10 YRS AGO: ROH in Chicago, Ill. (7-11-2013): Reenactment of Warrior vs. Macho Man match at WrestleMania with Jay Lethal and Delirious, plus ACH, Davey Richards, Athena, Jimmy Jacobs, Taven

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ROH “Night of Hoopla” show results
July 11, 2013
Chicago, Ill.
Report by Basil Mahmud, PWTorch correspondent

zTruth Martini started off the night by welcoming everyone to “Night of Hoopla.” He was the guest announcer for all the matches tonight.

(1) ROH TV champion Matt Taven beat Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole in a three-way non-title match. This match started off the night as funny with Cole and Edwards doing the Code to everyone around ringside and then a bunch of fans around the crowd. The Hoopla Hotties also had a lot of fun interacting with the crowd. At the end of the match, the crowd was chanting “Eiffel Tower” at one of the Hoopla Hotties. Taven ended up getting the pinfall over Edwards. Eddie and Adam did the Eiffel Tower move in the ring again after the match. Hilarious stuff.

– Jimmy Jacobs preformed a few of his songs. One of the fans chanted “Uncle Jesse” at Jacobs, so Jessie did a line from a song from “Full House.” Again, another funny moment that wouldn’t happen on a normal show.

(2) “King Machismo” Jay Lethal (w/”Sensational Sherri”) beat Delirious with Maria as special guest referee. Machismo and Sherri come out on a rolling pallet to the ring. And then Lethal cut a promo on the “Warrior” before Delirious came out. Then, they re-created the entire Macho Man vs. The Ultimate Warrior retirement match from WrestleMania. They did everything from the five elbow drops to the three clotheslines out of the ring. The only thing they changed was having Lethal do a schoolboy roll-up at the end to get the win.

After the match, Lethal started to call Maria “Liz” or “Elizabet” (yes, “Elizabet” with no “h”), and then he preposed to her. She said “no” the first time because she’s only with Mike Bennett. But, Lethal proposed a second time and she said “yes” before Bennett grabbed her and took her away.

– Next was a Hoopla Hottie “Take Your Pants Off Dance-Off.” A bunch of the Hooplas came out and “Judge” Jeff Jones was the judge for the contest. All of the Hooplas started to take their pants off and dance on poles and with the crowd. Right before Judge announced the winner, Davey Richards came out and talked about how ROH was built on wrestling, not dancing. He then talked about Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, and C.M. Punk. He then said there is only one thing to do…hit the music. And Davey’s personality went crazy! He started humping the ropes and grinding up on the Hooplahs and making out with them. The Judge awarded Davey as the winner of the Dance-off.

Silas Young then interrupted the celebration to start their match.

(3) Davey Richards beat Silas Young in a “Lumberjill” match. Silas spent a lot of the beginning of the match outside of the ring. So, Truth Martini said they need to have a Lumberjill match, which led to a bunch of dudes dressed up in drag coming out to a “This is Awkward” chant from the crowd. Davey and Silas did a new “Code of Honor” when the Lumberjills came out to protect each other. They eventually had a good back and forth match with Davey winning by Anklelock.

[ Intermission featured a band called the “Beach Bum Alcoholics,” which consisted of random swearing with acoustic guitars. They got boo’d off stage at the end. ]

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(4) ROH Tag Team Champions Red Dragon beat Roderick Strong & Cheeseburger. Probably the most “normal” match of the night, the crowd was behind Cheeseburger the entire match. There were some good spots that kept the crowd into the entire match.

– Truth Martini introduced “The Devil” to the crowd. An okay segment, but very weird with a bunch of yelling and the Hooplhs beating up him up and getting his pants taken off.

(5) Michael Elgin & B.J. Whitmer & MsChif beat A.C.H. & Tadarius Thomas & Athena in a six-person tag match. So many crazy, hilarious spots in this match, and a lot of the inter-gender action was really good. During the match, Elgin had a dance-off against A.C.H. and Thomas. Elgin even did the worm in the middle of ring. There were a lot of spots where A.C.H. was scared of MsChif and would run screaming away from her when she screamed. Then, whenever there was spot with Elgin and Athena, MsChif would get upset and pull the wife routine. A lot of great action between the two teams. Then final spot had Elgin making out with MsChif and then turning around and spitting a Green Mist in Thomas’s face for the win. Great match to end a crazy night!

Overall, the night was awesome and no one knew what to expect. The crowd was into all the matches and laughing the entire night. Everyone breaking character just a little bit made the night special. The weird booking worked and everyone seemed to have a great night.

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