9/21 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Keller’s report on Moxley vs. Danielson for AEW Title, Swerve & Lee vs. Acclaimed for AEW Tag Titles, Claudio vs. Jericho for ROH Title

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Tonight after AEW Dynamite, join Zack Heydorn live with guest co-host Eric Krol to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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-The Dynamite opening themed aired. Then they cut to the entrance stage as Excalibur introduced the show alongside Tony Schiavone, Taz, and Ian Riccobanni.


Jericho’s ring entrance took place. The crowd sang “Judas” enthusiastically as Jericho smiled. Taz said that as a New Yorker, he was proud of the crowd enthusiasm. Claudio then made his entrance. Riccabonni talked about the lineage of the ROH Title, and he excluded C.M. Punk’s name. They showed Cary Silkin at ringside; Excalibur said he was instrumental in popularizing the ROH brand “from the indy scene to a nationally televised property.” Claudio offered a handshake. Jericho took his time, accepted the handshake, but then slapped him. Claudio went after him a barrage of forearms. Claudio pressed and dropped Jericho over the top rope. Excalibur hyped the scheduled matches as Claudio pursued Jericho at ringside. Jericho hid behind Silkin, then shoved him toward Claudio. Jericho reached past Silkin and punched Claudio. Silkin collapsed after a phantom blow.

Back in the ring, Claudio caught Jericho mid-air with a European uppercut. Excalibur plugged some upcoming AEW events. Jericho reverse-whipped Claudio and landed a strike to his throat. Claudio rolled to the ring apron. Jericho superplexed Claudio off the ring apron. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Jericho controlled the action during the break. Claudio made a comeback and applied a half crab. Jericho grabbed the bottom rope to force a break. Jericho took over and applied a Walls of Jericho. Claudio escaped and then gave Jericho his signature Claudio Swing followed by a lariat for a near fall. Jericho tried to use Floyd the Bat, but Claudio blocked it. Jericho kicked Claudio in the crotch while the ref was turned around and then hit the Judas Effect for the win.

Exclalibur said he was stunned. Ian said dishonor has enveloped the ROH Championship because ROH is supposed to stand for sportsmanship and competition. Jericho celebrated on the ramp with the rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society. Daniel Garcia walked out and high-fived Jericho, but he wasn’t enthusiastic about it. Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara lifted Jericho onto their shoulders.

WINNER: Jericho in 15:00 to capture the ROH Title. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid match most of the way, but the Silkin bump and the ref near-bump leading to the near fall were clunky and contrived looking. I’m not sure how I feel about Claudio losing the ROH Title already, but we’ll see where they’re going with Jericho holding the belt. It’d still be nice to have some sort of explanation for why the ROH Title is part of AEW other than Tony Khan but the largely inactive company.)

-Excalibur hyped upcoming matches.

-A vignette aired on Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson’s path to the final tonight, with comments from both. [c]

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-Back from the break, they actually replayed the finish of the prior match. (Has that ever been done in AEW before?) The announcers commented briefly on the Jericho win.

(2) SWERVE STRICKLAND & KEITH LEE vs. THE ACCLAIMED (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) – AEW Tag Team Title match

The crowd lightly booed Swerve and Lee on their way to the ring. They popped for The Acclaimed. Caster incorporated Gov. Cuomo into his rap on his way to the ring. He also said, “It’s more like Swerve in a glory hole.” He then made a lewd masturbatory gesture with the mic at his crotch, which the director quickly cut away from. Bowens yelled, “The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissors me, daddy!” The crowd sang, “Go Scissors me Daddy!” to the tune of the Keith Lee song. Lots of crowd signs for The Acclaimed in the crowd by 2022 wrestling crowd standards. Taz compared Lee to Bam Bam Bigelow. Caster tagged in and tried to armdrag Lee, but Lee didn’t budge. Caster armdragged Lee as a counter and the crowd popped. As Caster and Bowens celebrated with a scissors me routine, Swerve tagged in and dropkicked them both. Fans booed. Taz said the Acclaimed were “having too much fun going through the scissors gimmick and Swerve kicked their head off.” [c/ss]

During the break, AEW wrestlers spoke about getting help at AFSP.org for those having suicidal thoughts.

Back from the break, they showed Fabolous and D.J. Whoo Kid at ringside. Caster powerslammed Swerve as he made a comeback. He then vertical suplexed Lee, which got the biggest pop of the night. Bowens tagged in and went after both Swerve and Lee. He made his scissors gesture. Swerve then kicked him. (That’s twice in the match a lack of focus and a decision to showboat cost Bowens momentum, which was a specialty of Beer Money back in the day in TNA.) Bowens rolled up Swerve for a near fall. He then lifted Swerve into a modified bucklebomb. Lee was apparently legal and took over against Bowens. Lee tossed Bowens over the top rope onto the ramp, then went after Caster with a lift-and-drop slam. Fans booed. Lee then went for a second rope moonsault, but Caster moved.

Swerve showed up on the ring apron with The Acclaimed’s boom box. He swung it at Caster, but Caster ducked and then it sort but not really hit Lee. Lee went down like he was knocked out. Bowens and Caster scissored with their hands. Bowens then hit a top rope Blockbuster. Caster went for a top rope move, but when he landed he sold a knee injury. He grabbed his knee in pain. Taz called it an ugly landing. Bowens made a cover on Lee, but Lee kicked out. Taz said that might have been their only chance to win the match. Swerve tagged in; fans booed. Swerve landed a leaping reverse sidekick to the chin of Caster. Caster came back with a quick back suplex. Caster climbed to the top rope, but Swerve knocked him off balance and then launched him off of his shoulders toward Lee. It didn’t go smooth as it appeared Lee was going for a Pounce, but it didn’t really connect. Lee instead tossed Caster into the arms of Swerve for a sitout powerbomb leading to a believable near fall. Fans popped for the kickout.

Bowens pulled Caster to ringside. Swerve leaped over the top rope with a 450 legdrop onto both Caster and Bowens. Billy Gunn got in the face of Swerve at ringside. Lee pulled Swerve away from Billy. Billy gave him a crotch chop and then a Fameasser. He threw him into the ring where Caster dropkicked Lee out of the way and then Bowens landed his Arrival followed by Caster’s Mic Drop for the win. Lee and Swerve looked on disbelief as The Acclaimed celebrated.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed in 13:00 to win the AEW Tag Team Titles. (**3/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: Really cool moment for the home-grown Acclaimed tag team that has caught fire recently, but has been working hard for years mostly on Dark to establish themselves and refine their act and fight through injuries. I’d have much preferred their win not be attributed to Billy Gunn setting it up with his move at ringside right before the finishing sequence, though. Not every sequence was smooth, but the crowd ate it up and popped where the wrestlers were looking for pops. Also, I’m not a fan of booking spots where babyfaces lose momentum in a match because they decide to celebrate and showboat, and that happened twice here to The Acclaimed. Beer Money did that in TNA as babyfaces often with their whole “Beer! Money!” schtick and they looked so foolish when cost them momentum in a match. If it didn’t backfire, that’s one thing. Or if a heel does it and it backfires, that fits cocky undisciplined showboating by heels.)

-Lexi Nair interviewed FTR backstage. Cash Wheeler congratulated The Acclaimed, but said they’ve been no. 1 contenders since, like, April 7 and they’d like to cash in. The Gunns walked in and laughed as they asked if they’ll ever stop complaining about not getting a title shot or are they losing their momentum or will they ever be on TV again. Dax Harwood said they ask themselves that all the time. Austin and Colten said they’re so upset because they realize they are a younger and more handsome version of FTR. “Top guys, out!” they said and then they left.

(Keller’s Analysis: This is a little formatting pet peeve, but why did the interview just end after the Gunns told their jokes and left? Shouldn’t FTR be given a chance to continue talking, or else it’s a chance to have Lexi apologize that they’re out of time now and have FTR express frustration.)  [c]

-Schiavone interviewed Wheeler Yuta on the ramp about Moxley vs. Danielson later. He said they’re both is teammates, so how does he see it. MJF interrupted Wheeler before he finished his first sentence. As MJF came out, they found an MJF look-alike in the crowd. MJF said, “The Devil has arrived!” Fans loudly chanted “MJF! MJF!” He said since they literally worship the ground he walks on, that makes him their loyal Devil worshipers. “How are you doing, Schiavone, you fat old prick,” he said. He said MJF is indeed a generational talent, but he is also a man with more catch phrases than friends and the king of low-hanging fruit. Wheeler said someone got engaged recently. He said he met her and she’s wonderful and smart, but she might have figured out what the rest of them already know – “that you are a spineless worthless piece of human garbage.” Fans were booing him. He said she’ll walk out on him like he walked out on all of them. Fans booed. MJF said everyone should give it up for Wheeler because he has gone from drying paint to pet rock personality.

MJF said he came out there to wish Wheeler’s buddies good luck. He called their faction the Blackpool Cuckold Club. He said they’re fighting to lose the AEW World Title to him next. He said he can still go to his mentors for advice. He said he can ask Bryan Danielson how to be injury prone and turn his brain to scrambled eggs. He said he could ask Willy Regal how he can pop pills. Yuta slapped him. MJF headbutted him and then shoved Schiavone down. (Schiavone’s bump was better than Silkin’s and Lee’s after the boom box botched spot. Fans booed MJF as he yelled at Schiavone. Yuta tackled MJF and fans actually cheered. W. Morrisey then attacked Yuta from behind. MJF charged and KO’d Yuta with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. AEW officials ran out to try to restore order. Excalibur said MJF crossed a line he can never come back from.

(Keller’s Analysis: So fans are okay with MJF berating and insulting cult favorite underdog Wheeler Yuta; they cheer him when he says their wives aren’t worth sleeping with and that they’d drink his spit; but they’re not okay when he shoves Tony Schiavone! Who knew that was the line that was just too far for the New York fans. That’s a tremendous compliment to how fans feel about Schiavone these days.)

-An interview aired from earlier with Jade Cargill. Kiera Hogan and Leila Grey were standing behind her. Diamante walked up to Cargill and said she has a friend. She introduced rapper Trina. Schiavone pretended to know who she was. Cargill asked Hogan and Grey if they knew about this. Trina said they’d both see Cargill on Friday with all the enthusiasm of a DMV worker saying, “Who’s next?”

(3) PAC vs. ORANGE CASSIDY – AEW All-Atlantic Title match

Cassidy scored an early two count with a small package. When he wound up for his Orange Punch, Pac rolled to ringside. Cassidy put his hands in his pockets as Pac re-entered the ring. Pac had some words for Cassidy. Cassidy did his slo-mo kicks to Pac’s legs. Then he landed a dropkick. Pac fired back with his own dropkick. Then he stomped away at Cassidy in the corner. Schiavone joined the announcers and said he was okay. At ringside, Pac threw Cassidy into the ringpost. Pac then hit a twisting corkscrew dive on Cassidy over the top rope to ringside. Back in the ring, Pac leaped off the top rope with a dropkick. They cut to a split-screen break. [c]

Pac controlled the action during the break including a chinlock mid-ring. When Pac climbed to the top rope, Cassidy lifted his boots early and told Pac to go for it. “He’s Orange Cassidy to the very end, isn’t he?” he said. Cassidy surprised Cassidy with a roll-up for a near fall. He then went for a tornado DDT, but Pac blocked it. Cassidy countered into a Stun Dog Millionaire and then dove through the ropes and speared Pac against the barricade. Back in the ring, Cassidy leaped off the top rope and landed a diving DDT. He kipped up and played to the crowd and then landed a DDT for a near fall. The crowd popped.


Pac went for a Brutalizer, but Cassidy leveraged Pac’s shoulders down for a two count. Then he hit an Orange Punch for a near fall. Pac rolled to the floor. A “This is awesome!” chant broke out. When Cassidy went after Pac at ringside, Pac hit Cassidy with the ringside bell hammer. He threw Cassidy back into the ring. Taz said the ref didn’t see it. Pac then scored the pin.

WINNER: Pac in 13:00 to retain the All-Atlantic Title. (***1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: The crowd as usual loved Cassidy. It was the first match to get a “This is awesome!” chant, and I think technically it was the best of the night so far. No surprise, as these two always deliver crisp, hard-hitting action. Cassidy managed to work his slo-mo schtick in a sensible way that was about mind-games. This felt like a lost opportunity to actually do a clean finish on this show. Any chance you can just put a heel over clean and not have the babyface lose anything, do it. Cassidy losing clean to Pac here doesn’t hurt him.) [c]

(4) TONI STORM vs. ATHENA vs. BRIT BAKER vs. SERENA DEEB – AEW Women’s Title match

Athena kicked a charging Deeb. Stom then back suplexed Baker as Athena superkicked Baker. That left Storm and Athena alone to battle. Deeb almost pinned both Athena and Storm at the same time with a double high stack. Deeb caught Athena in an abdominal stretch as she had Storm in a standing leglock. Deeb suplexed Athena, then played to the crowd. Baker re-entered and went after Deeb. Strom and Baker battled mid-ring next. Baker and Deeb set up Storm for a superplex. Athena intervened and turned it into a powerbomb type superplex. They cut to a split-screen break. [c/ss]

Back from the break, Baker was in control against Baker, but Athena intervened. Deeb then blindsided Athena. Deeb scored a two count on Storm after a neckbreaker. They worked into a spot where Athena had Baker on her shoulders, then added Deeb when she charged, and she overhead suplexed both. That was impressive. Athena then set up a piledriver on Storm, but Storm backdropped out of it. Athena, though, slingshot off the top rope and landed on her feet. She then landed a released powerbomb onto her knees for a near fall. Taz said Baker’s nose appears to be broken again. Rebel checked on her as she bled. Storm countered Athena into a flying DDT. Baker then leveraged Storm’s shoulder’s down with a crucifix, but Storm countered with her own leverage pin for the win.

WINNER: Storm in 10:00. (**1/2)

-Storm attacked a celebrating Storm after the match, then smeared her blood on Storm’s face. The camera showed a close-up of Baker’s bloodied nose. Jamie Hayter ran out and teased being against Baker, but then turned and attacked Storm. Baker joined in. The announcers said the rift has apparently been healed and Hayter is loyal to Baker. Deeb joined Baker and Hayter in attacking Athena and Storm. After throwing Athena out of the ring, Baker put on her glove. Saraya (formerly Paige in WWE) walked out to a huge pop. Baker looked on shocked and bailed out of the ring. “What a moment!” exclaimed Schiavone. Taz said, “That’s a pop… Everyone’s shocked!” Taz ane Excalibur said the landscape of the women’s roster has changed. Taz said she can “flat out go” and it’s amazing she’s in AEW.

(Keller’s Analysis: That match itself was okay, but as often happens in four-way matches, the match seemed primarily focused on setting up overly complex three- and four-person moves. Saraya has to be thrilled with crowd reaction for her. Let’s hope she is thoroughly, genuinely medically cleared to wrestle if that’s her plan after retiring from WWE due to neck issues.)

-A vignette aired with Darby Allin carrying a bodybag with “House of Black” written on it. He took it on a New York subway (imagine walking in on that, or maybe that’s commonplace in NYC?) and they played it for comedy when it flopped onto his shoulder. He said he’s heading to a funeral and told his driver to take him to Arthur Ashe.

-Excalibur hyped Darby & Sting vs. Brody King & Buddy Matthews, a Golden Ticket Battle Royal for an AEW World Title shot (they showed a bunch of Dark Order, plus Jay Lethal, Rush, Lance Archer, Hangman Page, and Penta), Jade Cargill vs. Diamante, and Hook & Action Brandon vs. Matt Mendard & Angelo Parker, and Jungle Boy vs. Rey Fenix, Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara, Samoa Joe & Wardlow vs. Tony Nese & Josh Woods, and Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Ricky Starks. It’s a two-hour special version of Rampage. [c]

(5) JON MOXLEY vs. BRYAN DANIELSON – AEW Title Tournament final

Justin Roberts introduced Moxley first. Mox made his way through the crowd. Regal said he’s had sleepless nights in the last week considering that someone has to lose this match. Mox entered the ring and indicated he wants to be a three-time champion. Excalibur said Danielson is 9-2-1 over Moxley in their matches over their career. He said Mox did pin Danielson for the first time ever in their careers at Revolution. Fans chanted “Yes! Yes!” as Danielson made his entrance. Mox kneed in his corner with his back turned to Danielson. The crowd cheered both wrestlers when they were introduced. They showed MJF watching in a luxury box with the chip in his lap.

Mox and Danielson linked up mid-ring. Schiavone said Tony Khan told them they will stay with the match as long as it takes, and it’s a 60 minute time limit. The bell rang 40 minutes into the second hour. Regal said they’re watching two master chess players. They showed MJF again. Schiavone said that’s enough of MJF. “We get it.,” he said. “He’s holding the chip like a Teddy Bear.” Taz said they have to show him. (The wide shots of the crowd give AEW the most big-league vibe they’ve had since the Chicago debut of C.M. Punk and the premiere Dynamite in D.C. which also looked amazing.) They battled onto the ring apron at 6:00 where Danielson back suplexed Mox. They cut to a split-screen break, the last of the show. [c/ss]

They showed MJF on an inset of the split-screen a couple times during the break. Danielson had Mox down on the mat with a hammerlock as they returned to full screen. Danielson hit a Psycho Knee a minute later. More quick shots of MJF watching. Danielson went for a top rope missile dropkick, but Mox caught him mid-air (well, he tried to catch him, but Danielson landed hard and the back of his head bounced off the mat hard. Mox then applied a single-leg crab mid-ring. Mox shifted into an anklelock. MJF was shown on the big screen above the ring watching with his feet kicked up.

Mox and Danielson battled on the top rope. Mox headbutted Danielson and scratched his back. He then went for a superplex, but Danielson blocked it and slipped free, then shoved Mox off balance. Danielson then delivered a back suplex off the top rope. They showed MJF laughing. Danielson scored a two count. Mox transitioned Danielson into a LeBell Lock. They leveraged each other with their legs locked into mutual head stands. They punched each other from there. The announcers said they’ve never seen that before. Danielson applied Cattle Mutilation. Mox escaped. Regal said in Blackpool Combat Club, they’ve all learned each other’s moves and how to counter them.

Danielson escaped a Mox armbar attempt and then landed a high back roundkick. Danielson grabbed his ankle as if he twisted it. Mox exploded with a King Kong Lariat. Danielson fired back with a Psycho Knee for a near fall. The showed MJF and said he can cash in that chip anytime. Moxley landed a Stomp and a Death Rider for a believable near fall that popped the crowd big. They showed MJF mock-applauding on the big screen above the ring. Danielson stomped away at Mox, but Mox blocked Danielson’s leglock attempt. Danielson applied a LeBell lock after the two struggled for leverage for several seconds.

When Mox stepped out of the ring, Danielson went after him, but Mox caught him with a Death Rider on the ramp. Danielson rolled into the ring. Mox scored a near fall that popped the crowd. Mox then applied a sleeper. The ref checked and called for the bell. Regal walked to the ring to present Mox with the belt as Excalibur plugged the loaded Grand Slam line-up on Rampage on Friday.

WINNER: Moxley in 20:00 to become AEW World Champion for the third time. (****)

(Keller’s Analysis: The match was very good. The continued shots of MJF distracted from the epic nature of this match. It was overkill and made it seem like this match was just a step along the path to something bigger having to do with MJF. One or two shots of him watching would have been fine.)

Tonight after AEW Dynamite, join Zack Heydorn live with guest co-host Eric Krol to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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