9/3 WWE CLASH AT THE CASTLE RESULTS: Keller’s report and star ratings on Reigns vs. McIntyre, Gunther vs. Sheamus, Rollins vs. Riddle, Morgan vs. Baszler

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Full WWE Clash at the Castle Preview



Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

Tonight after WWE Clash at the Castle, join PWTorch columnist Greg Parks live reviewing the event with live callers and emails.

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-They had a studio panel preview the show along with a lot of video packages.


WINNERS: Moss & Profits in 7:00.


-A video package introduced the show.

(Keller’s Analysis: On the pre-show and here, WWE has done a great job giving this event a sense of being a really big deal with outdoor shots of the stadium and capturing the atmosphere.)


Cole talked about how Clash at the Castle was the talk of the town all week, including fans seeking out photos and autographs of wrestlers. He noted how it’s been 30 years since they’ve had a stadium show in the U.K.

The heel trio dominated for a long stretch. Cole observed that Bayley’s team had out strategized Belair’s team. Graves attributed it to chemistry. Bliss was isolated for a while. When she went for a hot-tag, Bailey intervened. Belair went after her at ringside, but Bayley got the better of her. Meanwhile, Bliss hot-tagged in Asuka, who took it to the heels in the ring. Cole talked about the history of Sky having a faction years ago, a fact I doubt you’d have heard him say if Vince McMahon was still in charge and on headset. Graves took a lame dig at Saxton being single despite being “like 50.” Saxton didn’t fire back this time.

The heels took over on Asuka with some double-team moves. Graves said that showed their stronger chemistry. Belair hot-tagged in against Bayley next. Belair landed a standing moonsault for a near fall. Belair pressed Kai above her head, but had to fend off Sky. Kai avoided a top rope Belair move and then landed her scorpion kick. Belair made a comeback, but Sky again interfered. Bailey grabbed Belair’s braid to hold her in their corner as Dakota went on the attack.

Bailey gave Belair a Rose Plant and then Sky landed a moonsault. Bailey was leg and made the stack cover for the win. Asuka and Bliss were out of camera view during the closing sequence, unable to make an attempt at the save.

WINNERS: Bailey & Kai & Sky in 19:00. (**1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: There were some really clunky spots in this match, and it would have been better with five minutes shaved off. The crowd was red-hot early and still into it late despite the length.)

-They aired a commercial for a gambling sponsor. One of the men predicted Roman Reigns would win and said it was an easy pick and said there’s no way he’s losing “the strap.”

-They showed Drew McIntyre having a friendly chat with Tyson Fury backstage earlier in the day.

-Before the match, they introduced the family of Davey Boy Smith and also Bret Hart and family who were at ringside. That’s a callback to the last stadium show in England, Summerslam ’92.

(2) GUNTHER (w/Ludvig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci) vs. SHEAMUS (w/Butch, Ridge Holland) – Intercontinental Championship match

Cole said Sheamus is a far cry from Irish Whip Wrestling or Wells Wrestling where he got his start. Graves reacted to Gunther reassembling Imperium. Vinci and Kaiser brawled with Holland and Butch before the bell as Sheamus and Gunther locked up in a staredown mid-ring. The brawl went to ringside and then the bell rang. Only then did Sheamus and Gunther unleash on each other. Gunther got in the first shots against Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus came back with a boot and some punches. It was intense and looked stiff. Cole noted Sheamus’s chest was already beet red. Gunther landed a kick to Sheamus’s face. Sheamus blocked a vertical suplex by Gunther then landed his own suplex.

Gunther got the better of Sheamus and took it to him at ringside. Back in the ring, Gunther landed more hard chips to Sheamus’s chest. Fans began a “Let’s go Sheamus” chant. They replayed in slo-mo Gunther kicking Sheamus in the side of his head.

Sheamus finally made a comeback and battered Gunther’s chest against the announce desk and then against the top rope from inside the ring. Fans counted along as he made it to ten. Gunther dropped to ringside. Sheamus went after him. Gunther threw him into the crowd, but Sheamus quickly took control and battered Gunther’s chest with 14 hard forearms to Gunther’s chest. Sheamus threw Gunther into the ring where the ref was somehow only up to six in his count. Sheamus landed a top rope knee to the side of Gunther’s face. Sheamus let out a loud yell and fans cheered. He then caught his breath while kneeling next to Gunther.

Sheamus delivered White Noise a couple minutes later. Fans popped. Both men lay on the mat afterward, catching their breath. They showed a fan going bonkers in the crowd. A “This is awesome” chant rang out. They went to a wide shot of the stadium crowd (which they haven’t been shy about, and for good reason). Sheamus stood. The fans stood. Sheamus pounded his chest. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick, but Gunther avoided it. Gunther then gave Sheamus a powerbomb, which didn’t look great as Sheamus seemed to slip a bit. He got a two count. Sheamus reached to grab his back afterward. Gunther stomped on Sheamus’s back, then climbed to the top rope. Sheamus stood and chopped Gunther while he was on the top turnbuckle. Gunther knocked Sheamus over, but Sheamus stood and kicked him off balance. Sheamus then delivered a Celtic Cross from the top. The crowd popped. Sheamus crawled over and made the cover for a near fall.

Both were slow to stand. Sheamus went for another Brogue Kick, but his back gave out. Gunther then powerbombed him. Gunther then lunged at Sheamus with a hard vicous lariat for the win.

WINNER: Gunther in 19:00 to retain the IC Title. (****1/4)

-After the match, Sheamus crawled over to the bottom rope while still holding his back. He stood and received a passionate standing ovation. He raised his arms, although did so with a wince of pain. He saluted the audience and patted his heart (a gesture Eric Bischoff single-handedly ruined in WCW). He leaned into the fans against a railing.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure if the fact that 95 percent of the offense as forearms and chops is a feature or a flaw, but it added up to a brutal and compelling and effective match. The moves that weren’t a forearm or chop were memorable and sold big for near falls. That’s pretty much precisely what anyone should have expected from those two.) [c]

-A video package aired on the next match.

-WWE pushed more of their gambling sponsor, which includes the ability to bet on whether there will be outside interference in the main event.

-They showed UFC Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards in the front row.

(3) LIV MORGAN vs. SHAYNA BASZLER – Smackdown Title match

Cole noted that Wales was the only country in all of Britain that was allowed to showcase women’s wrestling into the 1980s. Cole said Liv trained with Riddle, who has an MMA background. Graves called it a smart strategy. Cole said this is the first one-on-one match ever between these two. Liv went after Baszler aggressively early. She landed a running knee in the corner. Graves said she has to avoid burning herself early by going too hard, too fast. Liv tried to springboard on the top rope whole holding Baszler’s arm, and Baszler shoved her to the ground. Graves said it wasn’t the right time to try to get fancy. Baszler shoved Liv into the ringside barricade. Cole hyped the NXT Women’s Title match on NXT World’s Collide tomorrow afternoon.

Baszler methodically beat up Liv in the ring for several minutes. The crowd wasn’t as rabid for this as they were the prior three matches, counting the Kickoff Show, which is understandable considering the emotions of the prior match. Liv kipped up and yelled when she made a comeback. She landed a step up enzuigiri. Baszler swung at Liv, but Liv moved and then Liv scored a near fall after a double knee drop. Liv surprised Baszler with a triangle and then a cross armbreaker attempt. Cole excitedly said Liv had vowed to break Baszler’s arm. Baszler forced a break and then kneed Liv in the chin for a near fall.

Liv gave Baszler a top rope sunset bomb for two count. Baszler shifted to a Kirafuda Clutch, but she was selling an arm injury and couldn’t fully apply it. Liv rolled over to the bottom rope to force a break. Liv side-swiped a knee attempt and landed a Code Breaker and then Oblivion for the three count. Liv got a nice reception as she celebrated afterward.

WINNER: Morgan in 11:00 to retain the Smackdown Title. (**1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: Good solid match. The commitment to building Liv into being accepted in a top spot in the Women’s Division continues, with mixed results. I’m curious what’s next for Baszler, and if this just firmly establishes they don’t really have big plans for her beyond being a semi-top role player.)

-A commercial aired for Extreme Rules on Oct. 8 with Paul Heyman narrating. [c]

-They showed Miss Linda and Adrian Street at ringside. They were an act that got some play in national wrestling magazines, especially in the 1980s when Adrian wrestled in the U.S. His gender fluid and sexual ambiguity type of presentation was decades ahead of it’s time in some ways. I’d be curious how many fans in the stadium had heard of them.

(4) EDGE & REY MYSTERIO (w/Dominik Mysterio) vs. FINN BALOR & DAMIAN PRIEST (w/Rhea Ripley)

Fans were really into Edge’s ring entrance, singing his song. Edge wore a mask to the ring, but took it off when he arrived.  Graves talked about how Finn Balor told him he wrestled in Cardiff nearly 20 years ago for Hammerlock Wrestling in front about about 60 people, and he is wrestling in front of 60,000+ tonight. Rey and Balor opened the match. Graves said The Judgment Day don’t look at each other with a hierarchy but see themselves as equals, in contrast to when Edge was the leader when the group formed. Fans cheered when Priest tagged in and demanded Edge also tag in. Priest took a quick punch at Edge to take control. Cole said Priest was showing what he was all about. Edge launched Rey onto Priest and Balor at ringside. Fans popped. Rey threw Priest back into the ring right away. Priest caught Rey mid-air and landed a modified Broken Arrow to take over. Priest spit at Edge as he beat on Rey.

Priest set up a move on the ringside barricade, but Rey battled back and knocked Priest off balance. He crotched the barricade. Cole said he’ll have a long flight back to the States. Rey returned to the ring as Edge reached for a tag. Rey crawled through the desert slowly. Priest lunged into the ring and grabbed his leg. Rey broke free and got-tagged in Edge. Edge took it to both Priest and Balor. He gave Balor an Edge-o-cution and then played to the crowd. Many stood and cheered. Edge then knocked Priest off the ring apron. Rey landed a leaping senton on Priest at ringside. Edge then set up a 619 on Balor. It didn’t look great, but it wasn’t terrible either. Rey then landed a top rope splash for a near fall, broken up by Priest. Rey leaped at Priest on the ring apron, but Priest grabbed Rey by the throat. Edge speared Priest with a dive through the ropes, sending Priest hard to the floor. Cole noted Dominik’s reaction at ringside.

Balor and Edge battled in the ring. Balor caught Edge with a Sling Blade as Ripley cheered him on. Balor landed a missile dropkick and then set up the Coup de Grace. Dominik distracted the referee as Rey intervened. Rey then gave Balor a top rope huracanrana. Ripley then attacked Dominik at ringside. Graves said Dominik stuck his nose in their business. Rey then leaped at Ripley at ringside, knocking both Ripley and Dominik down. Rey entered the ring and signaled for a 619, but Balor was playing possum and attacked Rey. Dom tripped Balor. Rey then gave Balor a 619. Edge, the legal man, then speared Balor suddenly for the win.

WINNERS: Edge & Mysterio in 13:00. (***1/4)

-Dominik watched Rey and Edge celebrate. It seemed a little awkward, though, like he wanted to be more involved or wanted appreciation for what he did to help them win along with resenting Rey teaming with Edge in the first place. Dominik didn’t seem entirely happy. Dominik then kicked Edge in the crowd. Fans gasped and were shocked. Rey pleaded with Dominik to calm down and explain himself. He was distraught. Dominik then short-arm clotheslined Rey. “Dammit, kid, what are you doing?” Cole asked. Dominik stood on the ring apron and absorbed the boos. They cut to fans who were shocked. Dominik tore off his shirt and threw it into the crowd. “Obviously a confused kid,” said Cole. Graves said he hoped it was “temporary confusion.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Exciting and well-executed closing two minutes. The rest of the match was good, too. The crowd ate it up. The post-match angle got a ton of old school heat. Dominik seemed to be in his element as the punk ass kid who just broke free from his dad.)

-More sponsored promotion of gambling on WWE. [c]

-A video package aired on the Seth-Riddle feud.


Seth came out wearing a wild outfit fit for a Las Vegas stage show including a feathered wing shoulder piece. Cole talked about how flamboyant Seth has become. The bell rang and Riddle went after Seth aggressively with punches, matching the tone of the hype. Saxton said that’s what Seth gets for “igniting the fury or Matt Riddle.” (Riddle has his first name back, by the way.) Riddle landed a senton for a two count at 2:00. Seth took over at ringside and delivered a Barricade Bomb. Seth leaped through the ropes and knocked Riddle into the announce table next.

Seth brought the match back into the ring. He landed a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Graves said Seth did his homework going into this match and he’s aware of Riddle’s cardio endurance. He said he’s trying to find a way to exhaust Riddle. Fans continued to sing Seth’s song. They went to a wide shot as Cole again touted 62,000+ in the crowd. They set up an inverted superplex, but they got off balance. Seth instead kicked Riddle, and Riddle ended up hanging upside down in the corner. Seth then leaped and stomped Riddle in the chest as Riddle tried to pull himself up. (That’s about as realistic a set-up for that double stomp to the chest spot as you’ll see.)

They went back to a top rope suplex spot with Seth hitting it. Riddle countered with a Fisherman’s Buster right away. Both were down and slow to get up. Riddle overhead tossed a charging Seth, then kicked him to the floor. Next, he landed a springboard Floating Bro onto Seth at ringside. He threw him back into the ring. Seth set up a Pedigree, but Ri9ddle blocked it and landed a Go To Sleep followed by a powerbomb and a knee strike for a near fall. Riddle went for a Floating Bro a minute later, but Seth lifted his knees. Riddle avoided a Stomp and then leaped into a triangle. Cole wondered if Seth would tap. Seth struggled to escape. Seth countered into a Bro Derek, using Riddle’s move against him, for a near fall.

Seth leaped off the top rope, but Riddle moved and landed some kicks. He kipped up and yelled, but Seth punched him and went for a Stomp. Riddle kneed him as he charged. Riddle back suplexed Seth and went for a powerbomb. Seth flipped free and then hit the Pedigree for a very near fall. The crowd popped. Seth had his arm draped over Riddle, but had no leverage.

Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Seth grabbed Riddle’s hair and trash-talked him as a loser and brought up his wife and kids. Riddle fought back. Seth cut off his attack with a kick. He then set up a draping DDT, smiling because he was using Randy Orton’s move against Riddle. Seth delivered and then gave a sinister smile. He extended his arms as fans sang his song again. Seth pounded the mat and went for an RKO, but Riddle countered into a rear naked choke. Riddle shifted to pounding away at the back of his head and then beat him up at ringside. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Riddle swung a chair, but Seth moved and ran into the ring. When Riddle pursued him, Seth landed a sudden Stomp. Cole said Seth used Riddle’s emotions against him and pounced. Seth leaped off the second rope and landed a Stomp for the three count.

As Seth celebrated in the aisle, Riddle leaned on the top rope and looked emotionally drained. Seth said, “I’ll see you never. Ha ha ha ha!”

WINNER: Rollins in 17:00. (****1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: That was excellent. Not only were the moves well executed, but so many had a psychological back story by either using the other person’s moves or Orton’s. There were a couple instances of a lack of selling big spots in order to keep the action going that undercut the sense that moves actually mean anything, but that’s baked into the modern “big match” style, so be it. The announcing helped underline the notion that Seth got in Riddle’s head and Riddle’s emotions overflowing cost him in the end.) [c]

-After the Extreme Rules commercial aired with Heyman’s narration, they went to the announcers at ringside. Cole said that spot was recorded long ago because they haven’t heard from Heyman since Summerslam when Brock Lesnar put him thorugh a table.

-They showed a clip of Tyson Fury chatting and sharing laughs with Reigns.

-They showed Fury live at ringside. They then showed Karrion Kross and Scarlett at ringside, too. This is similar to what Paul Levesque would do at NXT, showing luminaries in the front row at Takeover specials. Cole then touted his time in Cardiff and said it’s an amazing city with amaqzing restaurants and pubs. They showed some amazing aerial views of the area. “What an amazing city,” he said. Saxton said the people have been so friendly, too.

-A video package aired on the main event.

(6) ROMAN REIGNS vs. DREW MCINTYRE – Undisputed WWE Universal Title match

A tremendous intro video aired for Drew before his regular entrance music marked his arrival on the entrance ramp. Cole said Drew is calling this the biggest match of his career. Drew looked around the stadium and soaked up the moment. Graves said he is guided from the Heavens by his mother. Drew lifted his sword as pyro blasted. Cole said Drew has never defeated Reigns in a one-on-one match. He said they first met one-on-one at Survivor Series “and it did not go well for Mr. McIntyre.” He asked if Drew’s luck would change tonight. As Reigns walked out, without Heyman, Cole listed the wrestlers Reigns has defeated including Daniel Bryan. Cole said since Reigns won the title, there have been 55 other title changes with other belts in WWE. (That can’t include the 24/7 Title, right?) Cole noted Reigns has to try to win without Heyman by his side.

They had a staredown, and when the bell rang, the crowd exploded. This is what defines “a big match feel.” They locked up mid-ring. Drew shoved Reigns into the corner. A frustrated Reigns shook his head after the break. Drew circled Reigns and they locked up again. Reigns cinched on a headlock. Drew threw Reigns off and shoulder checked him. Drew had some intense words for Reigns. Reigns ducked into the ropes and then walked on the perimeter of the ring. Saxton said Reigns appears out of sorts. Graves said he’s used to having Heyman and the Usos at ringside to confer with and discuss strategy.

Reigns back elbowed Drew, but Drew fired back after running the ropes with a hard shoulder check. Reigns rolled to the floor. Fans cheered as Drew stood his ground in the ring. Reigns milked the moment, then re-entered the ring. Drew smiled as he just patiently waited. Reigns psyched himself up and then kicked Drew as he pretended to go for a lock-up. Drew clotheslined Reigns over the top rope a minute later. Graves said Reigns has a dazed look in his eyes. Cole said he can’t remember the last time he’s seen that look. Drew whipped Reigns into the ringside steps. Kross stood threw a water bottle at Drew. Drew had some words with him, which opened up Reigns to attack Drew and throw him into the ringpost. Drew barely beat the ten count, including slipped on the spilled water at 8. “How embarrassing would that have been for Drew McIntyre?” asked Graves.

Reigns punched away at Drew on the mat. Fans booed. Reigns landed a leaping clothesline for a two count a minute later. The pace really slowed to methodical milking of every spot. Reigns eventually had Drew down, so he grabbed the mic and said, “Cardiff, acknowledge me!” Drew recovered and landed a headbutt. Both were down on their backs and slow to get up. Drew hit some clotheslines and a released overhead belly-to-belly. Cole said you can feel a change in the match. Drew landed a neckbreaker. Both were down again and slow to get up. Drew kipped up after about five seconds. Fans cheered as Graves asked if this is the beginning of the end for Reigns.

Drew placed Reigns on the top turnbuckle and chopped him. He stood on the top rope and set up a superplex. Reigns resisted and knocked Drew off balance. Reigns kjnocked Drew upside down, hanging by his legs in the corner. Drew sat up and tossed Reigns by his head to the mat. Drew stood again and then lifted his fingers to countdown to the Claymore. Reigns rolled to the floor. Reigns hit Drew when Drew dropped down to the floor. Back in the ring, Drew set up a Future Shock DDT, but Reigns blocked it and punched him. Drew came right back with a spinebuster into a jackknife cover for a very near fall. Cole acted like he thought he got the three count. Reigns came back with a Rock Bottom a minute later for a two count. Cole said he thinks that was the first two count for Reigns in the match. Cole sounded like he was getting hoarse at this point. (He’s doing the best work of his career on play-by-play under Levesque’s leadership.)

Reigns set up a Sueprman Punch but Drew side-stepped him and landed a Future Shock DDT. Drew then signaled for the Claymore. Cole said a lifetime of work for Drew might be about to pay off, but Reigns landed a Superman Punch as a counter as Drew charged. He scored a near fall. Both were down and slow to get up, yet again. They went to another wide shot of the crowd. Reigns stood and signaled for the spear. Drew avoided it, but Reigns came back with a spear for a convincing near fall. The crowd popped for the kickout. Cole noted again Heyman is absent and that could come into play late especially. Cole said Reigns appeared to be questioning himself a little. Reigns applied a guillotine. Drew faded to his knees. Saxton wondered if this would be how the story ends for Drew. Drew stood and powered Reigns into the corner to break. Reigns applied another guillotine right away. Drew stood and powered Reigns up and rammed him into the corner again. Then he threw Reigns shoulder-first through the ropes into the turnbuckle.

Reigns collapsed to the floor. Drew speared Reigns through the barricade at ringside. Drew rolled Reigns back into the ring and again set up a Claymore. Reigns speared Drew as a counter and scored a believable, dramatic near fall. “How in the hell is McIntyre still in this?!” exclaimed Graves. Saxton said it’s all heart. Reigns insisted to ref Charles Robinson that it was a three count. He got heated and grabbed Robinson by his lapels. Drew gave Reigns a Claymore from behind, knocking the ref down, too. Austin Theory’s music suddenly played and he ran out with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Tyson Fury knocked out Theory as he tried to cash in at ringside. “What the hell did he do that for?” asked Graves. Theory looked legit knocked out, so either he sold it well or Fury didn’t pull the punch.

Reigns swung a chair at Drew, but Drew cut him off with a Claymore and scored a dramatic near fall. The fans roared. “What the hell is going to happen next?” asked Cole. Both men sat up on their knees and exchanged punches. They stood and increased the pace of the wild swings at each other. Reigns hit a Superman Punch. Drew landed a Glasgow Kiss and then a spear. Drew then hit a Claymore for what appeared to be a sure three count. Someone yanked Drew’s leg to break the cover. Solo Sikoa stood up with a hood and pulled the hood down. Cole said he is the youngest brother of the Usos. Drew turned to yell at him. Reigns then hit a spear for the win.

WINNER: Reigns in 30:00 to retain the WWE Universal Title. (****1/2)

(Keller’s Analysis: An amazing main event match in so many ways. The crowd so deflated by the finish, made worse because so many had no idea live who Sikoa was. This was a situation where if Drew won, he could have been made at a level he might never reach again. That said, Reigns’s current reign is so special and effective, it’s hard to question the decision to keep the belt on him. This ultimately felt like a copout finish, but in Levesque’s defense he inherited this match on the schedule and shouldn’t be criticized for doing such a good, convincing job building up Drew as a possible winner here. The match made every move count, although there was a point in the middle that they might’ve been being a bit too methodical. The Theory run-in was a fun moment.)

-Tyson Fury entered the ring as Reigns celebrated his win. They talked and then Tyson shook his hand. Fury then entered the ring and raised Drew’s arm. He said everyone tonight was there to see him. He said he knows he is down right now, but he did himself proud. “Chin up, son, chin up,” he said. Fury then began to sing “American Pie” to Drew to lighten the mood. Drew joined in. Some fans joined in, but probably not as many as they hoped. Drew said he should have known better. He said Reigns has his fake Island of Relevancy, but his island didn’t let him down and showed the world what they are made of. Drew told Fury they never give up and pushing forward and share that in common. He vowed to get his hands on those indisputed titles eventually. He said, “No matter the outcome, let’s frickin’ party.” Drew began singing Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Cole said anything can happen in WWE. Cole plugged the press conference happening in minutes.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m not so sure how I feel about the post-match with Fury.)

Tonight after WWE Clash at the Castle, join PWTorch columnist Greg Parks live reviewing the event with live callers and emails.

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