HEYDORN’S AEW DYNAMITE RECEIPT 12/14: AEW tactical with match promotion and framing for Winter Is Coming


Full AEW Dynamite Winter Is Coming analysis


This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite has wrapped. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and relive some of the madness.

-Hands down, the match this week between Death Triangle and The Elite, was the best yet in their best of seven series for the AEW World Trios Championship. The match was crisp, action packed, but also had a story woven throughout that both teams played up really well. It’s comeback time for The Elite, though.

-Also, I don’t mind adding stipulations to potential future matches. It adds a layer of freshness to each one and builds on the story they’ve been telling with illegal objects being used to beat Omega & The Bucks.

-MJF brought out the heavy artillery for his promo on Ricky Starks for the main event of this week’s show. MJF was all heel, not funny, not witty, and in full-on get heat so the babyface can shine mode. This is the best version of MJF. More, please.

-Speaking of that promo. Hell yeah! This is how you frame a major main event. These thing need the time to hype themselves up and putting that job in the hand of the talent for a simple promo just takes the effort to do it. This was great.

-Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett still out there getting some good heat. The beatdown of The Acclaimed was effective. Jarrett and Lethal are the next challengers that Acclaimed can roll through. It’s simple, but smart booking to keep momentum behind one of the top acts in the company.

-I know, I know. I’m not fun. That said, I can’t stand this purple hat deal with Jake Hager. What are we doing?

-Jungle Boy had a good match with Brian Cage, but the segment with Hook after stood out in a major way. Hook got a huge pop. Maybe one of the loudest of the night. That dude has something and this is a good way for Tony Khan to feed it without putting him into a situation that he isn’t ready for. Smart and really entertaining.

-A typical squash match for House of Black. These guys need Blackpool Combat Feud. There is the next feud for both teams. Boom. You’re welcome, TK.

-Chris Jericho vs. Action Andretti was freaking brilliant. I’m not sure Andretti could have gotten over any stronger. Jericho was masterful. The facial expression from Jericho after Andretti kicked out of The Codebreaker and the one after he lost the match was priceless, but money at the same time. Awesome work.

-Ricky Starks with another good promo. Not as great as last week’s, but that’s a big ask. He put it on the line as a babyface and sold his mission.

-I liked giving time to FTR for follow-up on Saturday’s Dog Collar Match at Final Battle. They framed the match for the bloodbath that it was, but also kept the story going with The Gunn’s in a real way.

-Tay Melo has really plateaued in terms of in-ring development. Not sure what happened there.

-Good main event with Starks and MJF. What it needed to be. Both guys did enough to make the audience believe Starks could win and MJF heelishly won by cheating. On point. The angle between MJF and Bryan Danielson was predictable, but effective in starting their feud together. Can they hold that match all the way to Revolution?

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