MARTIN COMMENTARY w/Audio Snippet: “For people defending that Summerslam finish (Roman vs. Jey), WWE has left them out to dry”

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Paul Heyman and Jimmy Uso


At Summerslam last month, Jimmy Uso cost Jey Uso his chance to beat Roman Reigns. Jimmy explained that he was looking out for his brother so he wouldn’t get corrupted like Roman, but then has since sought to be welcomed back into The Bloodline.

PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin thinks there’s no logical defense for how this angle has played out since Summerslam. He spoke about it in this week’s VIP-exclusive podcast “The Fix with Todd Martin & Wade Keller.”

Below is a written excerpt and then the full 5 minute commentary on the the Jimmy Uso story since Summerslam.

“For people defending that Summerslam finish – and, to be fair, there weren’t a ton of people in that camp – man, WWE has left them out to dry. The story, to sum up things, is Jimmy turned on Roman, attacked Roman, attacked Solo, convinced Jey to join him against the revolt against Solo and Roman, Solo and Roman responded by viciously attacking Jimmy and sending him to the hospital.

“Jey vowed to get revenge for his brother against Roman. Jimmy returned from the injury to help Roman beat Jey. He said he didn’t want to see Jey get corrupted like Roman, and now Jimmy is looking to get back into the good-graces and join back with Roman and Solo.

“It’s even less logical than I expected and every bit as circular. On the positive side, it does look like the Bloodline is finally going to get involved in some other parties.

“The fact that this is trailing off in a sad way is less of a concern if they have plans for them to get involved with Judgment Day and presumably Cody and Sami and Kevin Owens in that group and then Lashley/Street Profits group and L.A. Knight as well. So things are looking up, but this was not a great story they told with Jimmy and Jey and Roman over the last month. … It makes absolutely no sense and I don’t even know how to construct a defense of it as logical.”

Hear Todd’s full take including whether this seemed like a master plan or an audible, Wade Keller’s attempt to explain Jimmy’s actions, and a subsequent theory on how Jimmy is like Todd’s cat Leif who isn’t all that bright.


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