WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES: Logan Paul misses, exciting main event carries show, more


Logan Paul contract status


Logan Paul opening segment – MISS

This segment went entirely way too long. It doesn’t seem very smart to book Roman Reigns ahead of time for a match in November when WWE still has a P.L.E. in October to promote. The traditional dynamic of heel and face will be thrown out the window for this feud between Logan Paul and Roman Reigns.

Sami Zayn vs Ricochet – HIT

Ricochet is one of many wrestlers who has shined in this post-Vince McMahon era of WWE. Ricochet’s movements look electric at times. Of course, Sami Zayn bumping around like a madman is always a good time. I also enjoyed the continued tension between Sami and Jey throughout the match.

Doomsday – MISS

I generally have patience for wrestlers and storylines, but this continued pet project of Karrion Kross is atrocious, and I need it off television ASAP.

M.M.M. segment – MINOR HIT

I appreciate Triple H reading hits and misses from last week’s Smackdown. This is the type of segment I don’t mind Braun Strowman in. M.M.M is a job group that can bump and get squashed by Braun without consequence towards the tag team division.

Damage Control promo – MINOR HIT

Not a lot on the promo as far as substance, but I’m not going to complain about having Damage Control on both Raw and Smackdown weekly.

Bayley vs Raquel Rodriguez – HIT

By far, Bayley’s best singles match since returning to WWE. Bayley’s work in this match showed she could work with a stronger opponent in preparation for Bayley’s match against Bianca Belair. As a bigger wrestler, selling will always be tricky, but Raquel understands that well. Raquel was great as Bayley was working on her knee. Interesting post-match with Shotzi saving Raquel from Damage Control. Shotzi is a wrestler that has just been floating around for a while. I hope the Shotzi babyface turn helps her find a new fire and direction on Smackdown.

Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey backstage promo – MISS

Ronda indeed came off as the cooler person in this confrontation. As a baby face using a roll-up and ref, botch finish as a scoreboard was not the way to go in this case. I’m disappointed WWE has entirely lost the momentum Liv had before winning at Money In The Bank.

Drew McIntyre promo – MISS

Drew’s promo was fine on the surface, but I’m worried Drew and Kross will have some type of lights-out match at the Extreme Rules.

Madcap Moss vs Solo Sikoa – HIT

I’m glad Solo had the chance to shine against Madcap Moss. NXT titles appearing on Raw or Smackdown have a similar Ring of Honor vibe. Sami Zayn continuing his stick as the Martin Prince of the Bloodline is something that will never get old.

Fatal four-way match New Day vs. Ridge Holland & Butch vs. Hit Row vs. Imperium – HIT

It took a while to get there, but this was a very entertaining party match for the show’s main event. I loved the emotion shown for Ride and Butch after they scored the victory. I don’t think Butch and Ridge will be the team to beat the Usos, but if this leads to Roman and Sheamus down the line, I’m completely for it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Minus the Logan Paul opening segment to open the show, this was an easy show to watch. With three weeks left until Extreme Rules, hopefully, there’s more focus on this show than the upcoming Crown Jewel PLE in November.

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