OVER & UNDERS – WWE RAW (3/18): Seth isn’t likable, Otis’s stomach, Cody relaxes a bit, Jey Usos’s star power, Nia Jax main eventing, Heyman steals the show, more

By Kevin Duncan, PWTorch contributor


It’s time for another Monday Night Raw, so let’s see how far the WWE can stretch the Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins dynamic. Will it stretch all the way to WrestleMania, or snap in the process? Will Cody have a musical rebuttal to Rock’s Friday night karaoke? Will Jey Uso pull a shoulder muscle with simple gestures? Will Nia Jax accidentally hurt Becky Lynch (again), and force her to promote her book from a hospital bed? Anything could happen! Well, anything except an interesting segment featuring J.D. McDonagh, but other than that the world is our violent oyster. So what’s going to happen? We didn’t know back THEN, we certainly don’t know NOW, but we definitely won’t have to wait FOREVER to find out…so let’s dig in TOGETHER. I couldn’t help myself.


Seeing Cody Rhodes by his super expensive bus doesn’t really bother me anymore. I credit this to two things. Firstly, we get to see Pharoah. Who doesn’t love dogs? You could have a serial killer walking a dog and I’d probably forgive him. Secondly, it’s a small detail, but seeing Cody without a suit jacket is both super cool, and laid back. He’s still dapper as a Brit with a scone, but he feels more like one of us.


In polar opposite land, we see The Creed Brothers split-screened with D.I.Y. to promote the ladder match qualifier. This isn’t E! News, but we need to go Joan Rivers on these guys for a moment. Johnny Gargano looks like he’s pledging for a biker club. Tomasso Ciampa looks like a guy who goes to youth basketball games by himself. Julius Creed looks like he’s cosplaying Travis Kelce, and Brutus Creed looks like he borrowed nice clothes from his dad’s closet and he’s on his way to a middle school dance. All that said, and fashion violations ignored, I like seeing people arrive at the arena before matches. It makes them seem like normal people, even if they do wear unique outfits that detract from their characters at times. Good luck on your date Brutus, and don’t spill any punch on Papa Creed’s shirt!


Other than perhaps Cody Rhodes and his “wow”, there isn’t anyone else that comes close to Jey Uso’s audience participation in the WWE. I really hope they pull the trigger on something that solidifies “Main Event” Jey Uso as precisely that, after WrestleMania. He is lightning in a bottle, and they need to do something with it before the storm passes. On a side note, I think I could do without Pat “Self-serving” McAfee yeeting all over the magic of his entrance. Please keep your arms and yeets inside the announce table at all times, for your safety, and the safety of those around you. Yeet.


Another week, another bout graphic flubbed by poor picture choices. In the graphic designer’s defense, he or she did at least get Jey Uso right. He looks vicious, angry and ready for a fight. Jimmy “Crazy Eyes” Uso on the other hand, looks like Roman Reigns bought him some white veneers, and he’s showing them off to his brother. Nice touch pointing out that this is only the third time brothers have fought at WrestleMania. I’m surprised they mentioned Owen Hart, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy though, considering they are elsewhere. I guess with Vince McMahon out of the picture, things truly have taken an open-minded turn.


If you go back and look at Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa emerging from the crowd, Jimmy has one eye shut like he got stung by a bee and is having an allergic reaction. What is this, Jimmy? Are we cosplaying a pirate? Are you trying to hide the crazy eyes by only using one? Did Solo Sikoa serenade you with a solo so good, you popped a blood vessel in your eye? The world may never know. I don’t think this is intentionally hilarious, but I’m enjoying old Cyclops Uso tonight. Side note, didn’t Jimmy originally tell Jey he blew his title shot because he didn’t want Jey becoming like Roman Reigns? Now he’s just doing the bidding of Roman and turning into Roman-light himself. This makes no sense, but hey, neither does Solo (the younger Uso brother) having the last name Sikoa. Maybe he has a different dad. Massive shout out for the “Call Rikishi” sign in the audience, who may or may not have paternal ties to Solo.


Did Jimmy Uso really just call Jey Uso “the biggest superstar on the Raw roster”? Now, I can’t ding them too much, as I’d argue he’s a solid number two (behind Senior Nightmare), but Jimmy, really? I get that you look at everything with crazy eyes like you forgot how to blink, but rub some of the yeet out of your eyes, and be at least a little truthful. Ain’t nothing wrong with a solid number 2 (unless you’re on a plane, or in a Fast and Furious movie). I must say though, it is refreshing to have this not be generically hate-fueled. I love seeing Jey vulnerable, emotional and conflicted. He’s so good at it. I think it’s a large part of why he broke out as a star. He was so incredibly good at getting people to sympathize with his Bloodline abuser that people rallied behind him.


Okay, it was a great layer to the Uso story to have Jimmy Uso point out how mad it made him that Jimmy Uso became a tag team champion with Cody Rhodes. Now that’s some real meat to sink your fancy new teeth into. I guess crazy eyes DOES have something to say…besides rejecting “Yeet”. I do wish they’d stop with this big brother, little brother referencing. The dude is like seconds older. I’m about half an inch taller than my neighbor who always beats me at basketball, but I don’t run around calling him “Shorty Pants”. That would be absurd…kind of like bragging about being older just because your mother’s body randomly decided you were exiting first. Maybe she wanted you out first. Maybe it was rejection, Uce!


Jimmy Uso just said, and I quote “Listen loud and clear.” Unless Jimmy has some 6th sense to be able to adjust the volume at which one can hear, this seems completely impossible. Jimmy, if you have discovered such an ability, I would appreciate you teaching it to me for when my 9-year old starts talking about trains. That said, I don’t think you have, and this is mostly likely a result of eye infection spreading to your brain from not blinking. Or, you were too busy practicing facial expressions to pay attention in English class. Stay in school, kids. Side note, am I the only one that thinks it looks like a hamster is trying to escape from his esophagus every time he talks? The guy’s head wobbles like a man with ants in his pants. It’s like words get stuck in his sternum, and he has to writhe and wiggle them out. Jimmy, some things, like improper grammar, should be left un-wiggled.


Solo Sikoa, you wouldn’t have to have your thumb bandaged all the time if you would just stop using it as a weapon. It’s not exactly the strongest thing in the body, sir. And neither are vocal chords, despite your first name. I really hope he has a match with Pete “Finger Breaker” Dunne one of these days.


Oh joy, Nia Jax is in the main tonight. I look forward to some bad acting, and a lukewarm Becky Lynch response. I will give the promos team credit though, for cutting a hype promo for Nia versus Becky with no talking in it whatsoever. Smart, considering Nia on the mic is like taking a sub driven by an Xbox controller to see the Titanic. Too soon? So is having the queen of injuries back in WWE. But I digress. Can someone explain to me why, when we see Becky entering the arena from outside, she has no luggage? Did Seth Rollins really steal everything out of her closet? Stealing is wrong, Seth. Shame on you.


Did anyone else happen to notice the Jimmy Uso emoji on Johnny Gargano’s jacket, during their entrance? It’s a smiley face with one eye squinting and one eye open. I think it’s adorable that Johnny Wrestling is a fan of The Bloodline. They really are just like us! It’s refreshing to not simply have a face team versus a heel team in this Creed Brothers versus D.I.Y. Match, which would become more and more predictable as the slots filled out for the ladder match. I dig it.


Only Paul Heyman can take something as simple as a backstage apology (to Adam Pearce), and turn it into an Aaron Sorkin-level conversation. He truly deserves his Hall of Fame induction. Paul is such a unique, once in a lifetime mind for this business. I mourn the day he retires.


Well, The Creed Brothers have an augmented reality graphic, and D.I.Y. does not. That’s like noticing a facial twitch when someone is bluffing at poker. WWE just showed its cards that The Creed Brothers are going over. I’m not mad at it. Did you see Julius Creed’s vertical leap in his entrance? That man jumps high enough to make Wiz Khalifa say “that’s too high”.


This match between The Creed Brothers and D.I.Y. started off a bit slow and clunky for my taste, but like a fine snowball rolling down a hill, it got cooler and bigger and faster-paced. Once the two teams started whipping out creative double-team moves, the match really lit up. It was like watching a bunch of Swiss Army knives brawling in the ring, inventive application after inventive application. I think the gold medal has to go to Brutus Creed though. I’ve never been impressed with this manchild, but tonight he won me over. Also, I feel bad for this ref and the fact that he was rejected in the initial casting for Jersey Shore. Keep up the G.T.L. while reffing D.I.Y., Mr. overly-muscular, and overbaked official. Snooki made it from the shore to WrestleMania, perhaps you can make it from ‘Mania to the shore. Captain Look At Me aside, Julius’ knee to feet standing suplex was absolutely insane. Kip ups are cool and all, but that is much cooler.


There is nothing I love more than coming out of a commercial break, into an epic steady cam shot, slowly walking toward and around the ring, with a sea of rabid fans going nuts. They did this shot yet again during the D.I.Y. versus Creeds match, and I don’t think I’m ever going to get sick of this stylish shot. It just makes WWE feel so epic in scale that it’s almost intoxicating. I’m drunk in awe of this cinematography lately. Here’s to hoping that NXT is a good hangover cure. Side note, I also absolutely loved the over-the-shoulder shot of Johnny Gargano begging for and getting a hot tag from Tomasso Ciampa. It made me feel like I was right in the action, or at least wearing an overpriced Apple Vision Pro. Real or digital, it was awesome. The “Oh yay it’s my turn” look on Johnny Gargano’s face was about as priceless as Kurt Angle in a tiny cowboy hat.


If I had one complaint against the Creeds versus D.I.Y. match, it would be the overly synchronized, Young Bucks-esq tag team moves. It’s fun, but super passé and makes me feel like this isn’t real. After all, nothing syncs up in real life, why should it in wrestling? It’s supposed to at least give off the illusion that it’s real, kind of like watching Jersey Shore. Don’t worry ref, your time will come.


Well, I am thrilled to announce that I was wrong about D.I.Y. losing to The Creed Brothers, and happily so. Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano are so beyond overdue for their moment in the sun, and I’m stocked up with enough sunblock and sunglasses to be there for it. No need to pat yourselves in the back, I’ll do it for you.


Rhea Ripley telling Andrade that Judgment Day is a very exclusive club was completely undermined by J.D. McDonagh and his purple vest reiterating how exclusive it is. McDonagh, need I remind you that your bobble head was booted out of the faction by R-Truth. And yet you hang on, like a leech, someone who can take the bumps the rest of the team can’t. I am extremely happy to see TJD start to turn on J.D. McWannaBe. Please God, let it be so. I would much rather have Andrade in the faction than J.D. McDonna (yes I spelled that wrong on purpose). It’s not that I hate McDonagh, I just can’t get over the fact that they’re bogging down this killer faction with a guy that looks like a Funko Pop figure of Hugh Grant as an Oompa Loompa.


That promo for the Bo Dallas-led documentary about his brother, Bray Wyatt, looks heart-wrenchingly engrossing. What a beautiful mind for this industry that was taken from us in his prime. As someone who met Bray a handful of times at events here and there, I can attest that there truly has never been a more caring, thoughtful, and ever-present superstar with his fans. I can’t wait to watch this, and I’m still holding out hope for a Bray Wyatt, WWE Hall of Fame induction this year. Side note, that was a beautiful shot of the audience doing the fireflies (cell phone lights) for old times. I still want to buy a rocking chair because of his amazing character work, btw. Missed opportunity by WWE shop to not put out some relaxation-fueled merch.


This may just be the TV producer in me, which has dominated my life for the better part of 20 years, but I saw Cody Rhodes enter the arena WITHOUT a jacket. I even commented on how cool and like the common folk he looked. But now, miraculously he has a jacket? In a word…wow. Did he have a tailor backstage that sewed this bad boy together over the course of a singular hour? Did he have a dry cleaning delivery made to Raw? Or did he, too, steal from someone, like Seth Rollins, and call it his own apparel. On yet another side note, yes I know I have a lot, there’s my side note about side notes, the sea of yellow “We want Cody” signs, that inexplicably have the exact same font and formatting, feels forced. Unless someone in the audience handed those out, this feels like WWE trying a little too hard. Cody is over…way over. He’s Taylor Swift over. You don’t need to force his positive reinforcement. I already know a Dairy Queen Blizzard is delicious. I don’t need you screaming it in my face as you hand it to me…unless it’s free.


Nice dig by Cody Rhodes playing up that The Rock wasn’t there. That’s a clever way to take his floundering popularity and turn it against him. I also really like Cody playing into wrestling terminology we all know (and love). It’s a nice niche for him to swim in, that wouldn’t be possible if Vince McMahon were still around. Fortunately, Paul “Triple H” Levesque is our Aladdin now, and we’re flying into a whole new world. It was a glorious tip of the hat to smart marks such as yours truly, who know the lingo, listen to the podcasts and devour op-ed columns, such as the one…right here…on PWTorch (as he gives a Mick Foley thumbs up).


I didn’t know rocks were flammable until tonight, because Cody Rhodes just taught a master class on how to set ablaze even the most unburnable. From diatribes about his badass mother, to saying Rock has been crying this whole time, one (very) below the belt comment, this promo is incendiary. I also enjoyed the subtle nod to my buddy, (former WWE writer) Brian Gewirtz. Another inside baseball line from Cody that totally works. When Cody is in his element he’s like throwing a Molotov cocktail into a winery, everything burns and it’s glorious to watch it all burn. Wow, that makes me sound like a pyro maniac. Oh well, burn it down and ignore it, like the only catchphrase Seth Rollins has that he completely avoids. Special mention to Paul Heyman for playing his cowardly character picture perfectly. His performance enhanced the entire segment, which was already top shelf. Paul is like the cherry on a delicious Sundae, he doesn’t need to be there, but my God, does he ever upgrade the presentation. Even the way he timidly and surprisingly shook Cody’s hand when they agreed for both competitors (Cody and Roman Reigns) to show up alone on Smackdown.


Nia Jax is so bad on the mic that I literally cringe every time we’re about to enter a talking segment with her. This latest promo was no exception. She started by saying she just realized that Becky Lynch has never beaten her. You know what I just realized? You’ve never cut a good promo, and for some reason, they just keep letting you speak. Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Has WWE lost it? No, of course not. WWE is on fire right now (hehe, fire), but someone behind the scenes needs to get their head screwed on tighter. Nia needs a mouthpiece if they’re going to continue pushing her. She is a Titanic to her own character every time she opens her mouth, and breaks our ears (worse than she wants to break Becky’s face) with whatever hot garbage she wants to say in a trashy way. Nia Jax is like some hard to get rid of mold. If you don’t fix the issue fast, everything spreads and gets harder to fix later. Spray the mold, WWE. Spray the mold.


Pat McAfee just brought back the ridiculously low-rent play-by-play graphic. I hate this. I think it waters down and cheapens a top-shelf product. Not only did he bring it back, he brought it back to recap himself doing the Yeet Wave. Pat, why? I get that you wanted to make a joke about almost blowing out your knee, but couldn’t you have just said that on commentary in passing? That wasn’t worth depriving us of the sea of boos Dominik Mystery gets during his entrance. That was self-serving, time-wasting, and in the words of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns…stupid. Some things in life are worth exploring…others become worse than Quibi. Pat, tonight you jumped the shark AND went full Quibi. There’s no coming back from Quibi, Mr. McAfee. There is no coming back.


Pat McAfee calling Ricochet a”human joystick” cracked me up because it’s totally true. Joysticks don’t talk, they just instigate action. Well played McAfee. I’m not releasing you from bad announcer jail yet, but you’re certainly in the good behavior category. Special shoutout to the fan sign for Dominik Mysterio that says “Eddie is your real father”. Well-played, anonymous fan, well played indeed. Also, it’s true. Now that I think about it though, why didn’t the sign say “Eddie is your real Papi”? Missed opportunity, anonymous fan. I also enjoyed McAfee and Michael Cole’s back and forth about how Dom would probably get booed at his own wedding…by his own group. This is a fun wink to fans since Dominik just did get married to his high school sweetheart, and Damian Priest guided the crowd in booing him, hilariously I might add. I really like this new open window policy of mentioning things, even subtly, that exist outside of the WWE bubble. It makes the product more fun, and rewards us for being well-read, smart marks.


Pat McAfee is saying Ricochet’s name too many times during this match. It’s absurdly distracting. He’s literally starting and ending sentences with “Ricochet.” Pat, is it really true that only Ricochet can do the things that Ricochet can do? I’m sure Ricochet appreciates the Ricochet love as he Ricochets around the ring during the Ricochet match. There are such things as pronouns, Mr. McAfee, and believe it or not, they’re free to use!


I truly enjoy the heel version of Dominik Mysterio. He’s managed to tap into the most annoying version of himself and it resonates in a (proper) negative way with the fans, who by the way, were referred to as “the Raw audience” by Paul Heyman earlier. That would have never flown in the Vince McMahon era. That was both jarring and refreshing. Back to Dom. I enjoy him, but why oh why is he wearing what looks like cow print boots? I didn’t even know moo moo boots were a thing. Does this go with the apron he’s wearing? Is he cooking burgers? Now I’m confused and hungry. On a side note, I like to think Dominik’s cheat day meal consists of Dino Nuggies and chocolate milk…with a color-changing twisty straw. His meal may or may not also come with a toy, which I bet he complains about to the manager if they omit it.


J.D. McDonagh, despite his Purple People Eater Biker Club vest, took an amazing looking bump on the ring apron, thanks to Ricochet. He sold that like Tesla stock in Saudi Arabia. Well-done, sir. Let’s have you take more bumps like that, and more, and then some more. I’m not saying I want you to get hurt. I’m just saying I think you finally found a way to be useful on Raw, playing the role of rag doll. Hey, crash test dummies were all the rage in the ‘90s. They even had action figures that dismembered themselves upon impact. We don’t need to go that far, but embrace the pain, and when you grow up, you too may get over. Probably not, but it’s good to have dreams! Side note, does anyone else think J.D. McDonagh has trouble getting into R-rated movies if he forgets his McLovin-adorned fake I.D.?


I’m all for pumping up (or down) Sami Zayn’s insurmountable odds of beating Gunther. It has shades of Shawn Michaels trying to talk Triple H out of trying to beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28. The dynamic works, and seeding plausible doubt will make the win much sweeter. That said, I don’t think they teach acting at Alpha Academy. This was painful to watch Chad Gable attempt to hit scripted lines. He may have been READY. He may have been WILLING. But he certainly wasn’t (G)ABLE.


I absolutely loved seeing the camera follow Sami Zayn through the entrance, backstage and right up to Miz, R-Truth and D.I.Y., which then seamlessly transitioned in their segment. That was bold, brilliant and incredibly effective. Did the camera operator just finish watching Goodfellas with the amazing tracking shot into the restaurant? Whatever is inspiring some of the best cinematography in wrestling history, please keep it up. Man, that was cool. I feel like I just saw a praying mantis for the first time. It rarely happens, but when it does, it’s hard to look away and impossible to forget. Just when I think it can’t possibly get better, they continue the single shot, this time following The Awesome Truth back through the entrance and to the ring. Where has this bold shooting been all my life?! I feel like I just got wrestling LASIK and I’m seeing it as it should be seen for the first time. Special mention to another subtly effective joke about R-Truth being blissfully unaware of who is fighting Indus Sher.


The Miz totally botched his spot of being thrown out of the ring, and converting the momentum into a kick to Jinder Mahal. It was so slow and delicate, it looked like he was lifting his feet gingerly to Jinder’s face, as if to say “kiss my toes”. Go back and watch it again. It’s like watching a toddler or an elderly man fall in slow motion. You’re welcome. That was awkward and really stained a decent match. Miz doesn’t usually miss like this. Let’s blame Jinder. Jinder, please don’t hinder Miz. I also didn’t realize Truth got hit and accidentally won the match by falling onto an opponent for the pin. I was so distracted by the botch, that I completely missed it the first time around. I agree with Michael Cole that seeing this recapped was actually an effective use of The Pat-istrater (is that really what we’re going with?).


If you go back and rewatch the second Sami Zayn and Chad Gable interaction, when Chad goes to walk away, he nearly walks straight into a pallet. He hilarious shifts to the side and continues forward as if it never happened. This pretty much sums up Chad Gable’s start and stop momentum in WWE. He’s great, but always seems to run into things that stop him in his tracks.


I enjoyed seeing Drew McIntyre’s reaction to Seth “I Almost Dressed Normal Tonight” Rollins, interrupting him. At one point, WWE hilariously cut to close up of a cluster of fans, presumably to catch them singing Seth’s song. Unfortunately for WWE, every single person had their lips pursed, not saying a word. Unless every single one of them are ventriloquists, WWE completely misfired on choosing who to cut to. It’s forgivable and understandable though, considering the upside of them taking bold shots, more than ever before. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for them, for us, for the WWE Universe (or The Raw Audience, as Paul Heyman calls it).


This is by far the coolest, most normal looking Seth Rollins has presented himself in a very long time. This is a cool Kid’s Choice Awards-chic style that kind of works for him. It’s loud without being flamboyant, and outrageous without being annoying. Seth, let’s strive for the same with our personality too, yes? If you do, I promise to sing your song, with actual moving lips, unlike the ventriloquists they cut to during your entrance. Please. Thank you. You’re welcome. I don’t think Seth was anticipating the crowd taking his “I’m a spotlight junkie” joke, turning it and chanting it against him. He seems to think the crowd is supporting him with this, but I think it’s an audible rejection. He really needs to get out of this identity crisis, and figure out who he is as a grounded main eventer. He doesn’t need this gimmick of being visually extreme.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Drew McIntyre more effective and engaging than he has been the last several weeks. From turning the “What?” against C.M. Punk, to pointing out Seth Rollins is a parody of himself, I’m literally hanging onto every word he says. He’s like the hot fudge at the bottom of a sundae, you want to soak in every last bit of it. Yes, I know I’m making too many ice cream references, but I’m still mad C.M. Punk never got his ice cream bars.


Seth Rollins is really struggling to find a foothold in being likable. Bragging about loving the spotlight isn’t a likable trait, Seth. You had a few good jabs against Drew McIntyre, poking fun at him winning in an empty arena, but it wasn’t enough to endear fans to you. The novelty of a song will wear off. Remember Fandango? How about Bobby Roode? The song singing gives you a platform, but you have to shift away from it, and not put all your eggs in that basket. I worry about Seth’s status as a main eventer once his novelty gimmick cools off. I guess he can always sell the wardrobe to traveling carnival clowns. Seth is like a lemon in a diet soda. His flavor can enhance everything under the right conditions, but alone, he’s just a bitter taste nobody wants.


Talk about a gut punch. I personally love this whole schtick of Otis “stomaching” people, as Pat McAfee so-lovingly adorned it. It’s made especially entertaining when he does his little “oh yeah” dance. Side note, that’s the same dance I imagine Macho Man doing when he used to eat Slim Jim’s in private.


I don’t think anyone should be doing a suicide dive unless their body mass is large enough to be an unstoppable force. Akira Tozowa hit Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods like a toddler running into a brick wall. Go back and watch it. He flies, hits New Day, and his body drops vertically and abruptly so. I don’t think New Day even took a step back from the force. What was he thinking? I think Akira Tozowa is like a WWE2K24 create-a-wrestler gone wrong. In other news, Xavier turning something as simple as stepping through the ropes, into a tornado DDT was a thing of beauty. This guy is so smart, it’s almost like he has a P.H.D. or something (at the risk of muddying my joke, he actually does). I also think WWE was smart enough to put The New Day in the ladder match. As entertaining as Otis is, Tozowa would detract from the match entirely.


Watching Nia Jax, not once, not twice, but three times, fail to do something as simple as set up a table was absolutely hilarious. You can tell she was annoyed and let it get to her. She shouldn’t have abandoned setting it up though. Even though she’s a heel, it’s a bad look. It makes her look dangerous and careless, in a bad way. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t entertaining to watch her try to set the table. Kudos to the crowd for a first ever “Fix the table” chant.


Becky Lynch putting Nia Jax through the table with a Manhandle Slam looked fantastic (if not a little dangerously off-center). Not done yet, Bex putting Nia through the announce table with a leg drop off the ladder was even better. Becky needed this extreme rub of dangerous spots to boost her popularity. She has been quite stale lately, and this match was very clunky, but Becky took enough spectacular risks in this match to earn some goodwill back with fans. That said, Rhea Ripley coming out right after, while it makes sense, waters down Becky’s boost. Rhea is insanely over this year.

I’ll be back Friday for another edition of the talk-a-thon. See you then!

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