The broken dreams of Drew McIntyre


What is next for Drew McIntyre after Clash at the Castle
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Historically, WWE has been all about making moments. One example, you have WrestleMania 30 with Daniel Bryan. Another example you have WrestleMania 35 with Kofi Kingston. Most recently, you have Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair WrestleMania 37. Despite a lackluster build, Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair had one of the best moments and matches in the company’s history. Unfortunately, despite having the evidence in their history vaults, WWE seems destined to repeat the history of their past mistakes.

@BackupHangman, a contributor to said, “A business model built around pissing the consumer off is an antagonistic relationship and one of the main reasons fans hold contempt for WWE.”

WWE put in the work and effort for weeks to build Drew McIntyre as the guy to beat Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle, but Triple H didn’t pull the trigger. The Cardiff, Wales crowd begged for a title change and to see the hometown hero put over, and it didn’t happen. I had my opinion of why that moment was a huge letdown, but I wanted to reach out to people who attended the Clash at the Castle event to comment on the main event’s finish. Anonymous

“It was more a case of Doc Gallows humor than outrage or disappointment,” an anonymous source stated. “People stayed, half-expecting an angle, but when it never came, people just filed out with nothing but acceptance and a desire to get out of a sea of bodies. It felt like Vince never left where the rest of the show felt like a celebration that he’d gone.”

“In truth, I never thought Drew was The Guy, nor the guy to beat Roman, but that’s very subjective,” said Michael Hamflett of  WhatCultureWWE. “What feels less subjective is that Clash was the night to do it anyway if you had any intention of doing it at all. WWE are seemingly a lifetime away from finding somebody to dethrone Reigns, but they had at least cultivated the right circumstances. A brilliant night only required one of the oldest McMahon maxims to complete it – send them home happy. Vince ignored it for decades, but that’s not just a him thing.”

On the Roman project goes, but if WWE continues to be reasonably well booked, the perception will start to matter again, and Drew’s is increasingly trending towards that of a choker. Nobody’s doomed forever in WWE, but McIntyre might have just been told outright where his level was last night.

As Michael Hamflett pointed out, no one is forever doomed in WWE, but what’s the best-case scenario for Drew McIntyre now?

Option one? Turn Drew heel and you move him immediately to Monday Night Raw. It’s possible to reheat and repackage Drew McIntyre. Perhaps he could be a worthy foe for Cody Rhodes down the road.

Option two? Drew McIntyre could be an entertaining opponent for Gunther and the Intercontinental Championship. However, if Triple H views Drew at a certain level, there are worse fates to have than mid-card title battles with Sheamus, Gunther, and Bobby Lashley.

Now for the worst-case scenarios. Option one? Drew McIntyre remains in the mid-card, but that would be unfortunate. Knowing what Drew McIntyre did as champion during the pandemic, a mid-card run would be a disservice to him and his talent. Drew is above being in a conversation at that level.

Option two? Drew McIntyre knows his worth and leaves WWE. Not sure about his contract situation, but knowing your worth is extremely important. With other companies available, I’m sure New Japan Pro Wrestling or AEW would love to have McIntyre on their roster.

Bon Jovi once said, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

In this run with Triple H as head booker, that appears to be the case with Drew McIntyre. I never thought Drew McIntyre was meant to be the guy to beat Roman. Still, that fact is WWE told and showed us that McIntyre overcame so much in his career to get to this point where he deserved to be crowned Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Instead, WWE gave him a Lex Express post-match with Tyson Fury. I wonder how much Drew has until he’s out of time, and says goodbye.

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