Lilian Garcia announces her next project – a podcast interviewing wrestlers about their career journeys

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Lilian Garcia

Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia announced today she’ll be the first woman from pro wrestling to do her own podcast and the first to do a Spanish speaking podcast. The podcasts, part of the AfterBuzz TV network, will be called “Making Their Way To The Ring” and “Luchando Con Lilian Garcia.”

“I’ve worked with these amazing superstars – male, female – in the WWE and yet, a lot of them, I don’t really know all their story, their backstory, their obstacles,” she said. “Everybody thinks about the limelight, and the easy road, maybe that they’ve taken, or maybe they hear about the hard road, but they don’t really hear about the hard road. So the first show is called ‘Making Their Way To The Ring.’ It’s something that I actually used when I announced the wrestlers… But it takes on a whole different idea here because the ring is really like the brass ring and it’s really the journey of making their way to what it is that they’re going for and, particularly, I really want to start with the wrestlers…Whether it’s a WWE, TNA, independents.”


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