AEW RAMPAGE “GRAND SLAM” RESULTS (9/22): Sting & Darby vs. Christian & Luchasaurus, Bucks & Hangman vs. Brian Cage & Gates of Agony, plus The Acclaimed, Hook & Cassidy, more

By Patrick Moynahan, PWTorch contributor

Full AEW Rampage results and analysis


SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

Announcers: Excalibur, Ian Riccoboni, and Tony Schiavone

Ring announcer: Justin Roberts

– The opening of Rampage aired as Excalibur welcomed us to the show. He was joined by Ian Riccoboni and Tony Schiavone.



Darby went right after Luchasaurus before the bell as Sting attacked Christian as well. Luchasaurus was knocked to the ramp as Darby threw his body at him. Sting and Christian battled on the outside as Darby was thrown off the ramp right into the ring post. Sting went over to check on Darby. Darby made his way back inside the ring as Christian made the tag and took it to Darby. Luchasaurus tagged in and beat down on Darby, before slamming him to the mat. Christian tagged back in as Darby had the ring cut off from him. Darby fought back and hit a springboard back elbow on Christian. Darby headed toward his corner but Luchasaurus ran in and cut him off. [c]

Christian went for a pin on Darby for two. Luchasaurus tagged back in to continue the onslaught on Darby. Darby tried fighting back once again but Luchasaurus quickly cut him off before hitting a chokeslam. Sting broke up the follow up pin attempt. Christian tagged back in and missed a top rope move. Darby went for a sunset flip, but then leaped to tag in Sting. Sting was kicked by Christian but fired up, hit him with a spinebuster, then attacked Luchasaurus. Sting hit both opponents with a Stinger Splash, then hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Christian. Darby came off the top and hit a Coffin Drop on Luchasaurus as Sting hit him with a Death Drop.

Darby tagged in and hit Christian with a shotgun dropkick, Sting took out Luchasaurus on the outside. Christian went for a Killswitch but Nick Wayne distracted him which allowed Darby to roll him up for the pin.

WINNERS: Sting & Darby Allin in 8:30

(Moynahan’s Take: A good opener which surprisingly didn’t seem to have much in the way of fan support.) [c]


Menard and Hook started things off for their respective teams. Menard talked down Hook who quickly took Parker to the mat then tried locking in a submission. Jay tagged in, which led to Statlander making a tag as well. Statlander whipped Jay into the corner but Jay revered and nailed a kick in the corner. Statlander came right back with a delayed vertical suplex. Hager knocked down Cassidy on the outside as Hook was then blindsided by Menard. Inside the ring, Parker tagged in and took it to Hook. Menard made the tag and helped Parker double team Hook, then went for the cover for two. [c]

Hook hit Paker and Menard with a double clothesline, then tagged in Cassidy. Cassidy went to the top but came down and hit a dropkick off the mat instead. He followed up with a DT attempt that Parker stopped. Hook came in, then Jay, then Statlander. The faces hit a triple suplex on the heels to pop the crowd. Parker and Menard double teamed Cassidy but Hook came in and hit suplexes on both opponents. Jay distracted the ref which allowed Hager to attack from behind but Cassidy took him out with the Orange Punch. Hook locked in Red Rum on Menard, then Cassidy hit Orange Punch on Parker for the win.

WINNERS: Orange Cassidy & Hook & Kris Statlander in 9:00

(Moynahan’s Take: This was fine, but got messy toward the end. The crowd certainly seemed into this one more than I was.)

– The latest iteration of QTV aired. They showed footage of QT Marshall wrestling at an independent show. Johnny TV said QT had asked him to team with him next week.

– Tony Schiavone reluctantly welcomed Don Callis to the ring. Callis was accompanied by Takeshita as the crowd booed their presence. Callis took the mic and talked about his previous pursuit of Chris Jericho, He said he ended up with the man he really was after, Sammy Guevara, who made his way out.

Guevara made his way out and shook hands with Callis and Takeshita. Guevara told Callis he hated him for a long time because he thought Callis was trying to rip apart his family. Guevara said Calli was trying to tell him he never really had a family, until now. Guevara said he turned on Jericho because he had been holding Guevara back. He said Jericho and the fans have been taking him for granted. Guevara said he has a hot wife, a beautiful baby, and a fat paycheck. He said he never wanted to see Jericho again.

Chris Jericho’s music hit as he made his way out. Jericho ran into the ring and threw out Takeshita and attacked Guevara. Callus hit Jericho from behind but it didn’t phase him. Takeshita hit Jericho from behind with a steel chair. The three men beatdown on Jericho before Kenny Omega ran in to make the save for Jericho. [c]

– Alex Marvez was backstage to get a word with Kenny Omega. Omega said he wasn’t out there to save Jericho, who quickly appeared. Jericho said he knew why Omega was out there but they were now united to take out Callis. Jericho said the two of them should unite at WrestleDream to take out the Don Callis Family. Both men seemed to agree as they threw out the challenge.

(3) THE RIGHTEOUS (Vincent & Dutch) vs. THE HARDYS vs. BEST FRIENDS (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor vs. THE KINGDOM (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) – 4-way Number One Contenders match for ROH World Tag Team Championship

All four teams attacked one another right from the start. The four faces jumped off the four corners to take out the other two teams. The Hardys and Best Friends were about to go for a hug but The Righteous and The Kingdom broke it up. Taen flew over the top to take out the other teams. Trent was going to do the same but Chuck broke it up in order to give him a huge. Best Friends both flew over the top to take out the other three teams. [c]

The Kingdom isolated Trent, who was able to hit a swinging DDT on Taven before tagging in Matt. Vincent also tagged in as Matt took Vincent down for a two count. Jeff tagged in to take on Vincent. Matt and Jeff double teamed Vincent before Jeff hit a splash for a two count. Dutch ran in but accidentally ran right into Vincent. The Hardys continued to double team Vincent as Jeff hit a few low blows, then went for a pin. Dutch came back in and slammed Jeff to the mat. Taven came in but was taken out by Vincent.

The Righteous took out every opponent that ran in until Trent came in with a knee strike. Chuck hit a rising knee strike on Dutch, then hit a thrust kick on Taven. Kingdom hit a blow blow on Chuck before nailing him with a spike piledriver. Trent broke up the follow up pin attempt. Jeff took down Chuck, then came off the top with a Swanton. Vincent tagged in, then hit his own swanton on Chuck for the pin.

WINNERS: The Righteous in 10:00

– After the match, The Kingdom attacked Best Friends with chairs.

(Moynahan’s Take: A lot of action but not a great match, especially with the wrong team going over in my opinion.)


– A video package from Mike Santana aired.

(4) THE ACCLAIMED (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) & BILLY GUNN vs. DARK ORDER (Evil Uno & Alex Reynolds & John Silver) – AEW World Trios Championship

Reynolds and Caster kicked things off as both men tied up. Reynolds got the early upper hand until Caster knocked him down with a shoulder tackle, then an arm drag. Reynolds got Caster into his corner, then tagged in Silver. Caster picked up Silver, then drove him to his corner and tagged in Bowens. Bowens took it to Silver with a series of right hands. Gunn made the tag and helped Bownes double team Silver. Gunn slammed Silver down, then tagged in Bowens who went for Scissor Me Timbers. He was cut off by Reynolds as Evil Uno attacked Gunn from behind. Inside the ring, Silver gained the upper hand as Dark Order mocked The Acclaimed by doing its own Scissor Me. [c]

Silver continued to work over Caster as he mocked Bowens and Gunn on the apron. Uno tagged in and drove a number of kicks to Caster’s stomach. Reynolds made the tag next and continued to cut the ring off from Caster. Dark Order took its turn hitting clothesline on Caster in the corner. Reynolds mocked Caster as he tried to make the tag. Gunn dared Reynolds to hit him which allowed Caster to make a comeback and tag in Gunn. Gunn took out Uno, then Silver, then took out Reynolds.

Gunn set up for the Fameasser but Reynolds moved. Reynolds got caught with a clothesline as Bowens tagged in. Reynolds rolled up Bowens for a close two count. Bowens fired back with a multistrike combo. The Acclaimed hit their finish but the pin attempt was broken up. Uno hit Caster with a belt as Reynolds went for the pin. Caster kicked out in time as Uno was livid from the apron. Silver took out Gunn then went inside to help Reynolds double team Caster. Caster hit Fameasser on Reynolds, then tagged in Bowens. The Acclaimed hit a double team on Reynolds for the win.

WINNERS: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn in 10:00

(Moynahan’s Take: This was fine and the outcome was never in doubt. A good win for the champs.) [c]


The two women stared down one another before finally attempting to tie up. Hart extended a hand, then whispered something to Blue. Blue didn’t take kindly to it and attacked Hart with a series of shots, then a snap suplex for two. Blue attempted another quick cover for two, then missed a charge into the corner. Hart took advantage by kicking Blue in the ribs, then nailed her with a series of right hands. [c]

Both women battled in the center of the ring. Blue hit a rising knee strike, then hit a spinning kick to Hart’s face. Blue went to the top rope as Hart cut her off. The two exchanged blows as Hart went to the top and hit a superplex on Blue. Hart followed it up with a pin attempt for two as King shouted on from the outside.

Hart hit Blue across the back of the head, then locked in her finish for the tap out win.

WINNER: Julia Hart in 8:00

– After the match, Willow Nightingale hit the ring to help fend off Hart from attacking Blue.

(Moynahan’s Take: Hart looked good here in the short non-commercial time we were given.)

– Bullet Club Gold was backstage talking about Jay White’s match against Andrade on tomorrow’s Collision. White said he would win and end Andrade’s moment in the spotlight.


The commentary team hyped this up as Santana’s first singles match since his injury last year. Bronson got the early upper hand until Santana nailed him with a series of chops and a big boot to the face. Santana hit a cutter then a discuss lariat. Santana hit a tope through the ropes as the crowd fired up for the local guy. Santana hit a cannonball senton in the corner, then hit a double underhook slam for the win.

WINNER: Mike Santana in 3:00

– After the match, Ortiz came out to the ramp. Santana saw him, walked up the ramp, stared Ortiz down, then walked right past him. [c]


– Mark Henry was backstage within a video package hyping tonight’s main event. Henry said it was “time for the main event.”

– Excalibur ran down the card for tomorrow’s Collision. New matches announced included RVD teaming with Hook to face Menard and Parker and Julia Hart facing Willow Nightingale.

(7) HANGMAN PAGE & THE YOUNG BUCKS vs. BRIAN CAGE & GATES OF AGONY (Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun) – ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

All six men shook hands until the bell rang when the Mogul Embassy went on the attack. The Bucks flew over the top and took out Liona and Kaun as Page took it to Cage inside the ring. The Bucks held Kaun on the outside as Page hit a shooting star press off the apron and onto Kaun on the floor. Nick hit Cage and Kaun with a series of moves, ending with a destroyer on Cage. Matt came in and dropped the elbow on Cage but failed to go for a cover. Page and the Bucks attempted the BTE Trigger until Swerve’s music hit and he made his way out.

Liona and Kaun took advantage of the distraction as they and Cage triple teamed Matt. Cage hit a suplex from the apron inside the ring on Nick. Matt went for a springboard but Kaun and Liona quickly double teamed him to take him out. [c]

Matt fought his way off the top rope by knocking Cage to the mat. Matt then made the tag to Page who took it to Cage and Kaun. Page hit a moonsault of Cage for a close count. Liona and Kaun grabbed Page’s legs but the Bucks took them both out. Cage slammed Page hard to the mat for two as Swerve kept looking on. Cage had Page perched on the top rope but Page reversed things off the top. The Bucks hit a SuperKick party on all three opponents. Cage caught Nick off the ropes as all three heels picked up the Elite and dropped them to the mat at the same time. Page was attacked in the corner by all three opponents before getting triple teamed into a pn attempt. The Bucks fired back with superkicks until the Gates of Agony took them out. Page hit a Buckshot on both Liona and Kaun, then hit Dead Eye on Cage for a close count.

Swerve got closer to the ring until he was face to face with Page. Cage hit a clothesline on Page, but Page reversed things into a pin for the win.

WINNERS: Hangman Page & The Young Bucks in 12:00

(Moynahan’s Take: A great main event and nice title win for the Elite. I just wish these ROH Six Man titles meant more. Maybe they will now that the Elite have them.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well, this was clearly the Rampage of the year. Between the amount of star power, title matches (and change), and the two hour time slot, AEW really made this a big deal. I was mildly surprised by the lack of a hot crowd, but I will chalk that up to it being a long night for fans in attendance. Go out of your way to see the Jericho and Omega segment as well as the main event. Until next week, stay safe everyone!

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