifinals match in the Women’s Breakout Tournament

Legend immediately rushed Perez and threw her off after a wheelbarrow attempt. Perez hit a go-behind, but Legend picked the leg. Perez went for an arm drag, and another, but Legend lifted her and hit an inverted suplex followed by a kip up. Legend lifted Perez into a Canadian backbreaker, but Perez slipped out only to eat some gut knees. Legend then lifted Perez into a delayed butterfly backbreaker for a two-count. Legend’s power moves are looking good tonight. Legend went for another Canadian backbreaker, but Perez countered into a sleeper. Legend, after some struggle, rammed Perez into the corner. Perez followed with basement dropkicks to both knees, then a running Thesz press.

Perez hit a running uppercut, then another, into the corner, but Legend caught her and basically hit a standing Stroke (Jeff Jarrett’s finisher). Legend went for a powerbomb, but Perez hit the sunset bomb for the victory. I think Joseph called it Pop Rock?

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 3:20 (sunset bomb) to advance to the finals of the Women’s Breakout Tournament

-Mandy Rose, with Toxic Attraction, was walking in the back and they discussed how Indi Hartwell calling her out was the biggest mistake of her life. Suddenly, Kayden Carter and Katana Chance attacked them, taking out the Women’s Tag Team Champion as Rose made her way to the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The first match went over six minutes, but the next three didn’t surpass four. The two women’s matches were short, but probably needed to be with the inexperience of Lopez and Legend. Legend looked, in my estimation, the best she has in NXT tonight. Perez being the folly worked well with Legend’s power offense. Perez is polished, but the crowd doesn’t seem to be behind her as much for some reason. They never indicated if Stratton would take Lyons’ place or if it’s just a regular match with Henley, so it’s either going to be Henely vs. Perez or the winner of Henley-Stratton vs. Perez in the final.)

-Hartwell made her entrance first as they returned, looking confident. It also seems like Fightful Select reported that Stratton-Henley is a semifinal match. Rose made her entrance next sans her cronies. The camera work during her entrance is not subtle at all.

(5) MANDY ROSE (c) vs. INDI HARTWELL – Non-title match

Hartwell hit a shoulder tackle and wrenched the left arm (lots of working the arm tonight). Rose hit the ropes, then a back elbow and gut knee, using the hair to slam Hartwell to mat, drawing admonishment from referee D.A. Brewer. Rose then worked Hartwell’s left arm. She whipped Hartwell into the corner, hit a running corner attack, a snapmare, and PK to the back for a two-count. Rose hit a series of body kicks to Hartwell in the corner, then shoulder thrusts. Hartwell reversed a whip and hit a modified snake eyes, then some short-arm clotheslines. She caught Rose into a sidewalk slam for a two-count. Rose rolled outside as they cut to the first break during a match tonight. The USA player briefly showed split-screen before going to full commercial. [c]


Rose had Hartwell in an abdominal stretch as the USA player returned from break. They showed Rose using the hair to gain the advantage again during the break. Hartwell fought out with a hip toss, but Rose grabbed the hair again and landed a big right hand for a two-count. Rose yelled at Hartwell that she’s nobody, alone, and a loser. She said Hartwell will never look like her (NO ONE HAS SAID THEY WANT TO LOOK LIKE ROSE yet she keeps yelling that to her opponents). Hartwell responded with strikes, then lifted Rose to her shoulders, but her back gave out from the damage.

She hit an uppercut and running boot to Rose for a two-count. Rose hit a jawbreaker in response, then went for a La Magistral cradle that scored a two-count. Hartwell then hit a spinebuster and a stack pin in response for a two-count. Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne came limping out as Carter and Chance followed and kept up with the attack. Chance and Jayne made it into the ring, Jayne tossing out Chance, but turning into a big Hartwell boot. Rose used the distraction to land a big running attack to Hartwell for the victory. Rose left the ring and just watched from the ramp as the four made their way opposite. Suddenly, Wendy Choo came out and hit Rose with her body pillow…that had a bunch of basketballs and other balls in for extra effect. She grabbed the title and posed as her music played.

WINNER: Mandy Rose at 9:23 (running attack)

-Mitchell was in the back with Breakker and asked about the photo. Breakker said it was a little creepy at first, but Gacy is trying to get him to snap, but there’s nothing that idiot can do to make him snap. The monitor displayed a clip of Breakker running back a kick for 80 yards and a touchdown and mentioned his dad was supposed to make the game, but couldn’t because he was in Japan. Breakker wasn’t yelling and that was a good promo.

-Stratton made her way as it was officially announced as a semifinals match. She’s wearing a white and red outfit that pops more than her standard pink getup. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That match was an angle for the post-match shenanigans. I guess we’re getting Rose vs. Choo at In Your House for the title. Considering how badly some of Rose’s recent matches have gone and the inexperience of Hartwell, that match was about the best-case scenario. It was also the longest match of the night thus far thanks to the commercial, so they have trust in both these women to put on a near ten-minute match, which should bode well for both of them moving forward.)

-They returned with Pretty Deadly in the back as they said there’s trouble in paradise with Diamond Mine. They said Diamond Mine never thanked them for remodeling the Diamond Mine training ground. Elton Prince and Kit Wilson then gave their standard smarmy promo.

-Henley made her entrance with her two men.

(6) TIFFANY STRATTON vs. FALLON HENLEY (w/Joshua Briggs & Brooks Jensen) – Semifinals match in the Women’s Breakout Tournament

Joseph mentioned Henley was preparing for Lyons and now has to change up her entire strategy. Stratton showed off her gymnastics with some back handsprings out of the corner. She hit a big chop to Henley, but Henley responded with her own. Henley hit a shoulder tackle and mocked Stratton, then landed a forearm. Stratton grabbed the hair and slapped her, but Henley slapper her back. Henley hit a back elbow and a leg lariat, then did the slide outside to land the big right that Briggs and Jensen land. Upon trying to reenter, Stratton hit a dragon screw in the ropes to ground Henley. Stratton then hit a running hip attack to Henley, leaning against the ropes. Stratton went to the apron and hit a springboard flip onto Henley.

Stratton overshot a sunset flip, but recovered to hit a chop block. Stratton then hit a cartwheel-three back handsprings-back elbow to Henley in the corner. She then locked in a modified sub on the left leg, bridging her body for extra torque. She even blew kisses while bridging with one hand, but Henley broke out of it with a body shot. Henley responded by slamming Stratton into the mat, then hitting a series of strikes with only her right arm. Henley sold the leg, but hit a backbody drop. Stratton kept going for the leg, but Henley caught her with a punch that showed a lot of light. Henley tried to charge, but her leg gave out. Stratton then hit a big elevated corner kick like Jeff Hard. She then hit her finisher (Joseph called it “What a Twist”), the rope-assisted corkscrew splash, to advance to the finals against Perez. Waller came out to celebrate with her.

WINNER: Tiffany Stratton at 5:02 (What a Twist) to advance to the final of the Women’s Breakout Tournament

-Mitchell was in the back with Carter and Chance. Chance said they told everyone to stop mistaking their kindness for weakness, so they hunted Toxic Attraction down. Carter said they’re fed up and they’re not going to stop until they get what they want. They challenged “Toxic Trash” to a match at In Your House. Choo appeared and said she liked the sound of the match as much as she liked the sound of her “sack of balls” hitting Rose in the face. They walked off as Mitchell shifted to a video on Von Wagner before his match with Ikemen Jiro. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I’ve been high on Stratton from the beginning so I’m fine with her against Perez in the final. In fact, with who was in the tournament to begin with, this probably is the best matchup for a solid match. Stratton looked good in the match, and I think this was Henley’s best match all around. She sold well, her offense was good for the most part, and they did well in building sympathy for her. I still think Tatum Paxley has more upside, but right now, Henley seems further along in her development, which is great for her.)

-They returned with a Thea Hail vignette as she said her high school graduation is this weekend. Damn. She said she has a lot of offers from top colleges, and with WWE allowing her to wrestle while attending college, she has a big decision to make, which will be made next week on 2.0 apparently.

-Breakker was on the phone as Duke Hudson appeared. Hudson said he didn’t do any of that, but he’s ready for tonight and a man’s the most dangerous when he has nothing to lose. Hudson said he doesn’t care if Breakker has daddy issues; Breakker put him up against the locker as Hudson just said Gacy was right about Breakker and walked away.

-Wagner and Mr. Stone made their entrance as they cut back to the ring. Jiro then made his entrance.

(7) VON WAGNER (w/Mr. Stone) vs. IKEMEN JIRO – Singles grudge match

Jiro rushed the ring and hit a handspring elbow. The ref rung the bell. Wagner hit a powerbomb that Jiro basically no-sold, but Wagner then hit a swinging powerslam. Jiro, still in his jacket, at strikes from Wagner. Wagner hit a series of corner clotheslines, then John Cena’s protoplex for a two-count. Wagner missed a running boot and ate a dropkick to the knee. Jiro kept fighting, but Wagner grabbed his leg and caused Jiro to hit the turnbuckle. Wagner hit a go-behind and hit a slam, holding onto the midsection. Wagner just lifted and slammed him again, this time releasing. Jiro went to the apron and hit an enziguri and then a springboard dropkick.

Jiro then hit punches, holding onto his blazer, flipped out of a suplex, and hit an enziguri that sent Wagner outside. He hit a wrecking ball dropkick, then an Asai moonsault to Wagner. Back in the ring, Jiro climbed to the top and hit a tornado DDT. He mounted for a cover for a two-count. Jiro went for a superkick, but Wagner caught it, used the hair to slam him, then put the blazer over the head of Jiro before landing punches. He hit the Roode Bomb move (that I don’t think has a name yet) for the victory.

WINNER: Von Wagner at 4:14 (Roode Bomb)

-After the match, Sofia Cromwell appeared at the entrance and motioned for Wagner to toss Jiro on the announce table. Briggs showed up and fought off Wagner. Cromwell held Wagner back with one hand as Briggs yelled at them.

-D’Angelo and his cronies were in the parking lot as an off-screen and unnamed interviewer asked for their attention. D’Angelo demanded one more business meeting and said this time, they’ll go to LDF. Stacks and Two Dimes reminded him of what happened with AJ Galante, but D’Angelo said he’ll make an offer Escobar can’t refuse.

-They cut to break hyping Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams from the barber shop (these scenes are always so good!). [c]

-They returned with Stone, Wagner, and Cromwell in the back. Stone said Wagner has pissed off a lot of people in NXT: Nathan Frazer, Lee, and more. Cromwell said stop, if you want to make a name in NXT, you ruffle feathers. She said trust her, Wagner can handle anything that comes his way (as she eyed him up-and-down).

-Joseph and Barrett were standing ringside as they hyped In Your House. Suddenly, Rose came over the speakers from the Toxic Lounge with her cronies. She said she’s done with Choo and the thought of Choo carrying the title, let alone touching it, makes her sick. She called Choo a grown up kid while she’s a grown ass woman. Jayne berated Carter and Chance, saying they’re literally four feet tall and they’re going to send them back to Oompa Loompa land with the other munchkins. Dolan said the truth is they’re all just insecure because of how quickly Toxic Attraction rose to the top and they’re going to walk in and out as champions at In Your House and next week, they’ll make it official. Rose said they don’t have the balls, shifted back to Barrett, and Barrett reacted like a little kid because she said his name. Sigh.


Hayes said he needed to get his championship back by any means necessary. Williams said he’s been in Hayes’ house and has seen the gold watches, jewelry, but needs the gold around his waist. Cameron Grimes appeared in the doorway and said he just came to talk. He took Williams’ seat and Hayes asked what he’s doing here. Grimes said Hayes said Grimes was lucky, and Hayes said it’s true. He said Grimes doesn’t deserve the title because while he’s great in the ring, he doesn’t hold the title and rock the title like Hayes, saying Grimes isn’t the A Champion. Grimes said that’s all Hayes will ever be, “a champion.” Hayes said Grimes is just a title holder. Grimes then said some are saying Frazer is better than Grimes, so Grimes is going to prepare by facing “the better you” next week in Frazer. Grimes walked out. Good segment and these barber shop segments might be my favorite segments in 2.0 when they happen.

-Breakker made his entrance first and though it isn’t a title match, I’m solidly in the camp that the champ should enter last. They cut to the back where Gacy was with his two druids, saying they’ve done a great job tonight getting to Breakker and during the match, they’ll make sure of it (getting to Breakker even more). [c]

-They returned with a vignette in Italian with subtitles. It said time is the most valuable thing in life, so why not live fast? They showed a bunch of Lambos and Ferraris as well. The subtitles went too fast to get all of it, but it was for Giovanni Vinci, whose face wasn’t shown, but said he is coming soon.

-Joseph and Barrett hyped next week’s card with Grimes vs. Frazer, Jade vs. Lopez, and the championship summit with Toxic Attraction and Carter, Chance, and Choo.

-Hudson was in the ring as they returned.

(8) BRON BREAKKER (c) vs. DUKE HUDSON – Non-title match

Ref Darryl Sharma rung the bell with about eight minutes until the top of the hour. They showed Gacy and the druids in the elevated concourse as Breakker stared at them. Hudson, sho has the size advantage on Breakker (and in gold trunks), took it to Breakker until Breakker hit a big bodyslam. Joseph wondered if Breakker really is predictable as Gacy said. Breakker hit a sloppy standing Frankensteiner, but then Hudson hit a big kick, axe handle, and then just stood on Breakker’s leg. Hudson then hit some body shots while mounted. Breaker hit a duck under, leapfrog, and then a gator roll into a delayed vertical suplex.

Barrett said if Hudson wins, he should be first in line for whoever emerges victorious at In Your House. Hudson goaded Breakker outside and hit a big lariat to floor Breakker. Back in the ring, Hudson hooked the leg for a two-count. Hudson then popped the hips and hit a nice overhead belly-to-belly and then barked, mocking Breakker and his father. Hudson kept working Breakker, but the two hit a double clothesline to ground each other as they hit a break. [c]

Breakker was seated in the corner as they returned, fighting off Hudson. Hudson fought back as Gacy and his druids made their way to ringside. Hudson set for a second rope superplex, but Breakker shoved him off. Hudson recovered and tossed Breakker from the top onto the top rope gut-first, sending him outside right in front of the two druids (at the ramp) while Gacy was in the opposite corner. Hudson then rammed Breakker into the steel steps. They reentered the ring as Breakker held his right shoulder.


Breakker fought back and was able to get into Steiner Recliner position, but Hudson fought off with a throat shot. He went for a powerbomb, but Breakker flipped him with a backbody drop counter. Breakker then hit a series of running shoulder tackles and a powerslam. He then hit a Cactus Jack clothesline, sending both of them to the outside by the druids. Breakker looked at them, then returned to Hudson. He rolled Breakker back in, then fought off the druids (no DQ, ref?). Hudson had a steel chair, but Breakker countered and then took out the druids who entered the ring. Gacy hit the apron, dodging Breakker, but Hudson turned him around only to be hit with the chair for a DQ. Gacy said Breakker can’t control his impulses as Joseph reminded fans that Breakker will lose the title if he’s disqualified. The show ended three minutes after the hour.

WINNER: Duke Hudson at 11:02 (disqualification)

(Hazelwood’s Take: I know it’s WWE’s style, but all these matches that are really just vehicles for angles and disqualifications does become a bit…redundant. If you didn’t want Hudson or Breakker to lose clean, then why even setup the match with that interaction last week? Why not just have Breakker take on someone else, beat them, and then have the post-match angle with the druids and Gacy? That’s better than mid-match shenanigans. I wonder if, like Barrett said, this sets up Hudson to be the first challenger for whoever wins next Saturday. Hudson looked fine, and he’s deceptively big; he towers over nearly everyone not named Sanga or Wagner in the men’s division. Some of his offense does look a little awkward because of his lanky yet muscular limbs, but at the very least, he comes off as formidable. I’m also ready for this Breakker-Gacy stuff to be over as the most intriguing thing about me regarding this feud is one, what happened to all the other druids, and two, who are the two druids with Gacy? I assume we’ll get the answer at In Your House.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: They packed eight matches and a barber shop segment into just over two hours. Granted, most of the matches were under four minutes, but they served their purpose. I think the big talking point coming out of tonight will be Lyons’ injury (whether kayfabe or legit) when she was a shoe-in to win the Breakout Tournament. I’m not high on how they came to Rose vs. Choo – especially with the not-so-subtle play-on-words from Choo – but Choo will give Rose a solid match considering Karen Q’s in-ring ability has never been in question, really. Hayes and Grimes had another great build for their title match, even if Grimes got the better of the verbal exchange this time (a rarity!). My question for next week is what will this championship summit look like? Will it be like your standard contract signing segment in WWE, or will it be kind of like the family meeting between LDF and D’Angelo’s crew?

Tune into PWT Talks NXT for more detailed thoughts!

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