TOP 3 DEVELOPMENTS – SMACKDOWN 9/11: Bryan and Brie Come Out on Top, Final Promos from AJ and Joe, Becky Sneak Attack

By Jeff Vandrew Jr, PW Torch Specialist

Daniel Bryan (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


Recap: Backstage, Miz and Maryse were interviewed. Miz asked that his wife be introduced first, since she had the spotlight tonight. Maryse noted that Daniel Bryan’s comeback took three years, while she was able to return from pregnancy in mere months. Miz claimed that Brie Bella had to financially support their family, as Bryan spends too much time picking berries and reading books. Miz said that what his wife did to Brie in her main event match would be “awesome,” and then the two kissed.

In the main event, Maryse continually dodged Brie. Brie then took the mic to call Maryse a coward. Miz then took the mic and said Brie did not deserve a match with a two time Divas Champion like Maryse. He announced the match over, and the heels made their way up the ramp.

Brie grabbed Maryse from behind and pulled her into the ring. She got the Yes Lock on Maryse, but it was broken up by Miz. This enraged Bryan, who attacked Miz. Miz tossed Bryan out of  the ring, where he crashed into Brie. Miz took advantage of Miz tending to Brie by attacking him, as Maryse attacked an incapacitated Brie. Brie eventually made a comeback, punching Miz as Bryan clotheslined him out of the ring.

Bryan and Brie led the crowd in “Yes” chants as the show went off the air.

Evaluation: The crowd was really hot for the main event, so it definitely worked. I still think this feud is better without the wives, but tonight was as good as you could’ve wanted for the story they’re telling.

Forecast: Since Miz won the first match in the series, I expect the faces to win on Sunday, with a one on one rubber match between Miz and Bryan at Survivor Series.


Recap: AJ Styles cut a promo via a video package filmed in an empty arena earlier in the day. He emphasized that he was different from Joe, as he would never bring another man’s family into a dispute. He called Joe a piece of —-, stopping himself and saying “garbage.” AJ emphasized that he has integrity, unlike Joe. AJclosed by saying that the house that AJ Styles built isn’t for rent or for sale.

Later, there was a Samoa Joe video package promo. He told a bedtime story called “Night Night A.J. by Samoa Joe.” Joe went through the pages of the book, rhyming a story about how the hero, Joe, would vanquish the villain, AJ, and then become a new husband and father for AJ’s family.

Evaluation: Joe’s promo was creative and well done. AJ’s was straightforward and got the job done. Overall, this did a good job of building more tension into the existing story.

Forecast: I’ve gone back and forth regarding who will win on Sunday. I think it’s a total tossup, but if I have to pick, I’ll go with Joe.


Recap: Charlotte Flair cut a promo before her match with Sonya Deville. She said she had asked for the match because she likes competition. She said she hoped Becky was watching.

The crowd was totally dead during the match. After Charlotte’s win, she did the rounds along the barricade slapping hands with fans. She was attacked by Becky Lynch, who was in the crowd disguised as a fan. Becky put the Disarm-Her on Charlotte before heading up the ramp and promising to take the title home on Sunday.

Backstage, Becky said she would break Charlotte’s arm after taking back her title.

Evaluation: Even if WWE realizes that Becky won’t be booed as a heel, this angle is still damaging Charlotte. Becky’s popularity combined with Charlotte’s lack of turn has resulted in total apathy toward Charlotte.

Forecast: Unless Becky is winning the title and the feud is ending, Charlotte badly needs to turn heel on Sunday. Even if Becky wins, I doubt the feud would end. I optimistically predict a Charlotte turn on Sunday.


Aiden English taking the Brogue Kick to save Rusev seems to officially end thoughts of a Rusev Day breakup….

I’m old enough to remember the NXT days, when Asuka was great….


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