VIP AUDIO 10/20 – Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast – Jim Ross (pt. 2 of 2) on Reigns, Key Historical Turning Points, Watts, Babyfaces and Heels, Have Fans Changed + Vintage Hawk Interview (87 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents part two of his new interview with Jim Ross followed by a vintage interview from 25 years ago this weekend with Road Warrior Hawk. In the hour-long Ross interview, he discusses how fans have changed over the decades and if that affects his approach to announcing, key historical turning points including what if Bill Watts and not Jim Crockett was Vince McMahon’s early primary competitors, could a more sports-like presentation of pro wrestling have taken over the country instead of “sports entertainment” promoted by Vince, the challenge of getting over a babyface in 2017, and more. In the vintage Hawk interview from John Arezzi’s “Pro Wrestling Spotlight” radio show in October 1992, Hawk talks about his decision to leave the WWF, compares working for Jim Crockett vs. Vince McMahon, the possibility of a union forming for wrestlers, and more.


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