20 YRS AGO: WWE Live Event in New York City, N.Y. at MSG (2-1-2003): Lesnar wrestles three times, Stephanie appears, plus Jericho, Dudley Boyz, Steiner, Batista, Flair, D-Lo, Regal, Storm

WWE Raw hits and misses analysis
Brock Lesnar (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


This report was originally published 20 years ago this week on PWTorch.com…

WWE house show results
February 1, 2003
New York City, N.Y. at Madison Square Garden
Report by Michael Omansky, PWTorch.com correspondent

(1) Steve Richards pinned Spike Dudley.

(2) Sean O’Haire pinned Rico after a Razor’s Edge.

(3) Rob Van Dam pinned D-Lo Brown.

(4) Booker T pinned Christian.

(5) Scott Steiner pinned Batista (w/Ric Flair) after a powerbomb. The longest 11 minutes in the history of MSG wrestling. The physical interaction between the two was worse than Chinese Water Torture or having the flu. Only bright spot was two or three minor interferences by Flair. No negative star rating would do this match justice.

(6) Victoria beat Jacqueline and Molly Holly in a three-way to retain the WWE Women’s Title.

(7) Chris Jericho (w/Christian) pinned Test. Okay.

(8) William Regal & Lance Storm beat The Dudleyz to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles. Good. After the match Morley got the table out, but Spike ran in and helped the Dudleys put Morley through the table. Morley seemed a bit hurt afterward.

Howard Finkle announced Stephanie McMahon. She came out and said she was happy to be able to present Brock Lesnar, the former Smackdown champion at an otherwise Raw-only MSG event. Finkle then introduced Triple H and Ric Flair. Hunter came out in crutches. He said he can’t wrestle and has a doctor’s note. Lesnar rips up the note. Stephanie protests, wants the title match anyway. Hunter said neither Lesnar, nor Stephanie, nor Earl Hebner could make him wrestle. He said even if Vince McMahon “hauled his ass out here,” he wouldn’t wrestle. Vince came out and told Hunter to cut the crap. Heyman came out and said he would help. He had a conference with McMahon and suggested Lesnar wrestle Team Angle. Steph protests, but Heyman lectures her, so she smacked him and he fell. Team Angle came out while Hunter and Flair returned to the back.

(9) Brock Lesnar pined Shelton Benjamin with the F5. Slow and boring. Benjamin hurt Lesnar’s leg.

(10) Brock Lesnar pinned Charlie Haas with a small package. Lesnar’s legs were weakened even more.

(11) Brock Lesnar beat Kurt Angle via DQ to retain the WWE Smackdown Title. Lesnar had Angle in the F5 when Team Angle ran in for the DQ. Short, but good while it lasted.

Notes: Fans were upset that WWE knew Hunter wasn’t going to wrestle Lesnar as advertised and didn’t let them know until the last possible second, as opposed to announcing it at the start and offering refunds… The best match was the Regal tag match…

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