8/2 GCW KEEP IN TOUCH PPV REPORT: Joey Janela vs. ACH, Kylie Rae vs. Cole Radick, Blake Christian vs. Tre Lamar, Puss & Boots vs. 44OH, more

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 2, 2020

Announcers: “OG” Kevin Gill, Dave Prazak

(1) Tony Deppen vs. Benjamin Carter

– Deepen & Carter start by going back and forth with Carter ending on the apron. The two then exchanged a series of grapples. The two then exit the ring and hit big moves outside of the ring.

– Back in the ring Carter takes control inside the ring. Carter hits a super plex that Deppen turns into a brain buster. Deppen then takes advantage of the match. Carter then takes advantage with a huge move off the turnbuckle.

– Carter then missed two huge rotational moves, missing both times. Deppen takes advantage and gets the pinball

Winner: Tony Deppen in 12:00. (***1/2)

Sage’s Analysis: Very fun, fast paced, opening match. Deppen was great as always. Carter could be a force in GCW.

(2) Kylie Rae vs. Cole Radrick

– The crowd starts chanting “MD Kylie!” To start the match. Kylie offers Cole a bow to start the match. Cole allows the bow to be placed on his head. Cole does the Kylie pose and is rolled up as a result. The two go back-and-forth in a catch wrestling series.

– Cole then takes control of the match with a series of moves. Cole then grabs steel chairs and a door from under the ring. Cole set up the door on two chairs, while leaving one door, legs up, on the door. Rae then gets control of the match and brings it back into the ring.

– Rae and Radrick trade submission holds, Rae takes control with two “face wash” boot kicks. Rae then power bombed Cole from the apron to the legs up chair and through the table on the outside of the ring. Cole kicks out at two after this move. Cole finishes the match with Nick Gage’s signature backbreaker and piledriver. Cole calls out Nick Gage once his hand is raised in victory.

Winner: Cole Radrick via pinfall in 13:00. (**3/4)

Sage’s Analysis – A much different match than would have been if Gage was involved. But, overall a fun match that evolved into a solid finish. The matched helped to continue the Radrick/Gage match that is upcoming. It was also very exciting to see Kylie Rae in a GCW ring.

(3) Calvin Tankman vs. KTB

-The match starts with a show of strength by both men, with a series of elbows and chest chops. Tankman then starts with a backflip and Lucha arm drag to change the pace a bit. Tankman suicide dive spears KTB off the apron. Tankman landed on his head on the way down, but apprehend to be fine.

-Tankman then hits a series of punches and headbutts, to take advantage. A strong style series of slaps follows, Tankman appears unaffected. KTB jumps over the top rope outside the ring hitting Tankman with a front flip, then takes advantage.

-Tankman misses on a standing shooting star press, KTB follows with a missed Lionsault. KTB hits a Super AA of the top rope, but Tankman kicks out. The men trade kicks and strikes. KTB gets Tankman in a half boston crab. Tankman is forced to submit.

– KTB gives Tankman his seal of approval post match.

Winner: KTB via submission at 10:56. (***)

Sage’s Analysis: A fun match between two big men. Both are better off going against a smaller high flyer, but this was a fun change of pace. The ending of the match was unsatisfying. KTB is the big, big man now. But Tankman was very impressive.

(4) Tre Lamar vs Blake Christian

– The two trade grapple moves to start the match. Christian takes control, continuing the catch style match. A knuckle lock leads to a hurricanerana and the match goes to the outside of the ring, Lamar opens up the match with a suicide dive. Blake Christian the follows that up with a shot out of a cannon suicide dive.

– The match continues in the ring with some deliberate holds and strikes. The two trade elbows and standing moonsaults that leave both laying on the mat. The referee starts a 10-count. Both get up at the 6 count. Christian takes control with a bottom rope 619. He continues with a series of high intensity moves. Lamar ends up on the outside, and reverses a dive by Christian, he then takes advantage and hits a dive of his own.

– Lamar misses on a 450, Blake Christian hits his finishing maneuver and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall at 14:00. (**)

Sage’s Analysis: This match was very heavy on catch wrestling for the first half of the match. Not an issue in itself, but the match I was expecting with these two was a much more exciting one. Maybe they were saving a match down the road, which is not ideal for this match.

(5) 44OH (Rickey Shane Page & Atticus Cougar) vs. Puss & Boots (EFFY & Allie Kat)

– EFFY and Atticus start the match, no shock, a standard wrestling lockup starts the match. EFFY controls the match and tags in Allie Kat, EFFY and Kat hit some tandem offense. RSP gets tagged in, he immediately stomps Kat in the 44OH corner. RSP continues to dominate the match in a very heel way, he then tags in Atticus again.

– On an abdominal stretch, RSP adds leverage to the hold illegally. The third time it happens the ref notices and breaks it up. RSP then knocks EFFY off the apron, so Allie Kat is unable to make the tag. RSP is tagged in. He continues the dominance over Kat. Atticus is tagged in and the team of 44OH continues to work the loan Allie Kat. Allie Kate gets free and gets the hot tag to EFFY. RSP is tagged in at the same time.

– EFFY runs rough-shot on RSP and Atticus. After his rush of offense, RSP takes control. EFFY answers with a blockbuster. RSP tags in Atticus, EFFY tags in Allie Kat. Allie gets a near fall after some offense. EFFY grabs a door and several chairs from under the table. The door is set up on two chairs, RSP stomps the door before a move can be done on it. Allie breaks up a pin on EFFY.

– All 4 start brawling in the ring with EFFY and RSP being the legal participants. RSP hits a back breaker and gets the pinfall.
Winner: 44OH via Pinfall at 14:37. (**1/2)

Sage’s Analysis: Fun, yet traditional tag match. Really focused on the heel/face dynamic.

(6) Nate Webb vs. Mance Warner

– The match starts with both trying to get louder cheers from the live crowd. Warner won this first exchange. Webb starts the physical portion of the match with some elbows. The match quickly gets outside the ring. Webb grabs a chair, as Mance shows that he is busted open. Webb applies chair shots to the small of Warner’s back.

– Warner flips Webb outside the ring onto a door. Mancer picks out a pie of doors and throws them in the ring, then adds a second pair of doors. Webb adds 1/2 of the door that he was flipped into. Warner sets up one door on a set of chairs. Webb gets some offense in and takes control of the match. Webb puts Warner on the door and hits a moonsault with a chair on his chest. Warner kicks out at 2.

– Warner throws a chair at Webb and spears Webb into the door and then does another remove to break said door. Warner sets up door #4 on two chairs, Webb takes control of the match with a chair. Webb sets up another pair of chairs on the door to make a double decker door. He then tries a superplex, but Warner reverses it with a chokeslam through the two doors. Webb kicks out at 2.

– The two do a strong style elbow exchange on their knees, Warner does an eye poke. Webb hits a move and takes control. Webb piles chairs on the broken doors in the middle of the ring. Warner hits a DDT on the pile of chairs and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mance Warner via Pinfall at 12:58. (***3/4)

Sage’s Analysis: A barn burner of a match. This match started in fifth gear and went non-stop for 11 minutes. A ton of door and chair spots, and Mance got color early. A is of old school southern and high spot table/door moves. The match should have ended on the chokeslam through two doors. But, overall a fun and engaging match.

(7) Scramble Match: Shane Mercer vs. Alex Zayne vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Isaiah Velazquez vs. Ace Austin

– The first minute is a rush of moves by all 6 men. Ace Austin takes control of the first part of the match and goes 1-on-1 with Zayne. Both do dives to the outside to other opponents. Mercer flips Zayne like a rag doll. Mercer continues to dominate the men in the ring.

– Jimmy Lloyd and Oliver battle in the ring, Lloyd hits a huge piledriver. Zayne enters and hits takes control. Lloyd takes out 4 men. Austin takes out the 5 men after that outside the ring with a dive. Mercer then takes his turn with a move on all five, Oliver does the same.

– All 6 men continue to hit moves for several minutes, with no one person in control. Austin and Mercer have a great exchange in the ring. Zayne hits the Crunchwrap supreme on Oliver and starts on the rest of the guys. Zayne hits the taco driver on Mercer to get the pinfall.

Winner: Alex Zayne via Pinfall at 10:01. (***)

Sage’s Analysis: This match was fun, but it was a total spot fest. I am in no way shape or form a stickler for match psychology. But the series of dives in the middle of the match was a bit much. But, overall a very impressive and entertaining match. It was also good to see Zayne get a win.

(8) Chris Dickinson vs. A.J. Gray

– The match starts with a drop kick and shoulder tackle (not a grapple!). Gray hits a dive outside the ring to gain control. He follows that up with a sent on off the top rope. Big forearm shots continue Gray’s domination. Dickinson gets fired up on a series of chops and the two exchange chops and Dickinson hits a dragon screw leg whip to gain control.

– Dickinson continues to work the left leg of Gray. Gray hits a kick and is able to get some offense on Dickinson. Gray hits a superplex on one good leg, The ref begins a 10 count for both men. Both men get up and Gray retains control with strikes, power slam, and a top rope leg drop.

– The damage to his leg after the drop gives Dickinson the opportunity, but AJ Gray hits a suplex to retain dominance. Dickinson finally takes control and gets Gray in a half Crab holds on the bad leg. Gray is able to break the hold. Dickinson hits a suplex and gets another submission move locked in. Gray bites the hand to free himself. An unhappy Dickinson starts a chop off between the two.

– Gray wins the exchange and hits several suplex moves. Gray gets a near fall, but Dickinson counters. The two exchange chops, kicks, and strikes. Dickinson hits a power bomb and then gets put in another submission move on his bad leg. This time Gray is forced to tap.

Winner: Chris Dickinson via Submission at 15:00. (***1/4)

Sage’s Analysis: This match was the opposite of the scramble. It was all storytelling and low on the big moves. The leg of Gray was the story. Gray controlled 80% of the match buy came up short, which seemed odd from a storytelling standpoint. Overall this match was a great change of pace.

(9) Joey Janela vs. ACH

– The match starts with a collar & elbow tie up. Janela hypes the crowd, and the two get in another hold. The holds continue, with Janela adding his flair to the traditional style of wrestling. The two swap pinning combinations and the catch style continues.

– ACH takes control of the match and throws Janela outside the ring. He then gets the match back in the ring and goes for a near fall. ACH chops so hard that Janela falls out of the ring and again into a chair. Janela then whips ACH into the ring post. Janela then takes control of the match. Janela then does a 25 foot running Death Valley Driver.

– Janela then takes the match to the walking path of the park, where the show is taking place. The match works itself back to the wrestling ring. Back in the ring Janela gets ACH in a figure 4, ACH reverses and breaks the hold. ACH hits a fast paced dive and sends Janela through a chair. Janela counters with a dive of his own.

– ACH hits a German suplex on the ring apron. ACH then misses a frog splash on Janela. A still dazed Janela gains control of the in-ring action. ACH hits a top rope tiger driver and gets a near fall as a result. As is required in all matches, a strong style exchange happens. Janela is able to hit a package piledriver and gets a near fall as well.

– We are in the endgame now. ACH takes control with some intense moves. He follows that with a superplex attempt, Janela counters that and gets out of the situation. ACH hits a crazy backflip/bicycle kick, ACH follows that up with a superplex and brain buster. Janela kicks out at two, the match continues.

– Janela musters the strength to hit a Death Valley driver and get a near fall of his own. A 10-count starts for both men. Janela gets up on a 6 count, ACH remains down. Janela sells the damage of his right arm, his next move fails because of said arm. Janela hits a huge clothesline, ACH gets out of the ring to avoid the pinfall.

– Janela hits ACH with a moonsault outside the ring. ACH Hits a low blow and gets Janela in a cross face. Forcing Janela to tap.

– After the match ACH offers Janela a White Claw. Janela throws it back at him, ACH enjoys his White Claw.

Winner: ACH via submission. (****)

Sage’s Analysis: A great match. I would call this a WWE style match, and not in a negative way. This lacked the crazy spots I expected, but the match was really good. ACH brought the best out of Janela in this style. It also builds ACH for a big run and Janela can lose every match and be over as can be. (****)

Overall Show Rating

This show was a departure from GCW’s last two events (Backyard wrestling 2 & Homecoming). Those two events were very heavy on the deathmatch/insane spot style match. Which full disclosure I am a huge fan of, and I adored those two events. This event was more of a traditional wrestling show. Which I think is good for the long term health of GCW. If they are just the “Deathmatch company,” then they can’t really grow. This was a good way for talent to get over there straight up bell-to-bell abilities. I personally thought this show was weaker overall than the previously mentioned shows. But, this blows WWE shows out of the water. This show was entertaining and outrageously consistent from start to finish (***3/4)

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