VIP AUDIO 5/31 – East Coast Cast #348: Travis Bryant & co-host Cameron Hawkins discuss upcoming Extreme Rules PPV and who has best chance to win 5-way main event, more (176 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: On this episode, the guys discuss the Extreme Rules PPV coming up this weekend. Who has the best chance to win the 5-way main event? Will the winner be a one-off match with Brock? Where TF is Brock? Does anyone even really care? The “This is your life, Bayley” segment was brutal. Is there any chance Bayley or Alexa spoke up before the segment aired? Table for 3 with Cornette and Bischoff was very good, and we demand the extended version. Ciampa responds in nasty fashion while Gargano is nowhere to be found. Live NXT watch and phone calls.

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