BOUND FOR GLORY RESULTS: McMahons live report on Aries vs. Impact for the World Title, LAX vs. OGz, Edwards vs. Moose and more



Oct. 14, 2018
Live from the Melrose Ballroom (New York, N.Y.)
Aired on PPV/Fite TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

— A cold open aired of LAX in their hometown neighborhood. Between clips of LAX talking, highlights were shown of the events that led up to the matches at Bound for Glory.

— Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show as crowd shots were shown.


After some jockeying, Mack and Sydal began the match with some exciting chain wrestling. Page and Swann tagged him. Page flipped Swann off the top with an arm drag and then went for a cover. Page and Swann were on the outside of the ring. Swann went to go under the ring to get something, and Sydal was hiding underneath the ring and hit him with a chair. Willie Mack hit a dive off the apron to take every man out. Back in the ring, Sydal applied a submission. Page hit Swann with an elbow off the top for a two count. Swann made a hot tag and Mack cleared house. Mack hit Page with an Exploder Suplex. Mack hit a standing moonsault for a two count. A loud “This is Impact!” chant broke out. Callis said Mack is a “new signing” by the Impact management team. Sydal flipped Swann off the top with a hurricanrana but Swann, as he rolled through it, caught Page with a hurricanrana. That was really impressive. Mack hit Page with a stunner. Sydal took out Mack with a leg sweep. Swann hit Sydal with a cutter. Swann hit Sydal with a Phoenix Splash for the win.

WINNER: Rich Swann & Willie Mack via pinfall in 12:00

After the match, Mack rolled back into the ring and celebrated with Swann. Mack grabbed a mic, which didn’t work at first. Then someone from production gave him another mic, which didn’t work. Finally, a third mic came into the ring and it worked. Mack said he was glad everyone enjoyed his debut. Mack said there were two empty seats in the front row, and whoever made the most noise would get the seats. Mathews said that was courtesy of Comda, the presenting sponsor. Mack said he was going to drop the mic, and hoped everyone had a “helluva night” because they were about to “set this bitch on fire.”

McMahon’s Analysis: Really fun opener. This was the first time I’ve seen Willie Mack, and he’s awesome. I became an instant fan. He’s super charismatic and really athletic for someone with his size. The whole match was really good and it energized the crowd. 

The post-match promo where Comda was so heavily hyped felt like it didn’t fit, but if they’re paying Impact and they’re a sponsor, then I’m fine with them taking two minutes to give fans a seat upgrade and mention Comda … no big deal.

— A recap video of Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie on TMZ aired.

— Callis and Mathews threw to a video that was shot last night at Abyss’ Hall of Fame ceremony, where Aries grabbed a mic and cut a promo on Johnny Impact and they needed to be pulled apart.

— After the video, Mathews said something was happening in the back. Konnan was shown laying on the ground and LAX ran in to pick him up. Konnan said it was King. He told them to get someone to help him, but to go take care of business tonight.

— Eli Drake made his entrance for his open challenge. Drake grabbed a mic as the crowd chanted “Y2J!” … Drake said the gravy train rolled right into New York City. Drake said he asked for the best New York could give him, so here he is, ready for the best. Drake said that he saw no one knew backstage, and New York’s biggest claim to fame is pizza. Drake said he saw no familiar faces in the back, but he sees plenty of new faces from the New York Giants at ringside. Drake asked if anyone remembered when the Giants used to be good? “How is that 1-5 record treating ya, boys?” he said. Drake said it didn’t matter who challenged him, because it will end with a Gravy Train.

James Ellsworth came out to answer Drake’s challenge … but Mathews said that he’s not a New Yorker. The crowd booed. Ellsworth said he had to talk to Drake. The crowd chanted, “Delete! Delete! Delete!” at Ellsworth. Drake said, “wait, the wrong guy.” Drake asked if Ellsworth was from New York? The crowd chanted, “No! No! No!” … Ellsworth said he did date a girl from Staten Island once, and he did live in her basement for a while. But after he couldn’t pay rent she kicked him out. Ellsworth said he loved New York City and no one should bash it … the crowd booed and then chanted “Fuck you, Ellsworth!” Ellsworth said anyone man with two hands as a fighting … and he hit Drake with the mic.


The crowd immediately chanted for Eli Drake at the opening bell. Drake hit a boot in the corner. Ellsworth tuned up the band for Sweet Chin Music, and the crowd booed heavily. Drake hit a powerbomb after catching Ellsworth’s boot. The crowd chanted for a Gravy Train. Ellsworth hit Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere for a two count. Drake hit a Gravy Train. The crowd chanted, “One more time!” Drake picked up Ellsworth and hit another Gravy Train for the win.

WINNER: Eli Drake via pinfall in 2:00.

Drake grabbed a mic after the match ended and Ellsworth rolled out of the ring. Drake said he came to New York City and he asked for the best. He didn’t ask for garbage. He asked for top guys and championship material. Drake said he asked for Hall of Fame material.

Abyss’ music hit and he came to the entrance. Abyss entered the ring and Drake attacked him. Abyss came back with a clothesline. Abyss hit a splash in the corner. Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam. Abyss rolled to the outside and brought a table into the ring. Abyss went to chokeslam Drake but he hit Abyss with a low blow. Drake set up Abyss on the table and climbed to the second rope. Drake went for a dive off the second rope but Abyss caught him and chokeslammed him through the table.

McMahon’s Analysis: It was a fun moment with Abyss coming out to battle Drake. James Ellsworth as the “surprise” challenger to Drake did not go over whatsoever. The crowd was anti-Ellsworth from the second his music hit and they were pro-Drake from the very beginning. That did not work. But it was interesting because the crowd forgot about that by the time Abyss got involved. They cheered wildly for Abyss as he put Drake through a table, when literally minutes before, they were chanting “Gravy Train!” at Ellsworth.

Overall, this has been a fun start to the show. The opener was good and Drake’s open challenge — although it didn’t feature Chris Jericho as the crowd wanted — still delivered and was a fascinating segment with the reaction to Ellsworth. However, the anti-Ellsworth reaction shouldn’t have been a surprise. Impact has been teasing Chris Jericho’s involvement for months now, and not delivering on it is going to make fans angry. The Abyss involvement got the crowd back on Impact’s side, though.

— McKenzie Mitchell tried to interview Tessa Blanchard earlier today.

— A video package aired on Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie.

(3) TESSA BLANCHARD (c) vs. TAYA VALKYRIE — Knockouts Championship Match

Early in the match, Blanchard hit a Codebreaker for a two count. Callis said that Tessa usually has a strength advantage, but in this match, she probably doesn’t. Tessa dropkicked Valkyrie in the kidney. Taya hit Tessa with a big German Suplex. Tessa really sold her elbow after the German. Taya hit Tessa with two charges in the corner. Taya hit Tessa with a superplex and then locked in a submission. Tessa powered up from a seating position and drove Tessa into the corner. Taya locked Tessa into an armbar submission. Taya stomped Tessa into the mat and then locked Tessa in a camel clutch. Tessa got to a rope to break the hold and then she tried to roll to the outside. Taya hit a Road to Valhalla but the referee was fixing the apron and didn’t make a count. Taya missed a dive in the corner as Tessa moved. Tessa hit a Buzzsaw DDT for a two count. Tessa hit a diving Codebreaker off the top rope for the win.

WINNER: Tessa Blanchard retains via pinfall in 11:00.

McMahon’s Analysis: That was great! Seriously, I had high expectations, but that was awesome. You could feel the emotion in the match and Taya, who hasn’t wrestled on the show in months, looked great. The finish, where Tessa hit the diving Codebreaker, was incredible. That’s a match WWE could have presented as a WrestleMania Women’s Title match, and been proud of it. Really high marks for a fun, athletic and very entertaining match.

— McKenzie Mitchell was outside and interviewed Moose from earlier today.

— A video package aired on Moose vs. Eddie Edwards.


Moose was led to the ring by three unnamed valets. Moose charged Edwards at the bell. Edwards hit a Boston Knee Party to hault Moose’s momentum and then went and got “Kenny” on the outside. Killer Kross attacked Edwards from ringside and the bell rang.

WINNER: No-contest in 1:00.

Mathews said the match was being thrown out. Kross choked Edwards. Kross threw Edwards into the ring and Moose and Kross double-teamed him. Moose hit a pump kick on Edwards. Tommy Dreamer hit the ring with a kendo stick and made the saves for Edwards. The crowd chanted, “ECW!” Dreamer grabbed a mic and cut a promo on Moose and Kross and said this would be a tag team match.


Dreamer and Edwards went to the outside and began brawling with Kross and Moose. Dreamer spit water into Edwards’ mouth, and he spit it at Moose. On the outside, Jylan Ware of the New York Giants shoved Moose. Back in the ring, Edwards hit Kross with a top-rope hurricanrana. Moose and Edwards traded chops in the ring. Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Moose and the crowd applauded at the end of a fast-paced chain of wrestling. Dreamer kicked Kross with a low blow. Kross hit Dreamer with a Doomsday. Edwards was the victim of a pop-up powerbomb from Moose that sounded like it was going to break the ring. Edwards pinned Moose with a schoolboy.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards & Tommy Dreamer via pinfall in 11:00.

After the match, Kross snatched Edwards and held him, for Moose to hit a huge spear. Moose and Kross dragged Edwards to the outside and power bombed Edwards onto the ring apron.

McMahon’s Analysis: The crowd is insanely loud, and very into the show. I’m not sure Dreamer qualifies as a surprise, because I think everyone assumed he would show up at some point given his proximity to the venue and that he seems to have a solid working relationship with Impact Wrestling. That being said, the crowd still popped huge for his entrance and he had them hooked on the match. 

Edwards was the real star of this match, I thought. The powerbomb he took from Moose inside the ring, and then on the apron, were sickening bumps that I’m sure he’ll be feeling in the morning. 

— OVE cut a promo backstage.

— A video package aired on OVE vs. Brian Cage, Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

(6) BRIAN CAGE, FENIX & PENTAGON JR. vs. OVE (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist & Dave Crist) — OVE Rules Match

Pentagon tossed Callihan from the ring in the early going. OVE rules are essentially Lucha rules, where someone is legal after someone else leaves the ring. Fenix hit Jake Crist with a diving headbutt. Fenix hit Jake with a kick and then a huge dive off the top rope. Jake rolled out and Callihan rolled in. Callihan took out Fenix with an innovative DDT-type move. Callihan dragged Fenix back into the ring and hit a springboard clothesline off the second rope. Callihan tried to dive on Cage on the outside but Cage caught him and powerbombed him onto the apron. Jake Crist threw Cage into the ring post. Fenix hit Dave Crist with a superkick as Dave tried to dive to the outside. Fenix dove through the middle rope onto Jake and Callihan. Jake Crist superkicked Pentagon. Cage caught Jake in the ring and tossed him over his head, over the top rope, and onto everyone on the outside of the ring. Pentagon hit Jake Crist with a double stomp off the top rope. Callihan tossed Cage to the outside but Fenix dove in with a huge kick for a two count. Jake hit two superkicks on Fenix. Jake Crist nearly died from a Pentagon Driver but Dave made the save. Cage decapitated Callihan with a clothesline. Cage powerbomed Callihan into the corner and the Lucha Brothers hit a spiked Fear Factor for a two count because the other members of OVE made the save. Pentagon hit Dave Crist with a Codebreaker. Pentagon propped Fenix up on his shoulders (standing) and Jake Crist climbed to the top rope and caught the Fenix with a cutter from probably 12′ in the air. They landed on Dave Crist’s head, I think by accident. OVE took turns kicking Cage in the head, who was on his knees. Callihan hit Cage with a piledriver for a three count.

WINNER: OVE in 15:00.

Mathews and Callis were shocked at the end of the match. Callis said Cage took 30 kicks to the head, but Callihan is the first person to pin Brian Cage.

McMahon’s Analysis: The finish to this match reminded me a lot of Brock Lesnar beating the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. Obviously, the Lesnar-Undertaker match was much more of a shock, but it felt like that’s what Impact was going for with this finish. It was out of nowhere, and Mathews and Callis both were in shock. 

The match itself was incredible. I expected this match to deliver, and it did in every way. There were huge spots and a big story coming out of the match, with Cage taking a pinfall loss to Callihan. Of all the people to beat Cage, Callihan is the right guy. He’s a heel who can gloat about this for months. Maybe a year. Honestly, the way this played out, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cage wins the World Title soon (maybe with Option C), and Callihan tries to claim that he’s the real champion for being the only person to beat Cage.

— A GWN promo aired.

— McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Austin Aries backstage. Aries said he doesn’t trust anyone, including Impact management. He told Impact that his whole crew would be at ringside and he wanted Taya there too, so she could see what he was going to do to her husband. Aries said this isn’t a reality show or a “shitty B-movie” … it’s his life.

McMahon: Interesting that Aries said this wasn’t a “shitty B-movie,” considering some of the production elements the company has used on recent episodes of Impact Wrestling.

— Eddie Kingston was backstage with the OGz. King said he was sad about Konnan “slipping” … the OGz looked on as King said now the “young boys” will know what it’s like growing up in the streets.

— A video package aired on LAX vs. the OGz.

(7) KING, HOMICIDE & HERNANDEZ vs. SANTANA & ORTIZ — Concrete Jungle of Death Match

The match begins with a brawl in the ring. The ring boards slid and there were giant holes in the ring with boards sliding around. The referee is feverishly trying to put the boards back in place as wrestlers are walking around or hitting moves and they’re sliding. Callis said the ring is a literal death trap. Ortiz hit Homicide and Hernandez with a garbage can lid. Hernandez’s head is busted open. Homicide and Hernandez double-team Ortiz in the ring while Santana is down on the outside. King choked Ortiz as Homicide and Hernandez set up tables in the corners of the ring. King went to hit Santana with a dive but he missed and landed on the rain. Hernandez gave Homicide a border toss to the outside, where he landed on LAX. Hernandez hit Ortiz with a shoulder tackle, which drove him through a table in the corner. Santana hit a dive onto Hernandez. Santana asked the crowd if he should “kill this motherfucker” pointing at King. The crowd cheered. Santana tossed King into the turnbuckle where he hit his head. LAX traded splashes onto Hernandez in the corner. LAX hit a double-teamed superplex on Hernandez off the top rope. All of the boards jumped about a foot and were way out of place. The referee kept trying to straighten them out and fix them, because it was a hazard if a leg got stuck in a gap. King slapped Ortiz in the face. King was about to hit Ortiz when Konnan entered. Konnan and King brawled in the ring. Konnan had a sock filled with something … Callis speculated it was a pool ball. Konnan threw King through the table in the corner. LAX hit King with a Street Sweeper for the win.

WINNER: LAX via pinfall in 10:00.

LAX draped a Puerto Rican flag over King and celebrated after the match.

McMahon’s Analysis: The match went a little shorter than I expected, but given the circumstances, I understand it. The match was dangerous, between the big spots and the fact that boards were sliding around. The circumstances could have made the match feel uncoordinated, but I thought it was relatively smooth all things considered. It was also a cool and different visual. Good match. I’d be OK if we didn’t see another “concrete jungle” match again, but that’s OK. I’m fine with Impact experimenting with ideas like this, rather than bad mini-movies they’ve been producing in recent weeks. 

— A video package aired on Allie going into the undead realm.

— Allie walked through a doorway and into a room with a coffin. She lifted the cover and climbed in while holding an ax. Allie closed the coffin and then re-opened it to find herself in the “undead realm.” Father James Mitchell was there. Mitchell said that Su was holding Kiera Hogan in the chapel. Mitchell said that if Allie sees her soul, she can’t touch it because it needed to stay in the undead realm. Allie then literally walks upstairs — apparently, the undead realm has more than one floor — and Su Yung is waiting at the top of the steps. An undead bridesmaid attacks Allie, but she killed her with an ax and blood sprayed all over her face.

Allie opened a coffin and found Kiera laying inside. Su Yung came up from behind her and swung an ax but Allie blocked it. Su Yung attacked Allie with a baseball bat and started choking her. Su Yung grabbed the ax again and backed Allie into a supply closet — the undead realm has those too, apparently — and then locked in a mandible claw. Su Yung took out a huge knife, but Allie got up and killed Su Yung with an ax to the neck. Allie then went back to the coffin and “woke up” Kiera Hogan in the coffin and said they needed to go. Kiera and Allie ran downstairs but they couldn’t open the coffin to get back to the real world. James Mitchell walked in. James Mitchell said that he promised to help Allie get into the undead realm, but he never promised to get her out. Undead bridesmaids walked into the room and they were about to attack, but Rosemary appeared and fought them off while Allie and Kiera looked on. Rosemary said that they shouldn’t be in the undead realm, and she opened the coffin and told them to go. Allie said she wouldn’t leave without Rosemary. Su Yung then walked around the corner with an ax sticking out of her neck. She pulled out the ax. Allie and Kiera begged Rosemary to come with the as Su Yung and Rosemary started fighting with supernatural powers. Rosemary was overtaken by Su Yung and undead bridesmaids. Allie and Kiera made it back to the real realm and Allie screamed that she wanted to go back, but Kiera said that Rosemary said they couldn’t.

McMahon’s Analysis: Ugh … what the hell was that? Giving credit where it’s due, it was produced and shot well. But I’m just not a fan of stuff like this. It doesn’t belong in pro wrestling. Tell the stories in the ring. Again, it felt like a bad horror movie. How am I supposed to take a powerbomb seriously when, elsewhere on the show, people are getting stabbed in the neck with axes? A DDT doesn’t mean much when there’s murder happening on the show. … It wasn’t worse than some bad Sci-Fi script, but my point is that bad Sci-Fi scripts don’t belong in pro wrestling. This felt like a poor attempt to ripoff Lucha Underground. Forge your own identity. Don’t become a knockoff of something else. 

— A promo aired for a January 6 PPV where Impact returns home … Homecoming will take place from The Asylum in Nashville.

— Johnny Impact was interviewed backstage.

— A video package aired on Johnny Impact vs. Austin Aries.

(8) AUSTIN ARIES (c) (w/ Killer Kross & Moose) vs. JOHNNY IMPACT (w/ Taya Valkyrie) — Impact World Title match

There was a dueling “Austin Aries!” vs. “Johnny Impact!” chant to begin the match. Impact charged Impact and Aries locked in a guillotine. Impact and Aries rolled around the mat as the referee tried to get control. Aries yelled, “Do you want to go to sleep right now!?!” Impact and Aries were brawling like it’s a street fight. There aren’t wrestling moves as much as just mat brawling. There was a loud “205!” chant. Impact and Aries began throwing punches and forearms. The match in the first three minutes were spurts of actual fighting without much wrestling maneuvers. Impact clotheslined Aries to the outside. Aries went for a kick but Impact jumped over it and landed with one foot on the apron and one foot on the railing, and then he moonsaulted onto Aries. Aries threw Impact to the outside. Aries mouthed off at Taya, who shouted back “fuck you, bitch!” into the ring. Impact mauled Aries in the corner with knees. Aries went for a dive to the outside but Impact caught him with an elbow. Aries locked in the Last Chancery but he lost the grip. Impact tried to suplex Aries into the ring but Aries blocked it with shots to Impact’s gut. Aries hit a 450 for a believable near fall after dropping Impact on his head on the apron. Aries hit Impact with forearms to the head in the corner. Impact hit a superkick. Impact hit Starship Pain but Aries was able to grab the bottom rope with his hand. Aries it a discus elbow. Aries hit Impact with the Brainbuster but Impact got his foot on the bottom rope. Aries glared at Taya, who yelled that she weighs more than Aries because she’s taller than him and has more muscle. Aries locked in the Last Chancery. Impact crawled across the ring and reached the bottom rope. Impact and Aries traded slaps and forearms. Aries ducked an Impact kick and then dove through the ropes and hit Taya. Impact ran to the outside and began ramming the back of Aries’ head onto the guardrail. Aries went for a schoolboy and got a two count. Impact hit Aries with a brainbuster and then Starship Pain for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Impact wins the Impact World Title via pinfall in 20:00.

Aries shot up right after the pin and then began shouting at someone in the balcony before storming to the back, flipping off the crowd … something happened there. Impact went to the outside to pickup Taya and they hugged on the outside. In the ring, Taya raised Impact’s hand as they went off the air. Moose and Killer Kross just mulled around the aisle and seemed confused as to why Aries stormed off.

McMahon’s Analysis: Very good match to end a very good show. I’m not sure this show was as good as Slammiversary, but it was close. Almost every match delivered and Impact winning the World Title felt like a big moment based on the crowd reaction.

Overshadowing it will be whatever happened at the end. Re-watching the video, it looked like Aries immediately popped up after taking the pin and began shouting something at Don Callis, who was stationed up in that portion of the balcony with Josh Mathews. From there, Aries flipped him off and then immediately walked to the back, flipping off Callis and the crowd in the process. It appeared that Johnny Impact mouthed “are you kidding me?” as he watched it unfold, and then he whispered something to Taya after helping her on the outside. Meanwhile, Killer Kross and Moose just mulled around the aisleway, seemingly confused as to what just happened. 

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