10 YRS AGO – WWE Smackdown Results (10-25-2013): Bryan & Big E & Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield & Orton, plus Triple H, Usos, McIntyre, Wyatts, Heyman, Punk

Seth Rollins comments on relationship with Jon Moxley
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The following report was published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

WWE Smackdown review
October 25, 2013
Taped 10/22/13 in Birmingham, Ala.
Aired on SyFy
By Greg Parks, PWTorch Columnist

– WWE Open.

– Clips from last Monday aired, focusing on the opening and closing segments.

– JBL actually introduced the show as the camera panned the crowd inside the arena. He plugged the big eight-man tag match, featuring Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and the Rhodes Brothers against The Shield and Randy Orton.

– Michael Cole was in the ring. He brought out Triple H. There was black carpet in the ring and two chairs, so I guess this is to be an extension of Hunter and Cole’s Wednesday WWE.com chats. “Welcome to Smackdown!” Hunter told the crowd with a smirk on his face. The two sat in directors chairs and Cole first asked Triple H about Big Show’s actions Monday night. Hunter said Big Show’s actions Monday night cost six people their jobs – in IT, Production, and the woman who set up the satellite feed. Hunter noted that Big Show has filed a lawsuit, so he’s been advised to give no further comments on Big Show. With Show hiring a lawyer, does that mean Vince McMahon isn’t behind his return?

Cole’s next question was about Hell in a Cell. He asked Hunter if he was worried Show would show up in Miami Sunday, or even tonight. Hunter interrupted and reminded Cole that he can’t talk about that situation. Cole then asked about John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio. Hunter said the WWE Universe cannot wait to see the return of Cena. He said he couldn’t wait to see that match. The next discussion point was the WWE Championship. Cole didn’t really ask a question, but did lead Hunter toward talking about Shawn Michaels as the special referee. Hunter said he hopes there is a definitive champion coming out of that show. Cole noted the disagreements Hunter and HBK have had in recent weeks, most notably, over Daniel Bryan.

Triple H said he and Michaels have been best of friends and fierce rivals over the years. But they share similar beliefs over how the WWE should operate and what’s best for business. He said he knows that when it’s all said and done, Michaels will do the right thing. Cole asked what the “right thing” is. Before Hunter could answer, Daniel Bryan’s music hit. Poor timing for Bryan, as Hunter seemed ready to possibly incriminate himself as wanting to make sure Bryan doesn’t leave Hell in a Cell as champion.

Cole left the ring and Hunter sat angrily in the chair while Bryan got a mic. He said the right thing is to let him and Orton settle things once and for all. Bryan said in Hell in a Cell, no one gets in and no one gets out until there’s a definitive winner. Bryan said HBK is his own man, a man who will favor neither Bryan nor Orton. He’ll do what’s best for business, and when he does, Bryan said he’ll prove Triple H wrong. Bryan said he’d become champion and the new face of WWE. Bryan did the “Yes!” chant right in Triple H’s face. Triple H got up and walked out. Nice to see Triple H making it appear that Bryan and Show are actually getting to him the last few weeks, rather than just laughing/smirking it all off.

– The eight-man tag main event is still to come.

– Next, The Usos face The Wyatt Family in tag action.

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– The Miz joined the announcers at the desk.


Erick Rowan began by plowing through Jimmy Uso. Rowan shoved Uso into a big boot from Luke Harper. Jimmy came back with a Samoan drop on Harper. He went for a cover, but it was broken up by Rowan. He was tossed out of the ring and Harper was sent over the top as well. Jimmy flew onto Rowan, but Jey’s attempt to come through the ropes was blocked by Harper. Bray got out of his rocking chair and ambled toward the ring, which led to Miz taking out Bray. Rowan chased Miz to the back. In the ring, Harper fell to stereo superkicks and was pinned.

WINNERS: The Usos, at 2:34. The Usos are on PPV so booking them strong is a priority, but I’m surprised the Wyatt Family was sacrificed so quickly. I guess it helps to further Bray vs. Miz, too.

The finish was replayed. They showed the Usos celebrating in the ring after the win as well.

– A.J. Lee was skipping backstage, seconded by Tamina. A.J. is in action next.

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No entrance for the Bellas (Brie joined Nikki for the match). This is Nikki’s first TV match back from injury. A.J. was frustrated and took a break on the outside. She went back on offense by bringing Nikki throat-first over the top rope. It’s funny that the announcers keep framing it as A.J. being jealous of the Total Divas, hence the feud, even though there is absolutely no evidence of that and A.J. has outright denied it on commentary and in interviews. Nikki tossed A.J. into the corner, but she missed a charge. Brie tried to attack Tamina for some reason, and Tamina tossed Brie into the steps. Black Widow submission applied, and Nikki tapped.

WINNER: A.J., via submission, at 2:32. Good build for the Divas Title match on Sunday.

– Still to come, an eight-man tag match with Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Miz, and Daniel Bryan taking on The Shield and Randy Orton.

– Next, a look at the career of the returning John Cena.

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– Cole and JBL were shown on camera. Clips from WWE2K14 aired, featuring Cena vs. Del Rio.

– A career retrospective on Cena aired. It was the one that was shown on Raw.

– A graphic was shown for Cena vs. Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. Cole discussed Cena’s penchant for coming back early from injury. Suddenly the camera went backstage to Bray Wyatt. He had something to show the fans. In a dark caged area, Bray showed a beaten Miz, handcuffed to metal scaffolding, wearing a lamb’s mask. He had “liar” written on his mid-section. Rowan and Harper were there as well. Bray said that Miz will truly know what it means to “follow the buzzards.”

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No entrance for the band members. Once the matadors made their entrance, they showed El Torito goring Zeb Colter last week on Smackdown. Before the match could begin, The Real Americans came out to watch from the stage. Jaw-breaker by McIntyre led to a tag to Slater. High knee-drop for two. Double suplex on Diego. Fernando made the tag and took McIntyre out with a series of diving headbutts to the chest. Blind tag to Diego and a double-team face-buster (similar to Dean Ambrose’s finish) ended 3MB’s night.

WINNERS: Los Matadores, at 2:01. This has become the 2013 version of The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme.

Jinder Mahal entered the ring after the match. He tried to attack El Torito, but Los Matadores helped Torito gore McIntyre. Then he did a springboard moonsault onto Mahal on the outside. Colter got a mic and accused Los Matadores of taking part in “deviant behavior.” He said The Real Americans would prevail at Hell in a Cell. Is there a match I haven’t been made aware of? Zeb finished with the “we the people” flourish.

– Paul Heyman and Ryback will be in action next. Heyman appeared to be giving Ryback a pep talk backstage.

[Commercial Break]

– Cole thanked the Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington for “Out of Time,” the official Hell in a Cell theme.

– Paul Heyman and Ryback came out for their 2-on-1 handicap, no-DQ match. They showed Big E. Langston shining on Raw while Ryback and Heyman came to the ring. Heyman had a mic and said tonight, we’ll see a demonstration of what will occur on Sunday. Heyman introduced tonight’s opponent…C.M. Skunk. They played Punk’s music and the fans must have mis-heard, as did Michael Cole, who expected Punk. Instead, a Punk impostor came out.


Skunk kicked away at Ryback, until Ryback caught a kick and shoved him down rudely. Ryback gave Skunk a powerbomb, then lifted him and did it again. Heyman tagged in and grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring. “C.M. Punk” chant from the fans. Heyman belted Skunk a number of times with the kendo stick. Ryback tagged in and gave Skunk a meat-hook clothesline, then Shell-Shock. Heyman stood with one foot on Skunk’s face to make the pin.

WINNERS: Ryback and Heyman, at 2:41. Somehow, this was the longest match of the night to this point.

Heyman took the mic post-match and said they are deadly serious about their match this Sunday. He promised that Ryback would use every inch of the Cell to their advantage. Heyman said he’d prove to everyone that he’s the Best in the World.

– Vickie Guerrero was laughing at what just happened while watching on a monitor. Langston walked in and said with Miz down, there’s an open slot in the main event and he wants in. Vickie said she’d run it by Triple H and get back to him. Langston said he thought Vickie was the GM of Smackdown. He said he must’ve walked into Brad Maddox’s office. That got Vickie steamed enough to put Langston in the match without checking with her boss.

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– Alberto Del Rio came out waving the Mexican flag. He was dressed nicely, all in black. He stopped on the stage to cut his promo. He said John Cena is fooling himself, and the challenger is not ready to face him. He said Cena thinks he’s Superman, but Del Rio is a real-life Mexican superhero. He said right now, they’re throwing parades in Mexico for him. Del Rio said he speaks for only those sharing his class and sophistication, which is why he doesn’t speak for any of the fans in the arena. He said that Cena, with his blue eyes and pale skin, is the perfect representation of a gringo. He said he’ll put Cena in the cross arm-breaker Sunday and never let go. Del Rio told the fans to kiss his….then he patted his bum rather than say the word. It’s amazing how credible Del Rio appears in the build-up to his match with Cena this time, without Cena around to tear him down like in their previous feud.

– R-Truth was backstage hawking WWE merchandise. Santino Marella came on-screen with his Cobra and Truth allowed Marella to take over. Apparently, with the promo code “COBRA,” fans can save up to 20% off WWE.com merchandise. I hope I get a percentage of what’s sold tonight now that I’ve mentioned it in my report.

– Fandango and Summer Rae were dancing in the hallway backstage. Fandango is in action, next.

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No entrance for Khali. With all the Susan G. Komen plugs this month, I expect all of the male members of the roster to grow a mustache for Movember next month. Khali went for the chops early on. Natalya and Hornswoggle were at ringside with Khali. Fandango had Khali down in the corner and gave him a number of right hands. Khali fought back and nailed Fandango with a big boot, then a few clotheslines. Summer Rae got on the apron go distract Khali. Fandango took out Khali’s knee. Nattie pulled Summer off the apron, which led to Summer slapping her. Nattie gave chase and the two ended up brawling in the ring, leading to the referee calling for the bell.

WINNER: No contest, at 1:34. The ref may have been overzealous as even though the Divas entered the ring, they didn’t interfere in the match per se. Not that I WANTED to see more of this match.

After the match, Khali gave Fandango a brain chop.

– The eight-man tag main event is next.

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During Cody’s entrance, they showed him and Goldust attacking The Shield on Raw during The Shield’s match with The Usos. The babyfaces, led by Cody Rhodes, got an early advantage, causing the heels to regroup at ringside as the show went to break 1:34 into the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Seth Rollins chopped away at Langston to no effect, only to run into a belly-to-belly suplex. Daniel Bryan came in and instead of surfboarding Roman Reigns, he instead stomped on the back of Roman’s knees. Langston tagged in and delivered shoulders to the mid-section of Reigns. Goldust perched himself on the top rope, coming down with a twisting cross-body onto Reigns for a near-fall. Dean Ambrose came in and rubbed Cody’s face across the top rope in an underutilized heel move. Orton tagged in for the first time at the 9:06 mark. High knee by Cody on Orton for two. Orton had Cody on the apron and just punched him, sending Rhodes to ringside. Ambrose tagged in and he sent Rhodes into the barricade with a side Russian leg-sweep. Orton missed a knee-drop and Cody, taped fist and all, pounded away on the skull of Orton. Orton turned the tide however, going after the throat of Rhodes. They cut to break with Cody recovering at ringside at 12:59.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 16:29 with Reigns suplexing Rhodes for a two-count. Rhodes desperately tried to make the tag, but Rollins wouldn’t allow it. Rollins came off the top rope, but Rhodes met him with a fist to the mid-section. Goldust tagged in at 18:21. Reigns made the blind tag while Goldust cleaned house and was able to put an end to Goldust’s offensive rush. Goldust fought off a double-team with a springboard back-elbow. The hot tag was made to Bryan just north of twenty minutes in. No one was safe from Bryan’s flurry. Bryan took out Orton with a suicide dive and came off the top with a missile dropkick on Ambrose. Yes Lock applied to Ambrose, but Reigns broek it up. Langston took him out and we had the grand finale with everybody hitting big moves. It was back down to Bryan and Ambrose. Ambrose dodged a corner dropkick and tagged Orton. Orton connected on his patented DDT. As Orton set up for the RKO, Langston shoved Orton into Bryan’s running knee. Bryan then pinned Orton.

WINNERS: Bryan & Goldust & Rhodes & Langston at 22:47.

The finish was replayed. The faces celebrated post-match before the show closed.

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