7/6 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Jon Moxley vs. Brody King for the AEW World Championship, Scorpio Sky vs. Wardlow for the TNT Championship, Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm in action, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


JULY 6, 2022

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Taz and Jim Ross

-It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…


Scorpio Sky started with punches and leg kicks, Wardlow quickly hit a shoulder tackle and took him off his feet. Sky then hit a low blow and ran the ropes, Wardlow was still able to hit some hip tosses. Sky then went to the outside, Dan Lambert and members of American Top Team then distracted Wardlow. Sky took advantage and slammed Wardlow into the ring stairs, and worked over Wardlow into the break. [c]

Sky dominated thought the break, once the screen returned to full size Sky tried a move on the top rope. Wardlow countered and pushed Sky off and then hit a Shooting Star Press. Members of American Top Team entered the ring and Wardlow took care of them. Sky then hit Wardlow with the title belt and got a near fall for his efforts. Sky then tried for the TKO and was countered and thrown into Lambert on the apron.

Wardlow then took his singlet straps down and hit the first power bomb. Then a second, and a third for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Wardlow

(Sage’s Analysis: A standard Wardlow match until the press, which was pretty amazing to see. The crowd was really behind Wardlow. I personally don’t know how much staying power Wardlow has 6 weeks from here, but we will see. Also, all the confetti was pretty eye rolling for me personally. It reminded me of the early Cena and Reigns pushes in WWE.)

-Confetti was shot up as Wardlow took and walked off with the TNT Championship.

-Jon Moxley had a 2nd segment promo. Moxley said that a lot of people have bet against him, he said some people think that Brody King will surprise him. He then recapped his last two weeks and said that Blood and Guts is like playing golf on Sunday for him. He said he has watched Brody King and knows his friends and enemies. He asked if King had the heart to go against the biggest shark in the game, him. He told King to step up or get stepped on. [c]

-Mark Sterling and Tony Nese asked Keith Lee to sign the petition against Swerve Strickland. Lee said they have their issues but he is still his partner.

-Christian Cage and Luchasaurus came out individually. Christian said that post Blood & Guts he is the only Cage people are talking about. He said people are asking why Luchasaurus has remained aligned with him. Matt Hardy then came out and said that Cage is the Michael Jordan of being an A-Hole. He said that Jungle Boy was screwed over and he didn’t deserve that.

Christian said that what Matt was saying made Jeff seem like that sober one. The crowd then chanted Ass Hole toward Cage. Hardy said that he used Private Party and Butcher & The Blade, and he feels horrible for that. He came out to make sure Cage doesn’t take advantage of anyone else. Cage said that Hardy can’t go 2 minutes without being in the headlines. He said that he uses everyone in his life to be relevant. He said Hardy came out to be attached to him and said that he was the Hardy that was the most of a failure. Luchasaurus then beat up Matt Hardy on behalf of Cage.

-A video recap of Blood and Guts was shown.

-A show down between Claudio and Jake Hager took place backstage. Hager said that Claudio was never a champ in WWE and he won’t be a champion in AEW. Claudio said they would fight next week and he would be 3-0.


Keith Lee and The Blade started for each team, the crowd sang for Lee before Blade took a head strike form Lee. Butcher then tagged in and he and Lee locked up. Butcher lost the exchange and went outside and grabbed a chair, but was settled down by Blade, who then tagged in. Swerve then entered and battled with Blade. Lee tagged in during the tussle and Lee took down Blade and Swerve hit a big drop kick. Lee and Swerve then tagged in and out as they worked over Blade. Bunny distracted Swerve, as Butcher took out Lee and Swerve going into the break. [c]

When the show returned, Swerve bit the hand of Butcher while he was on the top rope. Butcher fell to the mat and then hit a rotating elbow, then tagged in Lee. Keith Lee then continued the assault and took out both members of the opposing team. Lee tagged in Swerve and hit a DDT on Butcher. Blade then pulled Swerve into Lee during a running attack. Butcher and Blade then took out Lee and then got a near fall on Swerve, that was broken up by Keith Lee.

Lee then tried to take on Butcher and Blade, Swerve then hit a heel kick. Lee and Swerve then had a fist bump and hit Swerve in our Glory on Blade for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Swerve in our Glory

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match that seemed to solidify that Swerve and Lee are all good.)

-Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks came out. Hobbs said that he was done with Lee and Strickland. Starks said that they could have ended them online and in the ring. Starks said they are several levels below him and that he was ready to beat them up right now. The Young Bucks music hit and they walked out. Matt Jackson said that they started AEW and they can come out whenever they want to. Matt said that the tag division is great, but they set the table for the whole division. Nick Jackson said that both teams had a great match against Jurassic Express, but they (The Young Bucks) beat them. The Bucks then offered a three way tag-team title match, as the crowd chanted for FTR. Both teams nodded and the match was made.

-Malakai Black had a video that said Moxley will experience more pain tonight then he has experienced, beyond the physical realm. He said that he was jealous of Moxley for being able to experience that.

-Eddie Kingston came out to the ring. Kingston congratulated Wardlow, then all the members of the winning team of Blood & Guts. He said that Jericho made him a liar, because he didn’t bleed. Jericho then appeared on the screen and Tay Conti slammed Ruby Soho’s hand in a car door. [c]

-The remaining members of Dark Order that are still under contract came out with Negative One (The son of Brodie Lee) and entered the ring. John Silver pumped the crowd up and said that Rochester is Dark Order country. Evil Uno said that they have big news, he wanted to thank everyone for supporting them. Uno said that the six of them (10, -1, Silver, Reynolds, Anna Jay and Uno) were here to stay. QT Marshall came out and asked how long this charity case was going to go for. He said that -1 was like his Mother, not his Father. QT then challenged -1 to a fight, Hangman’s music hit and he joined with Evil Uno and threw QT in the ring as everyone took turns beating him up. -1 said that he will wait until hie is 18 to fight QT.

-Jim Ross joined the announce team to start the second hour.


Rush ran in to start, Penta dodged and then both men traded hard chops. Rush tried a vertical suplex, Penta countered and tried a pin. The match then went to the outside where the hard hitting slaps continued. Penta tried to dive to the outside, but Rush entered the ring and hit a big forearm. Rush then tried a single foot cover and then tried to rip the mask off of Penta. But, Oscuro was able to counter and it then hit a dive to the outside. Alex and Jose then battled on behalf of their friends. [c]

Rush was in control when the show returned, both men then slapped once more and then traded backstabbers and a slam. Penta was in control and hammered boots in the corner, Rush got up and then more slaps. Rush then hit a headbutt and shortly both men were down as the ref started a 10 count.  They then traded slaps in the corner until Rush went to the top and hit a drop kick. Rush then went up once more and hit a senton for a near fall. Rush then hit a forearm and went for a running drop kick, but Penta got up and countered with a piledriver.

Andrade put Rush’s foot on the bottom rope. Rush then ripped the mask off of Penta and pinned him.


(Sage’s Analysis: A fast paced and hard hitting match. I wonder if this was your first Rush match, if so I bet you were impressed. If I can editorialize, I don’t expect any different matches out of Rush after watching him for a long time in ROH. Hopefully I am wrong but I just think this is about what you will get from him every time for good or bad.)

-Jay Lethal and company confirm that he would be taking on Samoa Joe for the ROH TV Title [c]

-Mark Sterling and Tony Nese tried to get Orange Cassidy to sign their suit. Orange Cassidy said that his lawyer, Danhausen, to look at it. The parties agreed to a match at Rampage.


Before the match The Gunn Club pulled Max Cater’s mic so he couldn’t rap to the ring. Bowens and Fuego started then match and battled to an even spot. The Gunn Club and Bear Bronson were in the ring, Bronson took out both Austin and Colton. Caster entered and evened the odds. Bowens was tagged in once more and took out Bear, Caster was tagged in and Austin blind tagged himself in and stole the tag that was for Caster.

WINNER: The Acclaimed & The Gunn Club

(Sage’s Analysis: Not really a match, just an angle. I can’t believe ass daddy didn’t scissor Anthony Bowens.)

-Gunn Club attacked The Acclaimed after the match. Billy Gunn pulled them apart and yelled at Austin and Colton. He then attacked Caster, and then rejected the scissor from Bowens and took out Bowens.

-Miro had a video promo calling out Malakai Black. He said that Black collects weak men, while Miro breaks them. He said that his gates of Heaven will destroy the gates of hell.


All four women brawled as the bell rang to start the match. Toni Storm and Marina Shafir appeared to be the legal women to start. Storm and Rosa hit quick tags to remain in control over Shafir. This continued for several minutes. Shafir threw out Rosa and Nyla then hit Storm with an umbrella. Nyla then was tagged in and began to work over Storm. [c]

Toni Storm got the hot tag to Thunder Rosa and show took out Nyla Rosa with a series of drop kicks and stomps leveraged with ropes. Nyla countered and tagged in Marina, who hit a pump handle throw and got a near fall on Rosa that Storm had to break up. Storm then hit a hip attack on Nyla, then Rosa and Storm teamed up to pin Shafir.

WINNER: Thunder Storm

(Sage’s Analysis: Not a good match, the first half was so slow with the beat down of Shafir only. The second segment was ok, but that match had no heat. I also though they would tease dissension between Rosa and Storm, but that is coming later I suppose.)

-Leila Grey was introduced as the newest baddie.

-This week’s Rampage, next week’s Fyter Fest and ROH’s PPV matches were highlighted. Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia for the ROH Pure Title was made for the ROH PPV. [c]

-FTR were backstage, they challenged the Briscoe’s to a rematch at Death Before Dishonor.


The match started with a collar and elbow tie-up, King then hit a strike that sent Moxley to the mat. Moxley then got up and went nose-to-nose with King and then traded strikes with King. The match moved to the outside, where King slammed Moxley into the barrier. Moxley countered by throwing King into the stairs and then biting the head of his opponent. King then countered and slammed Moxley on the walkway and then hit chops until he threw Moxley in the ring.

Moxley locked in a dragon screw leg hold as King entered the ring, but it didn’t last. King and Moxley stood in the ring and traded forearms. King hit a fallaway slam for a near fall as the show went to break. [c]

Moxley fought out of a fireman’s carry and dodged a cannonball dive in the corner. Moxley then put King on the top rope, and raked the back of King, he then hit a superplex on King and then applied the Bulldog Choke. Moxley then hit a release Dragon suplex for a near fall. Moxley then did Danielson head stomps, then both men traded forearms. King hit a lariat then a piledriver for a near fall.

King applied a rear naked choke, and lifted him off his feet in the corner. King hit the cannonball senton for a near fall on Moxley. A rollup by Moxley lead to a DDT and then hammer and anvil elbows on King. Moxley then applied a choke, King fell on his back to break it. Moxley then applied another hold and put King to sleep to win via submission.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: A fun main event that was never in doubt who would win.)

Final Thoughts: A pretty stop show overall, The first hour and 15 minutes felt pretty special, and or noteworthy. The last 45 minutes tapered off. But overall a solid show.




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