Vince McMahon Netflix documentary series reportedly pulled from schedule

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)

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The Vince McMahon Neflix documentary series has been pulled by the streaming company.

According to a report posted by Denise Salcedo on Twitter, the series has been pulled from Netflix’s internal spreadsheet. Salcedo wrote, “A source at Netflix confirmed it no longer being listed on their spreadsheet, another source at Netflix said ‘that s**t’s out of here.'”

The report comes on the same day that the Wall Street Journal reported that Vince McMahon paid out $12 million dollars in hush money to four different women to suppress misconduct allegations. Salcedo also noted in her report that the McMahon documentary was deep into production and millions of dollars had been spent on making the series by Netflix. Producers were asked by Salcedo about the story, but they declined to confirm or deny her report.

You can read Salcedo’s tweets below:

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  1. Vince will be cleared and if he is not he will use his 81% ownership to get a new board of directors to clear him. He’s also stinking rich and completely full of himself.

    The ONLY way he retires to yelling at the neighborhood kids is a combination of Linda and WWE’s corporate partners saying LEAVE or we do. Anything less than a full on attempt to toss him will fail.

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