VIP AUDIO 8/9 – The Fix w/Todd Martin (pt. 2 of 2): Todd calls from both Japan and The Future to talk about live events he’s seen in Japan, G1 Climax tourney analysis, Mailbag questions on Heyman, MMA vs. NFL, Bryan, Punk, UFC (64 min)

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SHOW SUMMARY: In part two of this week’s edition of The Fix with PWTorch columnist Todd Martin hosted by PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd calls from both Japan and The Future and a Bathroom Shower Stall to discuss live events he’s seen in Japan this week, analysis of the last week of NJPW G1 tournament action, a wide range of mailbag questions, and last weekend’s UFC event in Mexico. Mailbag topics include whether MMA will overtake the NFL in popularity, whether Paul Heyman makes himself look good by associating only with top acts, who might benefit from being called down from main roster to NXT, Daniel Bryan’s future, C.M. Punk’s ideal opponents if he returns to WWE some day, Crystal Ball predictions on about ten prominent wrestlers from Finn Balor to A.J. Styles to Shinsuke Nakamura to Kenny Omega, and the viability of UFC-style rankings in pro wrestling.

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