10/11 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s live report on the go-home to Bound for Glory Aries, Moose & Kross vs. Edwards, Impact & Bahh; Puma King debuts


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Oct. 11, 2018
Taped from Ciudad de México, Mexico (Fronton Mexico)
Aired on Pop TV

Announcers: Josh Mathews & Don Callis

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— Impact began with highlights from last week’s episode.

— The Impact opening montage aired.

(1) Petey Williams def. Trevor Lee, Puma King and Jack Evans — Fatal Four Way Match

McMahon: The idea of this match was that Scarlet Bordeaux was keeping a close eye on it as she’s in the middle of her “talent search.” Petey Williams got the pin on Trevor Lee after a Canadian Destroyer. More importantly, what the hell are they doing with Trevor Lee? Now he’s not only losing matches, but he’s losing matches while the announcers point out that he never wins, and he’s not a “finisher.” This has been an ongoing story for the last year, but Lee might be the most wasted talent in all of pro wrestling. He’s absolutely the most wasted talent on the Impact roster. I’m holding out a slim slice of hope of they’re tearing Lee down in order to build him back up, but I’d be lying if I said I trusted them to do this appropriately. 

Aside from that, the match was fun and athletic. Evans looked good and Puma King had a nice cameo, though I don’t expect to see him again. Unlike last week with the use of La Parka, this seemed like am appropriate way to use a talent in a one-off and not hurt someone else on your main roster. I am intrigued as to why Lee took the pin, and not Evans. But again, this could be some sort of storyline where Lee loses all the time (great), before he goes on some sort of winning streak? Hopefully he doesn’t become Impact’s Curt Hawkins.

— McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Rich Swann backstage. She asked him if he had his partner yet for Bound for Glory against Ethan Page and Matt Sydal. Swann said he did find a partner, and at Bound for Glory, they could go off. Swann said that his partner is on his same level and has his same charisma and talent. Swann said that Sydal and Page will need a little more than yoga at Bound for Glory. Swann then threw to a video package, where it was announced that his partner will be … Willie Mack.

(2) Maximo def. Grado

Callis called him the “Mexican Grado” prior to the match beginning. Maximo twirled around and wore a shirt that said “kiss me.” Grado locked up Maximo in a waist lock and he grinded into Grado, who backed off in disgust. Maximo tried to kiss Grado but he blocked it. Maximo won after kissing Grado. Maximo told Grado to call him, and then they shook hands and Grado kissed him back.

McMahon: Barf. This was supposed to be a comedy match, but like most comedy in pro wrestling, it just isn’t funny. And before the comment section goes nutty with “WWE does comedy too!” … Yeah, they do. And it sucks just as much as this did. Seriously … this was garbage. The crowd was into it, which says more about their intellect than anything else. This was 10 minutes of homophobic humor. Great job, Impact. That’s the way to build to your biggest PPV of the year.

— Eddie Edwards was backstage talking to his kendo stick while Johnny Impact tried to get his attention with Fallah Bahh. Edwards finally looked at the camera and called Moose “Quinn” for involving his wife in the storyline.

— A video package aired on LAX vs. the OGz.

— The GWN Flashback Moment aired … it was a Knockouts 4-Way Match from 2010.

— Eli Drake was interviewed backstage.

(3) Rohit Raju def. Gursinder Singh

The loser of this match would be kicked out of the Desi Hit Squad, and they would be exiled back to India. Raju got the win after Singh tried for a cross armbreaker but couldn’t lock it in. Callis said Singh was weak and he would now pay the price. Gama Singh slapped Raju after the match and ordered him to leave. Gama Singh and Raju left Gursinder Singh in the ring and walked to the back.

McMahon: The Desi Hit Squad hasn’t been established enough on TV to have a breakup that anyone will really care about. That being said, if something happened with Singh and they simply needed to move on from him, I’m glad they did it this way rather than have him disappear without explanation. 

(4) Austin Aries, Killer Kross and Moose def. Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh and Eddie Edwards

McMahon: The  match was good, even if the booking felt predictable and a little lazy. I’ve never been a fan of wrestling promotions just throwing a punch of guys in a six-man prior to a pay-per-view as a way to “build” their matches. And again, before the Impact apologists go crazy, I hate it when WWE does it too, so hold your complaints. I’d almost be more OK with it if this match happened a few weeks ago rather than four days before the PPV. This close to the big show, I’d rather the opponents not touch within the context of a wrestling match. Granted it wasn’t 1-on-1, but we saw Eddie Edwards and Moose wrestle tonight. So why should I pay $40 to see it on Sunday? Obviously you’re paying the $40 to see them 1-on-1 and to see the finish, but still, the less the opponents touch prior to the match, the more the PPV match feels like a big fight.

They did tease that Impact was about to beat Aries with Starship Pain, to plant the seed that Impact has a chance to win on Sunday, but Kross made the save. Then, thanks to that interference, Aries hit a brainbuster on Impact for the win. The announcers didn’t play up enough that Impact had Aries beat after the move.

— Josh Mathews ran down the BFG card.

— A video package ran. Father James Mitchell was playing an organ and Allie walked into the room. He asked if the darkness consumed her yet? Allie said she needed to get back to the undead realm. Mitchell asked if she wanted to take back her soul, but Allie said that she understands the deal she made. Mitchell said that Allie, in exchange for being lifted out of the undead realm, left her soul there. Allie begged for “Jim’s” help, because she needed to get Kiera. Mitchell asked if she was willing to do whatever it takes to save Kiera? Mitchell said to meet him Sunday night, and he would open the coffin and Allie would be able to get to the undead realm, but he made no promises that he would be able to save Kiera Hogan.

McMahon: Wait … the implication here is that Allie literally sold her soul? And she has to enter the “undead realm” … This feels like a Stranger Things ripoff. Allie needs to enter the upside down … I mean, the undead realm … in order to save Will … I mean, Kiera Hogan. I’m beginning to wonder if this “creative” team has an ounce of original creativity among them. 

Last week was a bad B-movie between Moose and Eddie Edwards. Now we’re being treated to a weird B-movie Sci-Fi script. 

(5) Tessa Blanchard def. Keyra

McMahon: Keyra looked good, but again it was an interesting decision to see Blanchard sell so much at the beginning of the match just a few days away from a title defense against Taya Valkyrie, who is being pushed as a much bigger threat for the title than Keyra. After selling early, it was all Tessa and she won fairly easily. Callis said she had to “turn it around” to win, which was an interesting way to book her ahead of the title defense. 

— The OGz and LAX came to the ring for their summit. Kingston cut a passionate promo where he said they would destroy LAX at Bound for Glory. He told Santana he wouldn’t be able to raise his new little boy, because they were finished at BFG.

Konnan cut a promo, beginning in Spanish. After cutting into King, he said that the elders wanted him to deliver a message to Kingston … you never mess with family or kids, and the cease fire was now over. Konnan punched King and a brawl ensued, as Josh Mathews said they needed to go.

— A video package aired on Bound for Glory.

3 Comments on 10/11 IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: McMahon’s live report on the go-home to Bound for Glory Aries, Moose & Kross vs. Edwards, Impact & Bahh; Puma King debuts

  1. Another joke of a show.

    Petey Williams goes over as the loyal roster favorite of the creative team as usual.

    Maximo vs. Grado was what I expected. Old school homophobic spots and on “Coming Out Day” no less. The usual outdated and out of touch creative team basically saying “queers are a joke to always be laughed at in pro wrestling”. At least they didn’t bite each other on the back side in this one. The most offensive part is it’s such a played out and lazy stereotype to use for comedy. Don Callis commentary made it even worse by basically saying Grado can’t get women because he’s a goof so he may as well go gay to get any action.

    I don’t understand why they would put the 6-man featuring the two guys in your ppv main event at the top of the second hour of a go home TV show. Johnny Impact takes the fall here so Booking 101 probably means he wins the title at the ppv.

    And they close the show with LAX and The OGz arguing once again. I hope this feud does end for good on Sunday but then Konnan will just have new enemies to go on about every week.

  2. I am really rooting for Impact to have a great PPV this Sunday!!! I referee with a lot of these guys and girls on the Indies so I am hoping that the PPV creates a big buzz.

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