WWE News: Mike Kanellis and Maria ask for their releases, WWE denies release, management’s view on them behind the scenes

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

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-Mike Kanellis and Maria recently asked WWE officials for their releases and were denied.  Mike and Maria were most recently assigned to the 205 Live brand and have been unhappy with their push for a long time according to PWTorch sources. Pro Wrestling Sheet originally reported the news. PWTorch has independently confirmed that both asked for their releases.

PWTorch has confirmed with WWE sources that neither will be granted their release at this time. Mike and Maria have a bad reputation in some WWE circles. Maria is seen as a complainer by WWE management. One source noted that Maria has been a complainer for a long time dating back to her previous stint in the company.

WWE sources tell PWTorch that Mike is his own worst enemy. WWE management has frowned on some of his comments on social media lately and he is seen as a complainer as well. WWE sources noted that many people in WWE don’t believe Mike ever had a drug problem pointing out that he continued to wrestle on the road for WWE and never officially went to rehab. Another source that has dealt with a family member that battled addiction in the past told PWTorch that it bothered them that Mike never went to rehab noting that WWE wants their talent healthy and would have paid for it.

Maria confirmed that Mike did not go to rehab earlier today on Twitter:

5 Comments on WWE News: Mike Kanellis and Maria ask for their releases, WWE denies release, management’s view on them behind the scenes

  1. No mention of the Bellas are any real truth in this article? AEW mention? What a funny article. We know the truth, bud. Quit sucking WWE ass. I doubt you really have any sources, but your covering up for WWE is a riot. Jim Cornette’s opinion seems to be spot on.

    • That should read “or any real truth” above. Why not mention the Bella Bias? Their jealousy of Maria is well known and she has talked about it at length. I understand why the Bellas would be jealous considering they pale in talent and looks to Maria, but no mention of that at all?

  2. I find it comical that Maria is being labeled as “a complainer” by WWE management when they’ve been assigned to a program on par with Main Event, that no one ever watches. If she is complaining, she has every right.

    Plus, who are WWE management to say Mike never had a drug problem because he didn’t go to rehab? People handle things differently. He might’ve got clean on his own, I don’t know. I won’t pretend to.

    The WWE arrogance here is astounding, however. It’s as if everyone’s just supposed to be happy they’re there, and take what they’re given.

    This shows how fearful the WWE is of AEW, though. Otherwise, if they really felt Mike and Maria are that much of a headache, they’d just let them go elsewhere. It’s not as if Mike is carrying around the IC title right now, or is in a major story. Vince is scared however, because he knows his product is garbage right now.

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