WEEKLY OVERVIEW – IMPACT WRESTLING (thru 10/16): Latest Bound for Glory news, live event results, schedule, big event line-up, social media, interview highlights, commentary

By Landon Pipkin, PWTorch Contributor


The following is the latest in a new series of weekly in-depth articles exclusive to PWTorch which will help put in perspective major wrestling promotions with a weekly overview, looking at news and roster developments, results, future line-ups, social media activity, key interviews, plus a timely commentary at the end. We will be featuring similar features on other promotions each week and each will be updated weekly.

•Top Stories of the Week

-Impact Wrestling’s biggest show of the year, Bound for Glory, is airing live this Sunday night on PPV…

-POP TV informed Impact Wrestling this week that starting on Oct. 25, Impact’s timeslot will be moved to Thursday nights at 10 p.m. est…

-Impact Wrestling announced this week that they have partnered with Kings Highway Media to expand their video and content distribution across all platforms…

-Thursday, Willie Mack was named Rich Swann’s partner at Bound For Glory. This could be a short-term deal with Impact, but it’s a solid addition to their roster…

-Impact ratings continue to reach all-time lows, with another dip this week down to 183,000 total viewers.

•Live Event Results

10/6/2018 – BCW 25th Anniversary, St. Clair College Windsor, Ontario, Canada

(1) Scarlett Bordeaux & Stone Rockwell defeated KC Spinelli & Eli Drake in a mixed tag-team match.

(2) Matrox won the Doug Chevalier Memorial Gauntlet match last eliminating N8 Mattson. Other entrants were Conrad Kennedy III, Dustin Quicksilver, Fabio Morocco, Kurt Hendrik, Rico Montana, Sheldon Jean, Mr. Atlantis, Brad ‘Freakin’ Martin, Trey Miguel, and Zachary Wentz.

(3) Kiera Hogan defeated Gisele Shaw.

(4) RJ City & David Arquette defeated Joe Coleman & Idris Abraham.

(5) Chris Sabin & Tyson Dux & Petey Williams defeated oVe.

(6) D’Lo Brown & Highlander Robbie Macallister & Tommy Dreamer defeated Scott D’Amore & Jon Bolen & Johnny Swinger.

(7) Aiden Prince & Brent Banks defeated Phil Atlas & Jake Something in a ladder match to win the   BCW Tag-Team Championships.

(8) Moose defeated Eddie Edwards in a street fight.

(9) Cody Deaner defeated Kongo Kong, Matt Sydal, and Johnny Impact in a 4-way match to win the   BCW Championship.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/bordercitywrestling/

10/7/2018 – Motown Showdown, Diamondback Saloon, Belleville, Mich.

(1) Hala Beefcake defeated RJ City & Jake Something.

(2) Mad Man Fulton defeated Mavado.

(3) Scarlett Bordeaux defeated Gisele Shaw.

(4) Eli Drake’s Open Challenge: Eli Drake defeated Zach Gowen.

(5) Petey Williams defeated Matt Sydal, Ace Austin, and N8 Mattson.

(6) Sami Callihan defeated Ace Romero.

(7) Tommy Dreamer & Eddie Edwards defeated Johnny Swinger & Jon Bolen.

(8) Kongo Kong defeated D-Lo Brown.

(9) Johnny Impact defeated Moose.

Source: https://411mania.com/wrestling/csonkas-impact-wrestling-bcw-motown-showdown-2018-review/

•Upcoming Major Show Line-up: Bound For Glory

(1) Austin Aries (c) vs. Johnny Impact – Singles match for the Impact World Championship

(2) Ohio Versus Everything (Dave Crist & Jake Crist & Sami Callihan) vs. Brian Cage & Fénix & Pentagón Jr. – oVe Rules match

(3) The Latin American Xchange (Santana & Ortiz & Konnan) vs. The OGz (Hernandez & Homicide & King) – Concrete Jungle Deathmatch

(4) Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Singles match

(5) Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie – Singles match for the Impact Knockouts Championship

(6) Matt Sydal & Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack – Tag Team match

(7) Eli Drake vs. TBD – Open Challenge match

(8) Allie vs. Su Yung – Singles match

•Upcoming Events

10/14/2018 – Bound for Glory, Melrose Ballroom, Queens, N.Y.

10/15/2018 – Impact TV Taping, Melrose Ballroom, Queens, N.Y.

10/16/2018 – Impact TV Taping, Melrose Ballroom, Queens, N.Y.

10/27/2018-10/31/2018 – Chris Jericho Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea

11/11/2018 – Impact Vegas, Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.

11/12/2018 – Impact Vegas, Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.

11/13/2018 – Impact Vegas, Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nev.

11/30/2018 – Gold Rush, Newark Pavilion, Newark, Calif.

12/1/2018 – One Night Only: Back to Cali, Salinas Pal Youth Center, Salinas, Calif.

•Latest TV Highlights: (10/11 Impact Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling from Oct. 11, 2018, from Frontón México in Mexico City, Mexico. Aired on POP TV at 8 p.m. EST.

Announcers: Josh Matthews and Don Callis.

(1) Petey Williams defeated Trevor Lee, Puma King, and Jack Evans. – Fatal Four Way Match

-Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Rich Swann. Swann said he found a partner to team with at BFG. A video package played, revealing Willie Mack as Swann’s partner.

(2) Maximo defeated Grado

-Backstage, Eddie Edwards was with Johnny Impact and Fallah Bahh. Edwards warned Moose to not bring his wife into this. Impact cut a promo on Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross setting up a match tonight.

-McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake. Drake explained that he makes the rules and is blowing through all the talent in the world. He issued an Open Challenge at Bound for Glory for anyone in New York.

(3) Rohit Raju defeated Gursinder Singh (As a result, Singh is no longer a member of The Desi Hit Squad.)

(4) Austin Aries & Moose & Killer Kross defeated Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards & Fallah Bahh

-A video package ran. Allie asked James Mitchell to help get her back to the undead realm. Mitchell complied with Allie and told her to meet him Sunday.

(5) Tessa Blanchard defeated Keyra

-In the ring, OGz entered followed by LAX. Kingston got into the face of Konnan and said, Sunday he ends the legend known as Konnan. Konnan said the elders wanted him to relay a message… He said, “the ceasefire ends, now.” LAX attacked the OGz and Impact went off the air.

For a more detailed report and analysis check out Mike McMahon’s PWTorch.com report.

•Impact in the Media

-PWTorch’s Wade Keller interviewed Austin Aries Friday, on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast. Aries discussed all the Twitter drama from this past week and gave his side of the story. He reveals in the interview that he and John haven’t had any private communication since their heated exchanges on Twitter that got very personal last weekend. “Let the sh– storm begin!” he joked, before adding: “I have not spoken to John [since the Twitter blow-up]. I’m sure we’ll do some talking on Sunday.” READ MORE HIGHLIGHTS

FREE PODCAST 10/12 – WKPWP Interview Friday: Austin Aries talks about Johnny Impact controversy on Twitter, when does a promo get too personal, guarding his vegan catering section, what makes a match good, his time in WWE and NXT, more (69 min)

-Austin Aries also talked BFG with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive on Monday’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

-Chris Jericho interviewed Austin Aries on Tuesday’s edition of Talk is Jericho. Aries told a hilarious story of TNA forgetting their Steel Cage for an all Steel Cage PPV event.

-Abyss was interviewed on Thursday by Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive of Wrestling Observer Live. He discussed how much it means to him on being inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. Also, he mentioned he was contacted several times by WWE, but chose to remain loyal to TNA.

-Brian Cage was the guest on Monday’s edition of The Steve Austin Show. Cage explains how he felt of his time in WWE developmental and his friendship with the late Chris Kanyon.

-Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm was interviewed on this weeks episode of Sitting Ringside. “There’s been a lot about the industry that we were, perhaps, naïve in thinking it would be as straightforward as we thought it might be. We learned all kinds of lessons, I don’t know where to start.” READ MORE HIGHLIGHTS HERE.

•Social Media Scene


•Closing Commentary

Impact Wrestling has exceeded expectations on pay-per-view this year, but will Sunday be different?

The Redemption PPV seemed destined to fail after the main event was changed due to Alberto El Patron’s departure, but the Impact roster excelled despite Alberto’s sudden departure and put on a fantastic show. Slammiversary’s card in July looked weak at a glance, but once again Impact delivered a Show of the Year contender.

This leads us to Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV and, once again, it’s a card lacking buzz. I believe Impact will deliver a great show that will eventually get more positive reviews.

But after the PPV is a completely different story considering how bad Impact TV has recently been. Starting Oct. 25, Impact will no longer be in primetime on Thursday nights. Hopefully, Impact’s upper-management will take this as an opportunity to prove POP TV wrong in their decision by actually putting logical thought into their weekly show.

No matter what happens on Sunday, Impact will have to drastically improve their weekly show or ratings will continue to plummet.


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