Exclusive: Austin Aries explains his rationale for what he’s said to Johnny Impact on TV and Twitter, have they talked since Twitter argument heading into Bound for Glory this Sunday

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Aries (art credit Grant Gould (c) PWTorch)


On tomorrow’s Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast “Interview Friday” episode, Impact Wrestling World Champion and 18 year veteran of ROH, WWE, and NXT Austin Aries addresses publicly his high-profile Twitter argument with Johnny Nitro (a/k/a John Morrison, real name John Hennigan).

He reveals in the interview that he and John haven’t had any private communication since their heated exchanges on Twitter that got very personal last weekend.

“Let the sh– storm begin!” he joked, before adding: “I have not spoken to John [since the Twitter blow-up]. I’m sure we’ll do some talking on Sunday.”

The tension may have begun with the in-ring interview segment with both Aries and Johnny on last week’s Impact Wrestling TV show. Aries did the vast majority of the talking, dressing down Johnny for an extended stretch of time as Johnny stared intently at times and smirked at others.

“I always go with this, Wade,” he says. “Why make stuff up when you can always tell the truth. People might not always like the stuff I say, but I always tell them stop me when I’m wrong. It might not be delivered with the bedside manner people would like, but again why make stuff up when I can just go right to the truth. Let’s just talk about reality. Why make stuff up? Here’s the whole thing. In all of that, I didn’t really take any personal shots at the guy. I just talked about his lack of focus or trying to be Johnny Everything to Everybody and now he wants to be The Man here. That’s what I talked about.

“I didn’t take any personal shots. I didn’t talk about his lack of personality or that there’s a reason I’m going to have the mic in may hand for ten minutes and you can have it for two. I didn’t talk about it in that promo. I talked about reality things, but I didn’t cut him down personally. That’s what he decided to do. Then all he could come back with is – because it’s the only thing people can really talk about when it comes to me – is the height thing. And that’s cool, man. At this point, I just sort of roll my eyes. I wanted to take that moment to point out the hypocrisy of the selective outrage environment that we live in now.”

“To see how things have played out since then, I’d say I hit a nerve. Listen, when you’re living with somebody, and you have to deal with them and their feelings and emotions, that changes the equation a little bit. I touched a nerve. Some feelings got hurt. I guess we’ll have too sort it all out on Sunday.”

He  talked a lot more about the Johnny Impact situation and also the art of the promo in general and how he manages potentially crossing a line with his opponents. He also talked about whether it will be awkward working with Johnny in the ring where they have to trust each other with one another’s safety as they put on a main event match on Bound for Glory, a live PPV on Sunday night. And on a lighter note, he talks about the challenge of protecting his vegan food at catering from Tommy Dreamer and Brian Cage. PWTORCH VIP MEMBERS can have early access to this full interview (with ads & plugs edited out) later this afternoon. See a list of VIP benefits and become a VIP member HERE.

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