AEW president Tony Khan discusses his thoughts on a deeper financial partnership with WBD

By Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist (X: @SR_Torch)

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Tony Khan, AEW President


Tony Khan was asked if WBD owns a minority stake in AEW at the WrestleDream media scrum.

“Well, it’s something we’ve talked about a lot,” said Khan. “There’s been a lot of conversations about that. It’s always been something I’ve been open to. Between Warner Brothers Discovery and myself, a lot of the financial and structural details, we’ve been able to keep between us, but there are things I’ve always said to be true: that I own 100% of the voting stock in this company and that I have 100% decision-making power in the company. I’ve been open to taking on additional partnerships or things of that nature, but we have a really great deal right now with Warner Brothers Discovery and I would love to have an even longer agreement.”

Khan evenutally went on to say that he wouldn’t be opposed to WBD owning a piece of AEW as long as he retained full voting rights. “As for them and their stake in the business, that is something that would be between us, but I would also be open to Warner Brothers Discovery in a future deal having a piece or a bigger piece potentially,” said Khan. “But I would always want to maintain 100% voting control, as I have now and want to maintain the super majority of stock, which I have now.”

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