VIP AUDIO 3/5 – WKH – 10 Yrs Ago Hotlines including items Ross talks Cruiserweight show, Jericho-Punk, Rock-Cena, full Raw review, Ask the Editor, more (208 min.)


SHOW SUMMARY: This edition of the Wade Keller Hotline features a week of vintage Wade Keller Hotlines from 10 years ago this month. Details follow:

•The Feb. 28, 2012 episode features coverage of the latest ratings news for Raw plus expanded thoughts on last night’s Raw including Day Two analysis of Rock-Cena situation, plus Punk-Jericho, Laurinaitis-Long, Miz, and more.

•The Feb. 29, 2012 episode features Wade’s coverage of the latest news including these topics: Raw ratings notes, Rey Mysterio update, Austin update, Jim Ross on possible WWE cruiserweight TV show, TNA baseball stadium tour, Briscoes controversy, and more.

•The Mar. 1, 2012 episode features the Ask the Editor format including a look back at the Vince McMahon steroid trial 18 years ago, commercial breaks in the middle of wrestling matches, and did Paul Heyman only use real commercial rock music because he didn’t have the resources to create his own original songs. Plus VIP features notes and thoughts about some items in the latest back issues that relate to things going on today.

•The Mar. 2, 2012 episode features the Ask the Editor format including whether an Undertaker vs. Randy Orton match would make sense at WrestleMania 29, did TNA blow an opportunity to do a WWE Invasion angle in 2010, did Van Hammer get any better after his awful debut in WCW, who else other than DDP got a lot better after early dismal reviews, and is WWE going away from the term “sports entertainment”?

•The Mar. 3, 2012 episode features Wade’s look at the latest news including Doug Furnas, Jericho at house show, new Smackdown roster members, Rey Mysterio, new WWE office, Ziggler on a mistake he made, Impact ratings, McMahon’s quirks, and more.

•The Mar. 4, 2012 episode features features a look at weekend headlines and news items plus Ask the Editor questions on how a list of TNA wrestlers might be pushed in WWE, would wrestlers rather win a short match or lose a long but good match, and more.

•The Mar. 5, 2012 episode features a detailed look at the top segments on Raw and thoughts on every segment. Did Rock really agree to be destroyed on the mic like that? Did he know or like that Cena talked over his closing lines? Is this leading somewhere or is Cena just delighting in embarrassing Rock at his own game? Extended thoughts on that fascinating situation, plus a brilliant Triple H-Shawn Michaels performance to advance their feud, and more.



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