Christian Cage signs with AEW, debuts at Revolution (w/ Heydorn’s Analysis)


Christian (art credit Grant Gould © PWTorch)


Christian Cage, formally known as Christian in WWE, has signed a multi-year contract with AEW.

Cage appeared on the Revolution PPV tonight as Paul Wight’s big news reveal and ended days of speculation among fans as to who the reveal might be. Cage walked to the ring and signed his contract. He then put the contract down and revealed his new shirt that read, “Out. Work. Everyone.”

Paul Wight appeared on Dynamite Wednesday night for the first time since signing with the company and teased this debut. Later in the week, Tony Khan confirmed the news and teased the signing even more saying that he had a “huge, huge” star coming to the company.

At this time, details around Cage’s contract are unknown, but Wight and Khan both alluded to the fact that it was multi-year in nature when they hyped the announcement.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Christian Cage is a flat payoff. Not because he’s not a nice get for AEW or a really great wrestler in his own right, but when you hype a “huge, huge” star, Christian simply doesn’t fall into that category. Good, yes. Really good? Sure, I can be convinced of that. A huge, huge star? Sorry, I can’t buy that. Cage has a lot to offer AEW in terms of what he brings to the ring and what he can give to the company in a backstage capacity. He and the company will be saddled with this reveal not delivering on the expectations, though. The more a company does stuff like this and misses – knowingly or otherwise, it cripples their opportunity to truly drive business around surprises in the future. 

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  1. I’m sorry but Christian Cage (back to TNA)??? is not a big signing. Decent, yes but a huge signing….NO. I was more surprised by Ethan Page than I was by Christian (Cage). And can Omega win a match without help?? I doubt it.

  2. Oh please, Christian (Cage) is a huge star, WWE just never presented him as that. By your standards, everyone else than Lesnar or maybe Punk would have been underwhelming.

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