9/21 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on AEW Grand Slam Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson, Tag Team Championship match, Women’s Championship match, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur


Chris Jericho shook the hand and then hit Claudio Castagnoli, Claudio then hit European uppercuts in reply. Claudio then hit some highly athletic moves then he pressed Jericho above his head and tossed him onto the apron and ropes. The matched moved to the outside, where Jericho used Cary Silken as a human shield. Jericho then took advantage as Claudio held back, back in the ring Jericho jumped off the top rope and Claudio hit another uppercut.Jericho held up eight fingers, as he wanted the Ocho. The match moved to the apron opposite the entrance ramp, here Jericho suplexed Claudio, and himself, down to the floor. [c]

When the show returned, Claudio was on the top rope. He was quickly cut down, and Jericho landed down punches. Claudio countered and tried for a power bomb off of the middle rope, in midair Jericho hit a hurricanrana. Jericho tried for a code breaker, Claudio hit an uppercut in midair.

Claudio then set up the swing, Jericho kicked to break that attempt. Claudio applied the Sharpshooter, Jericho broke the hold with the bottom rope. Claudio then hit a huge power bomb leading to a near fall on Jericho. Off of the ropes, Jericho countered a springboard attempt by Claudio, with a successful Code Breaker. Jericho then applied the Walls of Jericho, Claudio rolled through and countered into a standing position, setting up the big swing. This was followed up with a lariat and a near fall.

Jericho grabbed Floyd the bat, a strike was blocked by Claudio then was knocked into the ref. Jericho hit a low blow and then a Judas Effect to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho

(Sage’s Analysis: What an upset win, a really good match with a classic heel win by Jericho. I am curious if Chris can get ROH and its world title into a better position than it has been.)  

-A video package setting up the main event between Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson. [c]


The crowd chanted, “oh scissor me daddy,” to the tune of Keith Lee’s chant to start the match. Keith Lee and Anthony Bowens were the first legal men, Bowens tried a single leg takedown, but was thwarted by Lee. Keith Lee then hit a head scissors on a rebound off the ropes, Max Caster entered after that. Caster tried to match Lee with a collar and elbow tie-up, this as wrestled to a near draw. Lee tried for a body slam, but Caster turned that into an arm drag. The Acclaimed were about to scissor, but Swerve came in and hit a drop kick. [c]

Caster was beat down all break, he made a comeback by pushing Swerve off the apron, then he hit a brain buster on Keith Lee. Anthony Bowens was tagged in, he took out Swerve with a back body drop then took down Lee with a strike. Swerve entered again and hit kicks to ground Bowens.

Bowens hit a buckle bomb on Swerve, then Lee hit a headbutt on Bowens. Lee then tossed Bowens over the top rope and onto the entrance ramp. Caster then ate a body slam, Keith Lee went to the middle rope and tried a moonsault, but Caster rolled out of the way. Caster was up first, Swerve then tried to hit Caster with the boombox, but it hit Lee. The Acclaimed hit their finisher, Caster then tried for the Mic Drop, but he sold a hurt knee.

Bowens then covered, but Lee kicked out at 2. Lee made the tag to Swerve, who then hit a kick to Caster. Max Caster hit a back suplex and sold the knee, Caster went up, but Swerve caught him and lee and Swerve hit a power bomb, but Caster kicked out at 2. Swerve then hit a springboard 450 out onto both members of the acclaimed. Billy Gunn got in Swerve’s face, Bowens hit Swerve. Then Billy hit his move, Swerve then ate a combo move and The Mic Drop. The Acclaimed got the pinfall win as a result.

WINNER: The Acclaimed

(Sage’s Analysis: I think this is the correct result, and I liked the first 98% of the match. I would have not had Billy Gunn cheat to have The Acclaimed win, so we will see the result of that on them as a team. But, I like Tony running with a hot tag team in AEW.)

-FTR were backstage, they said they have been #1 contenders since April. The Gunn Club walked up and made fun of FTR. [c]

-Wheeler Yuta was being interviewed on the stage, MJF’s music hit and he interrupted to the delight of the crowd. A loud MJF chant rang down, MJF said that the crowd were his little devil worshipers. MJF said that everyman in the arena would let him sleep with their wife, but he won’t because he has standards. Yuta said that MJF has more catch phrases than Friends, and is the king of low hanging fruit. He said that MJF got engaged and that his fiancee is smart and knows that he is spineless and he might leave her like Max left AEW. MJF said that Moxley and Danielson were fighting to lose the title to MJF.

MJF then cut mini promo’s on Danielson’s injury history, Moxley not being all there and Regal’s pill problem. Yuta hit MJF. In turn, MJF hit Yuta and then Tony Schiavone. Morrissey then came out and took out Yuta.

-Jade and the baddies were then backstage, to hype her Rampage match.


Orange Cassidy took his sunglasses off and threw them at Pac, he then was going to put his hands in his pockets. Pac charged and the two had a cosmic tussle. Orange Cassidy tried for an Orange Punch, Pac rolled to the outside and then reentered the ring. Cassidy hit shin kicks as Pac offered a free shot, Cassidy hit a running drop kick. Pac then hit a drop kick of his own and then stomps.

Pac worked Cassidy in the corner and then continued the assault on the outside. Pac slammed Cassidy into the ring post, that was followed up with Pac throwing Cassidy in the ring then setting up the Black Arrow. Cassidy rolled out and Pac hit a spinning dive over the top rope. In the ring, Pac hit a drop kick and got a two count cover. [c]

Pac dominated throughout the break, Cassidy pushed Pac and gave a little thumbs up. Pac got mad and hit strikes and a running leg strike. Pac set up another Black Arrow, Cassidy rolled again. Pac gave chase and set it up once more, but Cassidy put his feet up and offered him to strike. Cassidy played opossum and got a roll up two count. Cassidy hit Stun Dog Millionaire then a diving DDT. Cassidy then hit another running DDT for a near fall.

Cassidy called for the Orange Punch, Pac countered and hit an overhead throw into a brutalizer. Cassidy countered and stood hitting an Orange Punch, on the cover Pac grabbed the bottom rope, then he rolled out of the ring. Pac crawled over and grabbed the ring bell hammer, he then hit Cassidy with the hammer threw Cassidy in the ring and got the pinfall win. [c]


(Sage’s Analysis: Another really strong match with a less than ideal finish. In a vacuum I am ok with it as Pac s better as a true heel. But, a lot of similar finishes on the show thus far.)


Serena Deeb charged Athena, but was taken out with a boot. Athena and Toni Storm then took out Britt Baker. Storm and Athena battled back and fourth with a backslide by Storm almost getting the win early. Deeb entered and tried to pin from Storm’s original attempted pin. Baker entered, her and Deeb battled a bit before Storm entered and hit Baker with a drop kick. After much back and fourth, Athena slammed Deeb and Baker while Storm hit swinging neck breakers at the same time form the corner. [c]

Storm and Deeb had Baker and Athena locked in single leg crab holds, Storm and Deeb traded strikes at the same time. The strikes made them loosen their respective holds. Baker entered to take advantage and set up a stomp, Athena entered and took out Baker. Deeb then hit a neck breaker in the ropes on Baker, then a dragon screw to Athena. Deeb then hit a neck breaker on Storm for a near fall.

Deeb locked in the Serenity Lock on Toni Storm, Baker kicked Deeb to break that. Athena then had Baker and Deeb in her arms and hit a double Samoan Drop with both women. Athena than countered with a slingshot power bomb and knee strike. Baker got something from Rebel. Baker tried for a quick pin, but Storm countered and pinned Baker just as quick for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Toni Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: A really strong match, all four women worked really hard and I liked almost all of the transition moves. Four way matches can either feel like this or very contrived. The post match stuff was good and felt equal to the match itself.)

-Baker attacked Storm after the match, Jamie Hayter ran out and attacked Storm with Baker. Her and Baker then beat down Athena as well with Serena Deeb joining as well. Baker put on a red and blue glove, then new music hit. Saraya’s name appeared and she walked out to a huge response from the crowd.

-The card for Rampage was ran down by the announce team. [c]


MJF was shown with the chip in the suites above, chops were rained in by both men. Leading to a grappling contest on the mat, where Danielson had back control on Moxley. But, Moxley was able to grab the arm of Danielson and both men got to their feet and traded chops and strikes once more. Danielson worked Moxley in the corner with strikes and running kicks. Moxley asked for more than bull rushed Danielson into the opposite corner and laid in shots of his own.

Danielson hit chops on Moxley, one so hard Moxley retreated to a new corner. Danielson laid in chest and leg kicks and a Kitchen Sink slam to send Moxley into the middle of the ring. MJF was shown for a third time in his seat. Moxley was bale to counter in this time, Danielson was seated and Moxley hit kicks to his opponents back. Moxley picked up Danielson and hit a body slam.

Danielson was able to hit the same offense as before on Moxley. Moxley rolled out at this point, Danielson ran along the apron and hit a heel dive to the outside on Moxley. He then put Moxley on the apron area, here Moxley was able to get a hold on Danielson, bringing him to the apron with him. Moxley then hit a German Suplex on the apron as the final commercial break started. [c]

Bryan Danielson was in control, with MJF in the split screen. Both men were standing and traded forearm strikes, Danielson hit a running knee and got a two count. Danielson went to the top rope and tried for an attack, but Moxley countered with a power bomb attempt, Moxley then applied a single leg crab. Moxley hit a release suplex on Danielson, both men seemed worse for ware.

Moxley remained in controlled put Danielson on the top rope and raked his back. Moxley then tried for a superplex, Danielson went under Moxley’s legs and hit a German off the top. Moxley was in a submission and rolled and put Danielson in a LaBell lock. Both men were on their heads and traded shots upside down. Danielson applied a submission, Moxley rolled through and Danielson hit 12 to 6 elbows down on Moxley.

Moxley stood up and hit a King Kong Lariat, Danielson hit a running knee for a near fall. Moxley was on his knees and told Danielson to kick him, Moxley then hit a stomp and a Death Rider for a near fall of his own. Both men stood with their hands locked and traded elbow strikes. Danielson got Moxley to his back and stomped him. Moxley hit up kicks of a sort, but Danielson got Moxley into a triangle sleeper then a LaBell lock on Moxley.

Moxley broke the hold and rolled to the apron, Danielson jumped off the top and hit a knee strike. Moxley then hit a Death Rider on the ramp and got a near fall back in the ring. Moxley then applied a rear choke, Danielson tried to counter but Moxley held the hold. Danielson passed out in this position giving Moxley the victory via submission.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: An elite 20 minute G1 style match that delivered. The first 15 minutes really built to the believe and earned near fall spots. The correct guy won in my opinion and I could not be more happy as an AEW fan that Moxley got the win here.)

Final Thoughts: A really strong wresting show from start to finish, but this felt more like a PPV than an episode of dynamite. For that reason I am curious what the viewership was, but besides some not perfect finishes I really enjoyed this episode of Dynamite.

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