11/30 WOMEN’S WRESTLING ARMY REPORT: Allysin Kay vs. Ashley D’Amboise, Brooke Valentine vs. Missa Kate, Kayla Sparks vs. Blair Onyx

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 30, 2022

Commentary: Alyssa Marino, Sam Leterna

Missa Kate was seated backstage, looking at her phone, when Maria Kanellis-Bennet walked up and sat down next to her. Kanellis said she heard about Kate seemingly trying to steal Brooke Valentine’s bag last week. If she can’t treat people with respect, she’s not welcome here. Kate said she was just trying to have some fun. Kanellis booked her vs. Valentine tonight. “Have fun!”

-Opening theme.


Commentary put over Kate being a menace backstage. Valentine mentioned pre-bell that it was her birthday. The crowd chanted “happy birthday” briefly but Kate shut it down with “Everybody’s got one.” Kate spat her gum at Valentine early on before bailing to ringside to do jumping jacks and push-ups. Valentine unloaded with slaps to the chest. She worked over Kate, leveling her with a cannonball in the corner. A chop-block to Valentine’s injured knee took her down. Kate clubbed Valentine’s knee across the ring apron. Kate avoided a leg drop, which added to Valentine’s pain. Kate wrapped her leg around the ring post. Kate with a half-crab variant. Big slam from Valentine but Kate kicked out. Discus forearm for another two. Kate avoided a charging Valentine and connected with a roundhouse kick but Valentine’s leg was under the rope to prevent the three. Kate drove Valentine face-first into the turnbuckle but she kicked out again.

Valentine fired up and threw a right hand but Kate dodged again and the ref crumpled. Kate got another roundhouse but there was no one to count the pin. Kate pulled a folding chair out from under the ring and waited for Valentine to stand. Valentine collapsed into the ropes and tried to talk her down. Kate put the chair around her head and lay down on the mat. Valentine knew she’d be disqualified for the Eddie Guerrero homage and hurried to pull it off her. The referee woke to see Valentine with chair in hand, wrapped around Kate’s neck. He called for the bell.

WINNER: Missa Kate in 15:03 via disqualification.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Surprisingly long for two wrestlers so young in their career but they held their own and kept the crowd’s interest. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Valentine wrestle this babyface so far. She played the sympathy role throughout and was all smiles during her entrance, channeling the vibes of her occasional tag partner Willow Nightingale. Kate is one of the names that I was not familiar with at all prior to her appearances on the WWA roster. She definitely has something and the menace character has the potential to help her channel her energy in a specific direction. The gum + the exercise routine at ringside + teasing fan high-fives before pulling away had her a little all over the place in attempts to get heat. I think as she finds her lane, it will come together more naturally. The creative finish would seem to prolong things. I’m definitely in favor of some longer feuds in WWA so running this one back sounds great to me.)

-Gabby LaSpisa was with Kayla Sparks on the interview set. Sparks started wrestling at age 13, the only girl in the school. She was away for six years but she’s back now and excited to be here.

-Holidead was a guest on commentary for the next match. Onyx was introduced as being “from the spider’s web”, which Holidead was intrigued by.


Both women were smiley and shook hands. Onyx asked for a test of strength and wound up taking control as things settled in. When she grabbed a handful of Sparks’ hair, Holidead gave her approval. Sparks mounted a comeback at 5:30 and got her first near-fall. The Spider Bite out of nowhere for the win.

WINNER: Blair Onyx in 6:50.

-Onyx offered a handshake again.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Onyx was hard to read here. She shook hands before and after but Holidead was ragging on Sparks for smiling too much and loved the one or two times Onyx did something a little gray, like grabbing Sparks’ hair. One would think this is leading to an Onyx vs. Holidead match, though it also has seeds planted for a potential full heel turn from Onyx and a new partnership with Holidead instead. I think I prefer the latter. A nice three- or four-person stable could really stand out in WWA right now and having it be Holidead and her creepy goth friends works for me.)

-Missa Kate was backstage, laughing over her win. She pointed out that Valentine’s the one who hit the referee. She lost because she’s a loser.

-Elsewhere backstage Valentine had to give it to Kate. Valentine ran through how she lost her nickname, she hurt her knee, and now this. All she can do is laugh.

-On the interview set, LaSpisa was with Ashley D’Amboise. She alternated between French and English and said she’d unload on Allysin Kay.

-Cameras caught up with Blair Onyx. She just picked up her first WWA win. Want to know why? Because she’s a spider and everyone else has arachnophobia.


Lock-up. They traded side headlocks and takedowns. Kay wrapped D’Amboise around her back in a submission. D’Amboise took over and started wearing down Kay. She wrapped Kay’s arm around the rope until the referee called her off. D’Amboise stopped to mouth off to the crowd, which let Kay catch her with a schoolgirl. Kay caught a crossbody and dropped D’Amboise with a gutbuster. D’Amboise scurried to ringside. A double clothesline put both women down at 8:00. Kay went on a roll but D’Amboise dropped her across the top rope. Jumping neckbreaker but Kay kicked out. They avoided signature moves from one another. Kay went for a flash pin but D’Amboise pinned her instead.

WINNER: Ashley D’Amboise in 10:48.

-Cameras caught up with D’Amboise backstage. Of course she won. She showed off her new t-shirt, now on sale.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Kay has the name value that a win over her does mean something, but she’s mostly a tag wrestler these days so a loss doesn’t hurt her all that much either. This marked D’Amboise’s fourth WWA match, which remains the record. Six other women have also wrestled four times but no one’s hit five yet. At 3-1 she has one of the better records in the company with only Holidead and Tasha Steelz really better, at 3-0 a piece. Where she goes from here is unclear. She seems groomed for bigger things but there’s no real strong babyface standing in her way.)

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