8/13 WWE Smackdown Results: Keller’s report on Summerslam fallout, Roman Reigns attempted vehicular homicide whodunit, what’s next in Kofi-Orton situation

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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AUGUST 13, 2019

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves


-Phillips introduced the show from Toronto. Then Kevin Owens walked out to cheers. They went to the announcers who talked about how satisfying it was to see KO beat Shane McMahon. Saxton said there are so many in the locker room happy because Shane abused his power week after week after week. KO leaned on the top rope and absorbed some more cheers and then a “Kevin Owens!” chant. He said yesterday marked the five year anniversary of the day he signed his WWE contract. He said over those five years he’s created memories and had experiences he never expected to have. He said he stepped into the ring with people he looked up to his entire career before getting there. He said last Sunday he was in the ring with someone who calls himself The Best in the World. Boos. He said while he can assure them that’s as far from reality as can be, Summerslam will still go down as a night he will remember for a lot of reasons. He said his wife, kids, and parents were sitting ringside and got to share that experience with him. Cheers. He said they got to share that sold out arena with fans begging him to kick Shane’s ass. He said that’s exactly what he did. He said Shane’s ass isn’t the only thing he kicked. He laughed. “As great as that kick felt, what I’ll remember most is hitting Shane McMahon with that stunner in the middle of that ring in the middle of this arena. Because of you, I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.” Cheers.

He said he’s now shifting his focus to the King of the Ring tournament. He said he loved watching it growing up and he’s thrilled it’s being brought back and thrilled to be one of the competitors in it this year. He said winning the tournament would mean as much as winning any of the titles he’s won. He said he’d be on the list with wrestlers such as Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and so many others. He was interrupted by Shane McMahon’s music. KO collapsed in despair that he had to deal with Shane again.

Fans pelted Shane with an “asshole” chant. Shane said that’s not nice to call KO that. He then showed KO kicking him in the crotch on Sunday with Shane wincing upon impact. “You deserved it!” chanted the fans. Shane asked if that’s what makes him a man. KO said he won’t be lectured by someone who used to be part of something called The Mean Street Posse. KO said being a man is doing what you have to do when your job is on the line and being a man is doing what you believe in. He said in this case, being a man means shutting Shane’s stupid face. Shane said KO will always be known as a cheater and he’ll have to go through life knowing that. Shane said he shouldn’t be looking at his face because he should be in the unemployment line outside the arena. Shane said he just wants to walk to the ring and beat the crap out of him. KO said he’s got his fighting boots on. Shane said he’s holding himself back because he doesn’t want to soil himself. He said he’ll show restraint. Shane said he has a match later. KO asked who. Shane said he’ll tell him later.

Shane then pointed at the big screen for a clip of KO hitting Elias over and over with a chair. Shane said Elias was so traumatized that he gave him the night off and the 24/7 Title is suspended for the night. Boos. Graves said KO should have been suspended. Shane told KO he was hitting Elias with malice. He pointed out that Elias was wearing a WWE referee jersey. Shane said they need to protect officials from physical harm. He said what needs to happen to ensure everyone is safe, he will be fining KO one hundred thousand dollars. KO yelled, “What?” KO said 100 grand might be nothing to Shane, but it’s everything to his family – his kids’ college or a down payment on a house. KO said, “You know it’s crap.” Shane said, “Nope.” Then he dropped the mic and left.

-The announcers hyped The Revival vs. Xavier Woods & Big E and Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy. They showed a split screen of Ember Moon and Charlotte. [c]

[Locally they’re advertising Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins, plus Braun Strowman for next week’s Raw in St. Paul, Minn.]

-The camera followed KO as he barged into Shane’s backstage make-shift office. Shane told KO to take a swing at him, because he’ll sue him and take every single dime from him and put his family in peril. Shane said it had to be done. KO sat and fumed, then pounded the table in front of him. KO said, “Let’s make it 105!” He picked up a stool and threw it at the TV. (With the price of TVs these days, it’s more like $100,500, not $105,000.)


Graves said Charlotte opened the eyes of the WWE Universe in a whole new way by toppling a legend like Trish. He also said if that’s Trish’s last match, she can be proud. When Moon slid at Charlotte, Charlotte hit her with a forearm. Then she gloated, so Moon slidekicked her. She followed with a leaping crossbody off the middle rope to ringside. Charlotte took control at ringside a minute later and threw her into the barricade. They cut to a break, but stayed with the action on split screen. [c]

Charlotte controlled during the break. After the break, Moon made a comeback. She climbed to the top rope, but Charlotte yanked her by her hair to the mat. Moon avoided a Charlotte charge into the corner, then rolled up Charlotte for a two count. Moon kicked Charlotte right away and scored another two count. Charlotte came back with a big boot and then the figure-four into the Figure-Eight for the tapout win.

WINNER: Charlotte in 12:00.

-They showed the attempted vehicular homicide of Roman Reigns again, including the dash cam on the attacking car (WHICH IS SO STUPID). Then they showed Daniel Bryan and Rowan backstage. Saxton said they’d address the accusations live next. [c]

-The announcers talked about Smackdown coming to Boston next year. A video package aired of the scaffolding and car incidents with Roman and then last week’s confrontation with Buddy Murphy when Buddy told him he saw Rowan near the incident.

-Rowan and Bryan came out to Bryan’s entrance music. Bryan said there is no question now that someone is out to get Roman, but they had nothing to do with the car accident or the horrific backstage accident. He said despite what Buddy said, they had nothing to do with it. He said Buddy is a liar. He said he doesn’t blame Buddy, either, because anyone in the crowd would also lie and cave if Reigns had their faces pressed against the wall. He said he doesn’t blame Buddy. He said he had to give a name,  but Buddy game the wrong name. Fans chanted, “It was you!” Bryan yelled, “You all think that I did it?” He said that’s what’s wrong with all of them and society. He said someone can tell a lie, it spreads on social media, and then it becomes the truth. He said he hates to disappoint them, but he and Rowan had nothing to do with those incidents. He said tonight they will prove it. He dropped the mic and left.

-Backstage Shane looked at the broken TV screen. A mysterious unnamed blond woman walked in and asked Shane if he has decided who Owens’ opponent will be next week. Shane said KO had a tantrum like a six year old. In walked Samoa Joe. He said KO is walking around like a Billy Badass tonight, but he is the only badass around there. A “Joe! Joe!” chant started briefly. Shane said Joe will teach KO lesson and KO will learn you must respect authority.

-They showed Reigns backstage heading toward the entrance stage. [c]

-Aleister Black said everyone must pay a debt, and he will pay his with self-inflicted anguish. He said in due time, he will find an end for any member of the locker room and himself, for all they have to do is knock, knock, knock. The camera zoomed in to Black’s face.


Saxton wondered what Murphy is thinking of Bryan’s emphatic denial earlier. Graves said this is the biggest match of Buddy’s career. Buddy absorbed some blows and then landed a running high knee for a two count. He stomped away at Reigns in the corner until the ref forced him to back away. Reigns recovered at ringside. Buddy slammed him into the announce desk. Reigns punched him back and then threw him high into the air onto the announce table. Buddy bounced to the floor behind it. Buddy avoided a Drive-by and then threw Reigns into the ringside steps. Murphy landed a leaping double knees to Reigns’s face. They cut to a break with Reigns writhing on the floor. [c]

Back from the break, Murphy had Reigns grounded in a chinlock. Phillips said Murphy is bringing it to the Big Dog. Reigns rolled up Buddy for a two count. Reigns turned it into a lift-and-drop powerbomb for a near fall a second later.


Reigns punched away at Murphy. Phillips said Buddy will remember his first match against Reigns. Murphy avoided a charging Reigns and threw him into the ringpost, then rolled him up for a near fall that popped the crowd. Murphy ducked a charging Reigns again (if only Reigns didn’t charge at Murphy, Murphy would have no chance), and Reigns dropped to the floor. Murphy then landed a flip dive over the top rope to the floor. Murphy threw Reigns into the ring, then climbed to the top rope. He landed a meteora for a two count. Reigns eventually countered a Murphy kick with a Superman Punch for a two count. Reigns looked up at the referee surprised it was only a two count. Graves wondered if Reigns underestimated Murphy. Phillips said Reigns asked, “Who is this guy?” Reigns played to the crowd and waited for Murphy to stand. When he charged for his (telegraphed) spear, Murphy kicked him, then gave him two leaning knees to the chin followed by a suplex and very near fall that popped the crowd. “Unbelievable!” exclaimed Graves. Reigns punched Murphy off the second rope to ringside. Reigns then gave Murphy a leaping Superman Punch off the ringside steps. Back in the ring and he hit a spear. Murphy took a great bump. And then Reigns got the three count. Reigns acknowledged to Buddy after the match respect was earned.

WINNER: Reigns in 12:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: What a stellar TV match. That was a statement match maybe not at the same level of Kofi vs. Randy Orton ten years ago at MSG, but it’s in the category of matches where a big audience sees a younger upstart shine competitively in an exciting match against an established main event veteran. Buddy is a heel and this wasn’t MSG, but it’s still a statement match people will remember.)

-Kayla Braxton interviewed The Revival. She asked why they challenged New Day. Dawson ripped on New Day for clowning around with pancakes. Dash Wilder said New Day are ruining tag team wrestling. Dawson said they’ll show everyone why New Day has never defeated them.

-The announcers plugged New Day vs. The Revival. Then they showed KO heading to the entrance stage for his match against Joe next. [c]

-They showed postcard shots of Toronto. Graves then plugged the 20th Anniversary Special celebration of Smackdown on Fox on Oct. 4. He said tickets go on sale at Staples Center this Friday at 10 a.m.

-Backstage Kofi assured Xavier Woods that it’ll be okay. Xavier said it hurts to not be in the King of the Ring tournament. Kofi told Xavier he will always be their king. Braxton asked for a response to Revival saying they’ve ruined tag team wrestling. Big E, in a high-pitch, exclaimed, “We haven’t ruined a thing!” Xavier said they probably have ruined a few things. Big E said they ruined their dinner one time by having a cookie too early. Xavier said they ruined Christmas once by opening gifts in November. Big E said there was also that one time they walked in on an adult circumcision. Kayla turned and asked Kofi why he attacked Orton with a kendo stick. Kofi said some people think he might have overreacted, but when someone whose nickname is the Legend Killer or The Viper looks over at your family, you defend your family. He said he’d do it again. Kofi then said he will be there to support his family, Xavier and Big E, when they face The Revival. They yelled and got psyched up.


The ring announcer said he was informed there will be a special ringside enforcer referee, Elias. Elias jogged out, smiling, showing no affects of the beating 48 hours earlier. When KO went for a running leap off the ring apron, Elias stepped in his way. They cut to a break, but stayed with the action on split-screen. [c]

KO eventually hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb. When Owens went for the cover, Elias yanked the ref out of the ring by his legs. Joe rolled up KO and Elias super-fast-counted the pin. KO threw a fit in the ring. Phillips wondered his state of mind going into the KOTR tournament on Monday.

WINNER: Joe in 7:00.

-Backstage a camera followed Bryan and Rowan as they barged into a locker room. Bryan yelled for everyone to get out. No one leaped up. Rowan yelled to get out. They then left. Bryan told Buddy to stay. They interrogated him, pretending to be his friend. Bryan said they get why he lied, but they want him to admit to everybody that he lied. Bryan looked drunk. When Buddy didn’t say anything, Bryan got in his face and yelled that he is ruining their reputation. “Tell everybody that you lied!” he yelled. When Murphy didn’t talk, Rowan beat him up and threw him onto a table. Bryan said over and over that Buddy must admit that he lied. Murphy then yelled, under duress, “Okay.” Bryan told him to say he lied. Murphy said, “I lied. I lied. I lied.” Rowan then dropped him. Bryan said he hates liars. Rowan threw him across the locker room again.

(Keller’s Analysis: Did they erase everything Buddy gained from that match with Rowan by caving in like that?)

-Backstage they showed Reigns walking. He asked a producer to point him to Bryan and Rowan’s dressing room. (He was actually nice to the guy and thanked him.)

-A video package aired on the history of the King of the Ring tournaments.

-New Day made their entrance. Saxton said, “I feel like I just got pinched by happiness and hugged by joy.” They went to freeze-frames of the finish of the Summerslam match between Kofi and Orton. Orton then stepped out onto the stage. He said he ran away from a fight in front of his wife and his two sons. He said those boys will grow up some day and asked him why he took the easy way out and ran away from that big, bad, scary man. “And you’re gonna look ’em in the eye and tell them the truth – that you can’t beat Randy Orton.” He said he will give him one more opportunity to prove him wrong – tonight. He said instead of cheerleading on the sidelines, how about they both join the match and make it a six-man tag match. [c]


After some back and forth action, the Revival worked over Xavier. At ringside, Orton dropped Xavier back-first over the announce desk. They cut to a break at 5:00. [c]

Xavier hot-tagged in Big E a minute after the break. Big E landed his running splash on Dash, then led a “New… Day Rock!” chant. He set up a Big Ending, but Dawson interfered. They double-DDT’d Big E. Kofi, who had tagged in, hit them with a double forearm. He then landed a Boom Drop on Dash. Orton went for an RKO, but Kofi blocked it and dropkicked him out of the ring. Kofi landed a flying collision on Orton at ringside. Back in the ring, Xavier fended off a Revival double-team, but eventually they landed Shatter Machine for the win.

WINNERS: The Revival & Orton in 12:00.

-The Revival attacked Big E after the bell as he was checking on Xavier. Kofi ran in for the save. Orton then hit Kofi with an RKO. The crowd popped and booed. Orton milked it and then gave Kofi another RKO.

-Backstage Roman walked into Bryan and Rowan’s locker room. Bryan asked him to apologize. He said Roman apologized to Joe, so now they deserve one. Roman threw the white towel off his shoulder and looked perturbed. Bryan said they’ve been conducting their own investigation and they found out who did it. He said next week they’ll bring him the culprit. Reigns awkwardly stood there, saying nothing. Cliffhanger to end the show.

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  1. A lot of suckage to overwhelm the good stuff. Buddy really did a great job introducing himself to the SD audience, but I did think it it really sapped his heat to be bullied by and stomped on by Bryan and Rowan. A nice showing for Ember Moon – although the match playing in the little window a the same time at the commercials is just completely AWFUL – but it would have served her better to get a win over a lesser player or jobber to regain her heat. No excuse not to feature the triumphant Women’s champ tonight. Where is the Intercontinental Champion? The first meeting (I think?) between Joe and KO should have been a bigger deal.

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